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  • The Roundup (2010)
  • Not Rated
    115 min | Drama, History, War
The Roundup (2010)
Not Rated
115 min | Drama, History, War

A faithful retelling of the 1942 "Vel' d'Hiv Roundup" and the events surrounding it.
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Alain Goldman (as Ilan Goldman)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
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Release date
Nov 19, 2011 (United States)


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115 cast members
Name Known for
Jean Reno
Dr. David Scheinbaum Dr. David Scheinbaum   See fewer
Mélanie Laurent
Annette Monod Annette Monod   See fewer
Gad Elmaleh
Schmuel Weismann Schmuel Weismann   See fewer
Raphaëlle Agogué
Sura Weismann Sura Weismann   See fewer
Hugo Leverdez
Jo Weismann Jo Weismann   See fewer
Joseph Weismann
Joseph Weismann âgé Joseph Weismann âgé   See fewer
Mathieu Di Concetto
Nono Zygler (as Mathieu Di Concerto) Nono Zygler (as Mathieu Di Concerto)   See fewer
Romain Di Concetto
Nono Zygler (as Romain Di Concerto) Nono Zygler (as Romain Di Concerto)   See fewer
Oliver Cywie
Simon Zygler Simon Zygler   See fewer
Sylvie Testud
Bella Zygler Bella Zygler   See fewer
Anne Brochet
Dina Traube Dina Traube   See fewer
Roland Copé
Maréchal Pétain Maréchal Pétain   See fewer
Jean-Michel Noirey
Pierre Laval (as Jean Michel Noirey) Pierre Laval (as Jean Michel Noirey)   See fewer
Rebecca Marder
Rachel Weismann Rachel Weismann   See fewer
Adèle Exarchopoulos
Anna Traube Anna Traube   See fewer
Catherine Allégret
La concierge 'Tati' La concierge 'Tati'   See fewer
Thierry Frémont
Capitaine Pierret Capitaine Pierret   See fewer
Jean-Pierre Lorit
Docteur Jousse Docteur Jousse   See fewer
Frédéric Moulin
René Bousquet René Bousquet   See fewer
Isabelle Gélinas
Hélène Timonier Hélène Timonier   See fewer
Directrice école infirmières Directrice école infirmières   See fewer
Caroline Raynaud
Paule Pétiveau Paule Pétiveau   See fewer
Charlotte Driesen
Charlotte Weismann Charlotte Weismann   See fewer
Sandra Moreno
Lucienne Lucienne   See fewer
Maurice Vaudaux
L'abbé Bernard L'abbé Bernard   See fewer
Salomé Sebbag
Louise Zygler Louise Zygler   See fewer
Nastasia Juszczak
Renée Traube Renée Traube   See fewer
Ariane Séguillon
Putain 1 (as Ariane Seguillon) Putain 1 (as Ariane Seguillon)   See fewer
Nadia Barentin
Grand-Mère Ida Grand-Mère Ida   See fewer
Catherine Hosmalin
La boulangère La boulangère   See fewer
Marc Rioufol
Jean Leguay Jean Leguay   See fewer
Patrick Courtois
Emile Hennequin Emile Hennequin   See fewer
Mathilde Snodgrass
Putain 2 Putain 2   See fewer
Rodolphe Saulnier
Gendarme dragueur Gendarme dragueur   See fewer
Nicolas Bridet
Gendarme Lemaire Gendarme Lemaire   See fewer
Swann Arlaud
Milicien PPP Weismann Milicien PPP Weismann   See fewer
Djamel Mehnane
Lieutenant gendarme Vel d'Hiv Lieutenant gendarme Vel d'Hiv   See fewer
Alban Aumard
Gaston Roques Gaston Roques   See fewer
Nicolas Merlin
Milicien fouille Beaune Milicien fouille Beaune   See fewer
Christian Adam
Brocanteur russe Brocanteur russe   See fewer
Grégory Gatignol
Policier Weissmann Policier Weissmann   See fewer
Frank Berjot
Milicien Traube 1 (as Franck Berjot) Milicien Traube 1 (as Franck Berjot)   See fewer
Salvatore Ingoglia
L'Hirondelle 'Louise' L'Hirondelle 'Louise'   See fewer
Philippe Beautier
Garde mobile quare Garde mobile quare   See fewer
Samuel Diot
Raymond Raymond   See fewer
Gaspard Meier-Chaurand
Lucien Timonier (as Gaspard Meier) Lucien Timonier (as Gaspard Meier)   See fewer
Anne Benoît
Matthey Jouanis Matthey Jouanis   See fewer
Jérémie Segard
Garde mobile Zygler Garde mobile Zygler   See fewer
Jonathan Brecher
Adjudant-chef Guillem Adjudant-chef Guillem   See fewer
Francis Weismann
Adjudant-chef Desnoyers Adjudant-chef Desnoyers   See fewer
François Bureloup
L'Instituteur M. Joyeux L'Instituteur M. Joyeux   See fewer
Sabine Pernette
Femme '9ème ordonnance' Femme '9ème ordonnance'   See fewer
Christelle Cornil
Jacqueline Jacqueline   See fewer
Aurélien Ringelheim
Tailleur '9e Ordonnance' Tailleur '9e Ordonnance'   See fewer
Samuel Jaudon
Le chanteur des rues Le chanteur des rues   See fewer
Catherine Toublanc
Mère 'garçon qui tremble' Mère 'garçon qui tremble'   See fewer
Jonas Hamon
Petit garçon qui tremble Petit garçon qui tremble   See fewer
Gabrielle Bonacini
Mère éplorée Mère éplorée   See fewer
Philippe Mangione
Ouvrier témoin Ouvrier témoin   See fewer
Antoine Stip
Prof. Saul Traube Prof. Saul Traube   See fewer
Christian Erickson
MacLelland MacLelland   See fewer
Michelle Figlarz
Mère séparation (as Michèle Guetta-Figlarz) Mère séparation (as Michèle Guetta-Figlarz)   See fewer
Johannes Oliver Hamm
Gradé allemand café (as Johannes Hamm) Gradé allemand café (as Johannes Hamm)   See fewer
Jérôme Henry
Garde mobile square 2 Garde mobile square 2   See fewer
Udo Schenk
Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler   See fewer
Franziska Schubert
Eva Braun Eva Braun   See fewer
Thomas Darchinger
Heinrich Himmler Heinrich Himmler   See fewer
Bernhard Schütz
Karl Oberg Karl Oberg   See fewer
Holger Daemgen
Helmut Knochen Helmut Knochen   See fewer
János Füzi
Jeune intello Jeune intello   See fewer
Virág Bárány
Femme rouée de coups Femme rouée de coups   See fewer
Gabriella Gubás
Mère de famille Vel d'Hiv (as Gabi Gubas) Mère de famille Vel d'Hiv (as Gabi Gubas)   See fewer
Peter Kollar
Joseph Kogan Joseph Kogan   See fewer
Kata Varga
Agricultrice Lutétia Agricultrice Lutétia   See fewer
Róbert Bolla
Agriculteur Lutétia Agriculteur Lutétia   See fewer
Soma Zámbori
Heinz Rothke Heinz Rothke   See fewer
Ádám Földi
Théo Dannecker (as Adam Foldi) Théo Dannecker (as Adam Foldi)   See fewer
Péter Barbinek
Docteur Morell Docteur Morell   See fewer
Tamás Lengyel
Rudolf Hess Rudolf Hess   See fewer
Iván Fenyö
Gradé allemand Müller Gradé allemand Müller   See fewer
Hanna Becker
Hilde Speer Hilde Speer   See fewer
Adel Martin
Femme juive chic Femme juive chic   See fewer
Sofija Sztepanov
Lisa (as Szofia Sztepanov) Lisa (as Szofia Sztepanov)   See fewer
Lora Balogh
Gilberte Gilberte   See fewer
Tamás Gábor
Pompier Fernand Baudvin Pompier Fernand Baudvin   See fewer
Tamás Csaszar
Gradé Beaune Gradé Beaune   See fewer
Ilona Kassai
Femme âgée Vel d'Hiv Femme âgée Vel d'Hiv   See fewer
Zsuzsa Száger
Femme orthodoxe Vel d'Hiv Femme orthodoxe Vel d'Hiv   See fewer
Katalin Pap
Femme au bébé Vel d'Hiv Femme au bébé Vel d'Hiv   See fewer
Csaba Jakab
Père de famille Vel d'Hiv Père de famille Vel d'Hiv   See fewer
Virág Sallai
Concierge préfecture Loiret Concierge préfecture Loiret   See fewer
Szabolcs Lázár
Milicien Traube 2 Milicien Traube 2   See fewer
Zoltán Horváth
Gendarme Gatien Gendarme Gatien   See fewer
Barnabás Timon
Adolescent 1 Adolescent 1   See fewer
Aaron Boujenah
Adolescent 2 Adolescent 2   See fewer
Lili Károlyi
Fille femme rouée de coups (as Lili Karolyi) Fille femme rouée de coups (as Lili Karolyi)   See fewer
Bea Tövispataki
Infirmière Infirmière   See fewer
Robin Clive
Adolescent Adolescent   See fewer
Csilla Czirják
Infirmière Infirmière   See fewer
Tamás Madár
Pompier Pompier   See fewer
Dániel Mertz
Adolescent Adolescent   See fewer
Andrea M. Simon
Actress (as M. Simon Andrea) Actress (as M. Simon Andrea)   See fewer
Maya Carillon
Figuration (uncredited) Figuration (uncredited)   See fewer
Jérôme Cusin
Dieter (uncredited) Dieter (uncredited)   See fewer
Jean-Yves Freyburger
Le soldat allemand à l'appareil photo (uncredited) Le soldat allemand à l'appareil photo (uncredited)   See fewer
Adolf Hitler
Self (archive footage) (uncredited) Self (archive footage) (uncredited)   See fewer
Jennifer Kerner
La mère sur le toit (uncredited) La mère sur le toit (uncredited)   See fewer
Gyula Mesterházy
Otto Günsche (uncredited) Otto Günsche (uncredited)   See fewer
Julia Papp
Infirmière (uncredited) Infirmière (uncredited)   See fewer
Barnabás Réti
Monsieur Goldstein (uncredited) Monsieur Goldstein (uncredited)   See fewer
Istvan Szori
Officier SS (uncredited) Officier SS (uncredited)   See fewer
László Umbráth
Jeune homme (uncredited) Jeune homme (uncredited)   See fewer
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