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People's Justice

Episode #1.43 (Season 1, Episode 43)
TV Episode | Crime, Drama

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Updated Jan 8, 2021

Release date
Jan 8, 2021 (China)


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65 cast members
Name Known for
Hewei Yu
Feng Sen Feng Sen   See fewer
Cecilia Han
Luo Xinran Luo Xinran   See fewer
Lei Feng
Xiong Shaofeng Xiong Shaofeng   See fewer
Yuan Ma
Chen Mingzhong Chen Mingzhong   See fewer
Tongsheng Han
Zhang Youcheng Zhang Youcheng   See fewer
Chunli Song
Hu Xue'e Hu Xue'e   See fewer
Taishen Cheng
Mi Zhendong Mi Zhendong   See fewer
Haiyan Wang
Zheng Shuangxue Zheng Shuangxue   See fewer
Gang Wu
Song Zhiming Song Zhiming   See fewer
Haifeng Ding
Wu Qiang Wu Qiang   See fewer
Shuguang Gao
Bian Guoli Bian Guoli   See fewer
Yong You
Yuan Hongwei Yuan Hongwei   See fewer
Junpeng Huang
He Shuguo He Shuguo   See fewer
Chuyan Song
Shen Guangjun Shen Guangjun   See fewer
Yajun Xu
Yan Zhengyi Yan Zhengyi   See fewer
Xilin Zhang
Chen Changqing Chen Changqing   See fewer
Xiaohai Shen
Luo Jinsong Luo Jinsong   See fewer
Yue Sun
The Fourth The Fourth   See fewer
Chi Ma
Chang Hao Chang Hao   See fewer
Xiaotong Feng
Zheng Rui (as Feng Xiao Tong) Zheng Rui (as Feng Xiao Tong)   See fewer
Chuangao Hou
Xu Dafa Xu Dafa   See fewer
Zhen Yu
Chen Yong Chen Yong   See fewer
Xiao Wang
Shen Guangshun Shen Guangshun   See fewer
Ruihan Zhang
Deng Yaoxian Deng Yaoxian   See fewer
Bin Fang
Xian Youwen Xian Youwen   See fewer
Nuo Lu
Zhang Yiwei Zhang Yiwei   See fewer
Junjia Hong
Huang Sihai Huang Sihai   See fewer
Di Wu
Lu Chunyang Lu Chunyang   See fewer
Wenguang Xu
Huang Yuhong Huang Yuhong   See fewer
Yue Yu
Song Limin Song Limin   See fewer
Ziqi Zhao
Li Bingqian Li Bingqian   See fewer
Tianzuo Liu
Chang Zilong Chang Zilong   See fewer
Sile Zhang
Qiao Yi Qiao Yi   See fewer
Dong An
Bai Xiaolian Bai Xiaolian   See fewer
Tao Bian
Yu Shijin Yu Shijin   See fewer
Longhao Zhao
Wang Zhijun Wang Zhijun   See fewer
Xuejing Yan
Fu Mingyue Fu Mingyue   See fewer
Lei Zhang
Sheng Luoping Sheng Luoping   See fewer
Hongjia Gong
Chai Mingchu Chai Mingchu   See fewer
Tianlai Hou
Qian Weimin Qian Weimin   See fewer
Binlong Pan
Xin Yunlai Xin Yunlai   See fewer
Bin Chen
Bulb King Bulb King   See fewer
Hao Sun
Liu Shunping Liu Shunping   See fewer
Zhaoqi Shi
Presiding judge Presiding judge   See fewer
Xiaolei Huang
Fang Xiaoling Fang Xiaoling   See fewer
Liyun Wang
Luo Xinran's mother Luo Xinran's mother   See fewer
Xi Lai
Li Dayan Li Dayan   See fewer
Xiaoye Liu
Ping Ping Ping Ping   See fewer
Shuai Ji
Fan Siliang Fan Siliang   See fewer
Haowen Xue
Li Changsheng Li Changsheng   See fewer
Sibo Li
Lü Wenrui Lü Wenrui   See fewer
Hongbiao Bai
Yang Hongtao Yang Hongtao   See fewer
Qing Wang
Tong Xiaojuan Tong Xiaojuan   See fewer
Xiaojun Zong
Ma Guoyuan Ma Guoyuan   See fewer
Minghua Cao
Hu Dajun Hu Dajun   See fewer
Jingjing Ma
Kuai Yuanpeng Kuai Yuanpeng   See fewer
Wenling Li
Li Meijuan Li Meijuan   See fewer
Da He
Li Zhenghu Li Zhenghu   See fewer
Jian Hu
Wu Xingfei Wu Xingfei   See fewer
Jerry Liau
Liu Tie Liu Tie   See fewer
Guang Shi
Shu Like Shu Like   See fewer
Yiting Lin
Wan Caimei Wan Caimei   See fewer
Song Cui
Han Chunming Han Chunming   See fewer
Yalin Liu
Zheng Weili Zheng Weili   See fewer
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