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  • Fortress of War (2010)
  • Not Rated
    138 min | Action, Drama, History
Fortress of War (2010)
Not Rated
138 min | Action, Drama, History

A war drama set during the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, in which Soviet troops held on to a border stronghold for nine days.
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Release date
Nov 4, 2010 (Belarus)


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107 cast members
Name Known for
Aleksey Kopashov
Sashka Akimov (as Alyosha Kopashov) Sashka Akimov (as Alyosha Kopashov)   See fewer
Andrey Merzlikin
Kizhevatov Kizhevatov   See fewer
Aleksandr Korshunov
Gavrilov Gavrilov   See fewer
Anna Tsukanova-Kott
Sonya (as Anna Tsukanova) Sonya (as Anna Tsukanova)   See fewer
Sergey Tsepov
Zubachev Zubachev   See fewer
Benik Arakelyan
Matevosyan Matevosyan   See fewer
Mikhail Pavlik
Vaynshteyn Vaynshteyn   See fewer
Sergey Vlasov
Kavalyonak Kavalyonak   See fewer
Evgeniy Tsyganov
Pochernikov Pochernikov   See fewer
Tatyana Kamina
Shura Pochernikova Shura Pochernikova   See fewer
Veranika Nikanava
Anya Kizhevatova Anya Kizhevatova   See fewer
Yana Esipovich
Zhena Kizhevatova Zhena Kizhevatova   See fewer
Madlen Dzhabrailova
Zhena Gavrilova Zhena Gavrilova   See fewer
Aleksandr Saptsov
Leytenant Akimov Leytenant Akimov   See fewer
Kirill Boltaev
Vinogradov Vinogradov   See fewer
Oleg Lopukhov
Dorofeev Dorofeev   See fewer
Anatoliy Kot
Diversant Diversant   See fewer
Nodar Dzhanelidze
Tugushev Tugushev   See fewer
Dmitriy Esenevich
Khrushch Khrushch   See fewer
Maksim Litovchenko
Tereshchenko Tereshchenko   See fewer
Valeriy Ivakov
Melnichenko Melnichenko   See fewer
Viktor Strelchenko
Ponomarenko Ponomarenko   See fewer
Matvey Shkuratov
Pavlenko Pavlenko   See fewer
Evgeniy Kharitonov
Grigorev Grigorev   See fewer
Rinat Ibragimov
Kasatkin Kasatkin   See fewer
Pavel Gorodnitskiy
Gorin (as Pavel Rodak-Gorodnitskiy) Gorin (as Pavel Rodak-Gorodnitskiy)   See fewer
Evgeniy Sangadzhiev
Kukumbaev Kukumbaev   See fewer
Mikhail Evlanov
Proskurin Proskurin   See fewer
Gennadiy Garbuk
Veteran Veteran   See fewer
Tamara Yarmolich
Mat Kizhevatova Mat Kizhevatova   See fewer
Yokhan Bott
Oberleytenant v klube Oberleytenant v klube   See fewer
Ilya Mozgovoy
Feldfebel v gospitale Feldfebel v gospitale   See fewer
Evgeniy Ivkovich
Leytenant NKVD (nemets) Leytenant NKVD (nemets)   See fewer
Aleksandr Kuzmichyov
Nachalnik vokzala Nachalnik vokzala   See fewer
Aleksey Dmitriev
Nikolaev Nikolaev   See fewer
Nikolay Ryabychin
Nesterchuk Nesterchuk   See fewer
Kirill Novitskiy
Svyazist Svyazist   See fewer
Sergey Savenkov
Snayper Snayper   See fewer
Gleb Demyanchuk
Ivan Kizhevatov Ivan Kizhevatov   See fewer
Ekaterina Bondarenko
Gelka Kizhevatova Gelka Kizhevatova   See fewer
Denis Parshin
Sanitar Sanitar   See fewer
Gennadiy Davydko
Novikov Novikov   See fewer
Sergey Prokopich
Matveev Matveev   See fewer
Egor Petrov
Alik Bobkov Alik Bobkov   See fewer
Vasiliy Molodtsov
Pozhiloy obkhodchik (as Vasil Molodtsov) Pozhiloy obkhodchik (as Vasil Molodtsov)   See fewer
Igor Ivanov
Dnevalnyy Dnevalnyy   See fewer
Gennadiy Churikov
Pripisnik Pripisnik   See fewer
Tatyana Kovsh
Starshaya medsestra Starshaya medsestra   See fewer
Elena Dubrovskaya
Medsestra Medsestra   See fewer
Kristina Yavorchuk
Medsestra Medsestra   See fewer
Tatyana Chibuk
Medsestra Medsestra   See fewer
Mark Gaysler
Rebenok Rebenok   See fewer
Roman Gapanyuk
Fotograf Fotograf   See fewer
Yana Shmatova
Doch Pochernikova Doch Pochernikova   See fewer
Rostislav Gvozdev
Syn Pochernikova (as Rostik Gvozdev) Syn Pochernikova (as Rostik Gvozdev)   See fewer
Anastasiya Grechnaya
Doch Bobkova (as Nastya Grechnaya) Doch Bobkova (as Nastya Grechnaya)   See fewer
Ivan Kireev
Syn Gavrilova Syn Gavrilova   See fewer
Yuliya Polubinskaya
Zhena Bobkova Zhena Bobkova   See fewer
Andrey Senkin
Slabonervnyy soldatik (nemets) Slabonervnyy soldatik (nemets)   See fewer
Aleksey Shcherbakov
Actor (as A. Shcherbakov) Actor (as A. Shcherbakov)   See fewer
Tatyana Shcherbakova
Actress (as T. Shcherbakova) Actress (as T. Shcherbakova)   See fewer
Oleg Buzuk
Actor (as O. Buzuk) Actor (as O. Buzuk)   See fewer
Anfisa Smelova
Actress (as A. Smelova) Actress (as A. Smelova)   See fewer
Igor Vestra
Actor (as I. Vestra) Actor (as I. Vestra)   See fewer
E. Garaeva
Actress Actress   See fewer
Andrey Senkevich
Actor (as A. Senkevich) Actor (as A. Senkevich)   See fewer
Dmitriy Soroka
Actor (as D. Soroka) Actor (as D. Soroka)   See fewer
M. Tokun
Actor Actor   See fewer
Liza Denisek
Actress (as L. Denisek) Actress (as L. Denisek)   See fewer
Irina Arkhimuk
Actress (as I. Arkhimuk) Actress (as I. Arkhimuk)   See fewer
Diana Gvozdeva
Actress (as D. Gvozdeva) Actress (as D. Gvozdeva)   See fewer
Kseniya Arkhimuk
Actress (as K. Arkhimuk) Actress (as K. Arkhimuk)   See fewer
Anatoliy Matveychuk
Actor (as A. Matveychuk) Actor (as A. Matveychuk)   See fewer
Aleksandr Pashkov
Actor (as A. Pashko) Actor (as A. Pashko)   See fewer
Vitaliy Prokopovich
Actor (as V. Prokopovich) Actor (as V. Prokopovich)   See fewer
F. Smirnov
Actor Actor   See fewer
Oksana Loydova
Actress (as O. Loydova) Actress (as O. Loydova)   See fewer
Anatoliy Antonyuk
Actor (as A. Antonyuk) Actor (as A. Antonyuk)   See fewer
Timofey Tribuntsev
Actor (as T. Tribuntsev) Actor (as T. Tribuntsev)   See fewer
Sergey Novitskiy
Actor (as S. Novitskiy) Actor (as S. Novitskiy)   See fewer
Mikhail Esman
Actor (as M. Esman) Actor (as M. Esman)   See fewer
Anna Bondareva
Galina (as A. Bondareva) Galina (as A. Bondareva)   See fewer
Aleksandr Filipchuk
Actor (as A. Filipchuk) Actor (as A. Filipchuk)   See fewer
Oleg Litvinov
Actor (as O. Litvinov) Actor (as O. Litvinov)   See fewer
Igor Denisov
Nemetskiy ofitser (as I. Denisov) Nemetskiy ofitser (as I. Denisov)   See fewer
Igor Vepshkovskiy
Ryadovoy Seryogin (as I. Vepshkovskiy) Ryadovoy Seryogin (as I. Vepshkovskiy)   See fewer
Vladimir Vysotskiy
Actor (as V. Vysotskiy) Actor (as V. Vysotskiy)   See fewer
Ivan Krasko
Zakadrovyy tekst (voice) Zakadrovyy tekst (voice)   See fewer
Dzhon Bakhanbaev
Soldier (uncredited) Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
Viktor Bogushevich
Actor (uncredited) Actor (uncredited)   See fewer
Vladimir Kapustin
Actor (uncredited) Actor (uncredited)   See fewer
Vitaliy Moskovoy
Soldat (uncredited) Soldat (uncredited)   See fewer
Roman Sinitsyn
Actor (voice) (uncredited) Actor (voice) (uncredited)   See fewer
Sergey Taramaev
Actor (uncredited) Actor (uncredited)   See fewer
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