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Australian Gangster

Episode #1.2 (Season 1, Episode 2)
TV Episode | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Gregor Jordan (written by) (created by) | John Edwards (created by) | Dan Edwards (created by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Aug 12, 2021

Release date
Aug 12, 2021 (Norway)
Series awards
1 win


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65 cast members
Name Known for
Alexander Bertrand
Pasquale 'Pat' Barbaro Pasquale 'Pat' Barbaro   See fewer
Louisa Mignone
Melinda Barbaro Melinda Barbaro   See fewer
Steve Bastoni
Joe Barbaro Joe Barbaro   See fewer
Salvatore Coco
Les Elias Les Elias   See fewer
Michael Valamios
Farhad Quami (The Afghan) (as Michael Vice) Farhad Quami (The Afghan) (as Michael Vice)   See fewer
Rahel Romahn
Little Crazy Little Crazy   See fewer
George H. Xanthis
Mumtaz Quami (as George Harrison Xanthis) Mumtaz Quami (as George Harrison Xanthis)   See fewer
Federico Gazzilli
Young Barbaro Young Barbaro   See fewer
Lara De Flumeri
Maria Barbaro Maria Barbaro   See fewer
Mathayus Andreatta
Giovanni Barbaro Giovanni Barbaro   See fewer
Zac Garred
Adam Freeman Adam Freeman   See fewer
Sam Greco
Joe Antoun Joe Antoun   See fewer
Eyad Albeydani
Khaled Sharrouf Khaled Sharrouf   See fewer
Carmelo Licata
Mohamed Elomar Mohamed Elomar   See fewer
Julia Kennedy Scott
Teagan Antoun Teagan Antoun   See fewer
Myah Keinan
Antoun Twin Daughter Antoun Twin Daughter   See fewer
Isabella Keinan
Antoun Twin Daughter Antoun Twin Daughter   See fewer
Ishak Issa
Wadih Azzizi Wadih Azzizi   See fewer
Leanne Mauro
Cheryl Barbaro Cheryl Barbaro   See fewer
Costa Prasoulas
Large Man (Uncle Pat) Large Man (Uncle Pat)   See fewer
Joe Puglisi
Italian Man Italian Man   See fewer
Vita Carbone
Italian Girlfriend Italian Girlfriend   See fewer
Michael Kotsohilis
Italian Girlfriend's Husband Italian Girlfriend's Husband   See fewer
Zoe Faulkner
Party Girl 1 Party Girl 1   See fewer
Maddison-Cleo Musumeci
Party Girl 2 Party Girl 2   See fewer
Kelly Grech
Party Girl 3 Party Girl 3   See fewer
Michael Beckley
Locksmith Locksmith   See fewer
Kingston Talagi Seuala
Tongan Boy Tongan Boy   See fewer
Patrick Piliae
Tongan Guy Tongan Guy   See fewer
Tahleah Maumau
Sila's Wife Sila's Wife   See fewer
Michael Aumua
Huge Tongan Guy Huge Tongan Guy   See fewer
Mohamed Kameleddine
The Shadow The Shadow   See fewer
Jan Langford Penny
Car Crash Woman Car Crash Woman   See fewer
Barbara Hastings
Car Crash Witness Car Crash Witness   See fewer
Keith Austring
Cop (Double Bay) Cop (Double Bay)   See fewer
Kate Bookallil
Detective 3 (as Kate Bookalil) Detective 3 (as Kate Bookalil)   See fewer
Julian Maroun
Detective Detective   See fewer
Emanuele Avezzano
TOU Officer TOU Officer   See fewer
Rubens Abreu
Lead Cop (SOG) Lead Cop (SOG)   See fewer
Steve Vella
Detective Milolozza Detective Milolozza   See fewer
Nick Hunter
Swimming Teacher Swimming Teacher   See fewer
Sam Alhaje
Detective 5 Detective 5   See fewer
Beth Champion
Mrs. Kimble Mrs. Kimble   See fewer
Charlotte Haynes Hazzard
Sophie's Mum (as Charlotte Hazzard) Sophie's Mum (as Charlotte Hazzard)   See fewer
Oliver Cooney
Sophie's Dad Sophie's Dad   See fewer
Adrian Giribon
Cop (Darling Point) Cop (Darling Point)   See fewer
Anthony Phelan
Magistrate Magistrate   See fewer
Rory O'Keeffe
Journalist (Court House) (as Rory O'Keefe) Journalist (Court House) (as Rory O'Keefe)   See fewer
Anthony Thomas
Adam Freeman's Lawyer Adam Freeman's Lawyer   See fewer
Mark Honey
Spider (Tattooist) Spider (Tattooist)   See fewer
Serag Mohamed
Bikie (Tattoo Shop) Bikie (Tattoo Shop)   See fewer
Guy (Gangster Café) Guy (Gangster Café)   See fewer
Devonte Vaotuua
BMX Boy BMX Boy   See fewer
Sarah Bartlett
Mother (Harrington Park) Mother (Harrington Park)   See fewer
Olive Talib
Little Girl (Harrington Park) Little Girl (Harrington Park)   See fewer
Hudson Schoultz
Young Boy (Harrington Park) Young Boy (Harrington Park)   See fewer
John Harding
Duty Officer (Rose Bay) Duty Officer (Rose Bay)   See fewer
George Abou-Antoun
Bikie (Police Station) Bikie (Police Station)   See fewer
Murray Scarce
Large Police Officer Large Police Officer   See fewer
Simon Palomares
George Alex George Alex   See fewer
Maria Shanahan
George Alex's Mum George Alex's Mum   See fewer
Tommy Ropati
Bikie (uncredited) Bikie (uncredited)   See fewer
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