Imps* (1983)

Not Rated80 min.Comedy
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Once Upon a Time in a mythical place called Hollywood, a long, long, long time ago in a galaxy not so very far away, a witty group of actors with 38 EMMY Nominations, 3 Academy Award nominations, and 8 Golden Globe nominations, along with 4 Playmates and a Penthouse Pet, came together in a burst of comic frenzy and created imps*. Written By Anonymous  Less

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  • Linda Blair's primary photoLinda Blair Jamie (segment "Don't") (archive footage)  Less 2,825 The Exorcist
  • Barbara Bosson's primary photoBarbara Bosson Pam (segment "Sale on Professional Men") (archive footage)  Less 22,766 Hill Street Blues
  • Georg Stanford Brown's primary photoGeorg Stanford Brown Charlie (segment "Unhappy Hour")  Less 17,082 Stir Crazy
  • Ray Buktenica's primary photoRay Buktenica Bob (segment "Long Distances") (archive footage)  Less 34,474 My Girl
  • Colleen Camp's primary photoColleen Camp Young Lady (segment "Worst Fears") (archive footage)  Less 1,933 Clue
  • John Carradine's primary photoJohn Carradine Gentleman (segment "Great Moments") (archive footage)  Less 5,400 The Grapes of Wrath
  • Marilyn Chambers's primary photoMarilyn Chambers Herself (segment "Marilyn") (archive footage)  Less 6,684 Rabid
  • Sybil Danning's primary photoSybil Danning Sherry (segment "Long Distances")  Less 4,118 Battle Beyond the Stars
  • Julia Duffy's primary photoJulia Duffy Marjorie (segment "Soap") (archive footage)  Less 7,264 Newhart
  • Squire Fridell's primary photoSquire Fridell Newscaster (segment "Sale on Professional Men") (archive footage)  Less 61,464 Mac and Me
  • Brodie Greer's primary photoBrodie Greer Burt (segment "Weekends") (archive footage)  Less 32,827 CHiPs
  • Rich Hall's primary photoRich Hall Announcer (segment "Ho") (archive footage)  Less 1,057,572 Blue Heelers
  • Deborah Harmon's primary photoDeborah Harmon Mom (segment "3-Mile Island People) (archive footage)  Less 20,935 Bachelor Party
  • Sunny Johnson's primary photoSunny Johnson Missy (segment "Hannuka Horror") (archive footage)  Less 16,604 Flashdance
  • David L. Lander's primary photoDavid L. Lander Fritz #1 (segment "Interrogation") (archive footage) (as David Lander)  Less 12,414 Laverne & Shirley
  • Audrey Landers's primary photoAudrey Landers Lois (segment "Dandruff")  Less 9,067 Dallas
  • Kim Lankford's primary photoKim Lankford Woman (segment "Confident") (archive footage)  Less 21,068 The Octagon
  • Meadowlark Lemon's primary photoMeadowlark Lemon Willie (segment "Man on the Moon") (archive footage)  Less 97,102 The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh
  • Michael McKean's primary photoMichael McKean Fritz #2 (segment "Interrogation") (archive footage)  Less 3,037 This Is Spinal Tap
  • James MacKrell's primary photoJames MacKrell Voice Over Announcer (voice) (archive footage) (as Jim MacKrell)  Less 38,828 Teen Wolf
  • Ed Marinaro's primary photoEd Marinaro Phil (segment "Worst Fears") (archive footage)  Less 15,483 Amy Fisher: My Story
  • Diana Muldaur's primary photoDiana Muldaur Missus Toni (segment "Hola") (archive footage)  Less 5,751 McCloud
  • Barry Pearl's primary photoBarry Pearl Bob (segment "Bookreading") (archive footage)  Less 12,508 Grease
  • William Sanderson's primary photoWilliam Sanderson Carl (segment "Alienski") (archive footage)  Less 5,841 Blade Runner
  • Peter Scolari's primary photoPeter Scolari Phil (segment "Dandruff") (archive footage)  Less 10,773 Newhart
  • Bob Seagren's primary photoBob Seagren Frank (segment "Large World of Sport") (archive footage)  Less 70,808 Wonder Woman
  • James Sikking's primary photoJames Sikking Dracula (segment "Lite Blood") (archive footage) (as James B. Sikking)  Less 11,921 The Pelican Brief
  • P.J. Soles's primary photoP.J. Soles Young Lady (segment "Soda")  Less 3,026 Halloween
  • Wendie Jo Sperber's primary photoWendie Jo Sperber Marquesse de Sade (segment "Rock Video") (archive footage)  Less 8,823 Back to the Future
  • Byron Stewart's primary photoByron Stewart Mohammed (segment "Large World of Sport") (archive footage)  Less 9,236 St. Elsewhere
  • Jennifer Tilly's primary photoJennifer Tilly Joni (segment "Sale on Professional Men") (archive footage)  Less 1,400 Bound
  • Jimmie Walker's primary photoJimmie Walker Thomas (segment "Man on the Moon") (archive footage)  Less 10,777 Good Times
  • Bruce Weitz's primary photoBruce Weitz Larry (segment "Worst Fears") (archive footage)  Less 14,318 Hill Street Blues
  • Fred Willard's primary photoFred Willard Dad (segment "3-Mile Island People") (archive footage)  Less 4,595 Best in Show
  • George Wyner's primary photoGeorge Wyner Irving Rosenbloom Private Eye (segment "Hannuka Horror") (archive footage)  Less 9,910 Spaceballs
  • Keenan Wynn's primary photoKeenan Wynn Charlie (segment "Man on the Moon") (archive footage)  Less 7,908 Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
  • Miguel A. Núñez Jr.'s primary photoMiguel A. Núñez Jr. Bopper (segment "Music") (archive footage) (as Miguel Nunez)  Less 8,736 Street Fighter
  • Karen Montgomery's primary photoKaren Montgomery Secretary (segment "Tied Up") (archive footage)  Less 53,620 Going in Style
  • Marie-Alise Recasner's primary photoMarie-Alise Recasner Stewardess (segment "Goodbye") (archive footage)  Less 77,736 Port Charles
  • Tracy Vaccaro's primary photoTracy Vaccaro Marlene (segment "Marlene") (archive footage) (as Tracy Vacarro)  Less 58,056 Hunter
  • Mike George's primary photoMike George Lance (segment "Sale on Professional Men") (archive footage)  Less 7,391,910
  • Doyle Baker's primary photoDoyle Baker Executive (segment "Alarm") (archive footage)  Less 1,600,293 Adiós Amigo
  • Ed Berke's primary photoEd Berke Held-up Man (segment "Alarm") (archive footage)  Less 683,786 The Last Starfighter
  • Karen Mayo-Chandler's primary photoKaren Mayo-Chandler Secretary (segment "Alarm") (archive footage) (as Karen Mayo Chandler)  Less 75,178 Explorers
  • Robert Sherman's primary photoRobert Sherman Delivery Man (segment "Alarm") (archive footage)  Less 8,262,223
  • Shawn Campbell's primary photoShawn Campbell Billy (segment "3-Mile Island People") (archive footage)  Less 5,879,539
  • Jill Norton's primary photoJill Norton Suzy (segment "3-Mile Island People") (archive footage) (as Jill Horton)  Less 3,487,792
  • Wendie Griffin's primary photoWendie Griffin Cheerleader (segment "Large World of Sport") (archive footage)  Less 3,521,055
  • Robin Hoff's primary photoRobin Hoff Melanie (segment "Large World of Sport") / Secretary (segment "Unhappy Hour") (archive footage)  Less 579,735 Pennies from Heaven
  • J.W. Smith's primary photoJ.W. Smith Receiver (segment "Large World of Sport") (archive footage)  Less 59,054 The Warriors
  • Hank Cunnington's primary photoHank Cunnington Donald #1 (segment "Soap") (archive footage)  Less 2,957,009
  • Lisa Fuller's primary photoLisa Fuller Stephanie (segment "Soap") (archive footage)  Less 32,246 The Monster Squad
  • Denise Gauthier's primary photoDenise Gauthier Sheila (segment "Soap") (archive footage)  Less 476,421 Hart to Hart
  • Ron Hayes's primary photoRon Hayes Donald #2 (segment "Soap") (archive footage)  Less 7,072,380
  • Don Lara Jr.'s primary photoDon Lara Jr. Romano (segment "Soap") (archive footage) (as Dan Lara Jr.)  Less 2,200,058
  • Russ Parsons's primary photoRuss Parsons Seth (segment "Soap") (archive footage)  Less 1,943,611
  • Pamela West's primary photoPamela West Rhonda (segment "Soap") (archive footage)  Less 329,931 Angels in the Outfield
  • Gail Davis's primary photoGail Davis Wicked Witch (segment "Shake and Cook") (archive footage)  Less 7,155,353
  • Mason Nupuf's primary photoMason Nupuf Hansel (segment "Shake and Cook") (archive footage)  Less 6,670,741 Invaders from Mars
  • Ron Sloan's primary photoRon Sloan Ogre (segment "Shake and Cook") (archive footage)  Less 135,526 Friday the 13th: A New Beginning
  • Wilson Camp's primary photoWilson Camp Businessman (segment "Unhappy Hour") (archive footage)  Less 8,580,951
  • Paul Cavonis's primary photoPaul Cavonis Construction Worker (segment "Unhappy Hour") (archive footage)  Less 83,786 M*A*S*H
  • Marvin Cohen's primary photoMarvin Cohen Bartender (segment "Unhappy Hour") (archive footage)  Less 857,684 Fort Apache the Bronx
  • Lou Michaels's primary photoLou Michaels Compaining Wife (segment "Unhappy Hour") (archive footage)  Less 800,808 Enemy Mine
  • Michael Preminger's primary photoMichael Preminger Compaining Husband (segment "Unhappy Hour") (archive footage)  Less 4,195,060 Nothing in Common
  • Paul Sylvan's primary photoPaul Sylvan Hate' Man (segment "Unhappy Hour") (archive footage)  Less 25,159 Emergency!
  • Jere Rae Mansfield's primary photoJere Rae Mansfield Daughter (segment "Heads") / Young Lady (segment "I Told Two Friends") (archive footage) (as Jere Lea Rae)  Less 42,011 The Lord of the Rings
  • Niki Rae's primary photoNiki Rae Mother (segment "Heads") / Punker (segment "Ho") (archive footage)  Less 3,225,774
  • Joshua Grenrock's primary photoJoshua Grenrock Fencer #1 (segment "Coming Attractions") (archive footage)  Less 416,554 Nightmares
  • Scott Ingram's primary photoScott Ingram Fencer #2 (segment "Coming Attractions") (archive footage)  Less 5,105,215 Neds
  • Lynda Wiesmeier's primary photoLynda Wiesmeier Bambi (segment "Coming Attractions") (archive footage)  Less 14,908 Real Genius
  • Dennis Bowen's primary photoDennis Bowen WWII Flyer (segment "Interrogation") (archive footage)  Less 143,507 Martial Law
  • Don Bovingloh's primary photoDon Bovingloh Father (segment "Quaaludes for Kids") (archive footage) (as Don Bovinglon)  Less 170,164 Valerie
  • Gregory Levinson's primary photoGregory Levinson Bret (segment "Quaaludes for Kids") (archive footage)  Less 562,476 The Black Cauldron
  • De'Ann Power's primary photoDe'Ann Power Wench (segment "Lite Blood") (archive footage) (as DeAnn Power)  Less 86,328 Click
  • Delores Cantú's primary photoDelores Cantú Maid (segment "Hola") (archive footage) (as Dolores Cantu)  Less 65,904 Falcon Crest
  • Pilar Delano's primary photoPilar Delano Cavewoman (segment "Headache") (archive footage)  Less 1,059,264 Wildcats
  • Leslie Shenkel's primary photoLeslie Shenkel Inventor Caveman (segment "Headache") (archive footage) (as Les Shenkel)  Less 1,074,822 Unfaithful
  • Stuart Rankine's primary photoStuart Rankine Burly Caveman (segment "Headache") (archive footage)  Less 3,448,964
  • Joel Blasberg's primary photoJoel Blasberg Rabbi (segment "Hannuka Horror") (archive footage)  Less 7,275,960
  • Susan Gordon's primary photoSusan Gordon Shelly (segment "Hannuka Horror") (archive footage)  Less 4,586,431
  • Mark Lowenthal's primary photoMark Lowenthal Bart (segment "Hannuka Horror") (archive footage)  Less 154,647 Where the Elephant Sits
  • Joel Rice's primary photoJoel Rice Ronnie (segment "Hannuka Horror") (archive footage)  Less 541,516
  • Sara Lee Wade's primary photoSara Lee Wade Missy's Friend (segment "Hannuka Horror") (archive footage)  Less 653,723 Friday the 13th: A New Beginning
  • Bill Elliott Feingold's primary photoBill Elliott Feingold Ezra and the Four Feingolds (segment "Hannuka Horror") (archive footage)  Less 3,513,878
  • Chuck Fiore Feingold's primary photoChuck Fiore Feingold Ezra and the Four Feingolds (segment "Hannuka Horror") (archive footage)  Less 2,104,525
  • Dennis Herring Feingold's primary photoDennis Herring Feingold Ezra and the Four Feingolds (segment "Hannuka Horror") (archive footage)  Less 2,197,479
  • Arno Lucas Feingold's primary photoArno Lucas Feingold Ezra and the Four Feingolds (segment "Hannuka Horror") (archive footage)  Less 3,250,192
  • Beau Segal Feingold's primary photoBeau Segal Feingold Ezra and the Four Feingolds (segment "Hannuka Horror") (archive footage)  Less 8,473,054
  • Scott Mansfield's primary photoScott Mansfield Ezra Birnbaum (segment "Hannuka Horror") (archive footage)  Less 2,256,283 Deadly Games
  • Lloyd Alan's primary photoLloyd Alan Dino Dante (segment "Ho") (archive footage)  Less 388,881 As the World Turns
  • Meredith Eisenberg's primary photoMeredith Eisenberg Young Girl (segment "Ho") (archive footage)  Less 1,243,850
  • Wendy Hoffman's primary photoWendy Hoffman Bubbles (segment "Ho") (archive footage) (as Wendy Hoffmann)  Less 102,474 The Green Hornet
  • Garth Stevens's primary photoGarth Stevens Young Dino (segment "Ho") (archive footage)  Less 7,469,458
  • Joe Colligan's primary photoJoe Colligan Arthur (segment "Making Out") (archive footage)  Less 213,290 Friends
  • Carey Salley's primary photoCarey Salley Valerie (segment "Making Out") (archive footage)  Less 568,583
  • Steve Tannen's primary photoSteve Tannen Delivery Man (segment "Confident") (archive footage)  Less 281,074 The Heartbreak Kid
  • Christine Bayly's primary photoChristine Bayly Lilli (segment "Bonahue") (archive footage)  Less 8,380,393 Imps*
  • Scott Feinstein's primary photoScott Feinstein C.P.A. (segment "Bonahue") (archive footage) (as Scott Feinstein C.P.A.)  Less 6,767,417
  • Jerry Lacy's primary photoJerry Lacy Bill (segment "Bonahue") (archive footage)  Less 28,727 Play It Again, Sam
  • Erika Eleniak's primary photoErika Eleniak Brooke Shields (segment "Jeans")  Less 1,376 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  • Paul Thomas's primary photoPaul Thomas Roger (segment "Bookreading") (archive footage) (as Phillip Toubus)  Less 20,989 Nothing to Hide II: Justine
  • Lori Wagner's primary photoLori Wagner Sheila (segment "Bookreading") (archive footage)  Less 71,297 Caligula
  • Lisa Fong's primary photoLisa Fong Oriental Mom (segment "Moms") (archive footage)  Less 263,358 Anna and the King
  • Andrew Louie's primary photoAndrew Louie Oriental Son (segment "Moms") (archive footage)  Less 4,823,406
  • Marla Pennington's primary photoMarla Pennington American Mom (segment "Moms") (archive footage)  Less 31,765 Soap
  • Joey Tushnet's primary photoJoey Tushnet American Son (segment "Moms") (archive footage)  Less 272,916 Better Off Dead...
  • Danny Robinson's primary photoDanny Robinson Don (segment "Man on the Moon") (archive footage)  Less 1,195,481
  • Sandra Will's primary photoSandra Will Sheila (segment "Weekends") (archive footage)  Less 68,197 Cocktail
  • Newell Alexander's primary photoNewell Alexander Bob (segment "My Broker") (archive footage)  Less 48,800 A Very Sordid Wedding
  • John Howard Swain's primary photoJohn Howard Swain Businessman (segment "My Broker") (archive footage)  Less 229,897 A Younger Man
  • Ruble Maxwell Blakey's primary photoRuble Maxwell Blakey Janitor (segment "Nutsy Glue") (archive footage) (as Ruble Maxwell Blaky)  Less 7,988,093
  • Gerald Griffin's primary photoGerald Griffin Scientist (segment "Nutsy Glue") (archive footage)  Less 2,860,341
  • Jeffery Kramer's primary photoJeffery Kramer Announcer (segment "Nutsy Glue") (archive footage)  Less 442,454 Raising Sparrows
  • Fred Fox Jr.'s primary photoFred Fox Jr. Assistant Director (segment "Millertime") (archive footage)  Less 196,666 Family Matters
  • Karen Lorre's primary photoKaren Lorre Randy Miller (segment "Millertime") (archive footage) (as Karen Witter)  Less 16,416 One Life to Live
  • Ron Roy's primary photoRon Roy Jogger (segment "Wabbitt") (archive footage)  Less 364,783 Police Story
  • Matilda's primary photoMatilda The Wonder Bunny (archive footage)  Less 478,282
  • Corey Burton's primary photoCorey Burton Voice Over Announcer (voice) (archive footage)  Less 11,169 The Transformers: The Movie
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