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  • Portrait of a Beauty (2008)
  • PG-13
    108 min | Drama, Romance
Portrait of a Beauty (2008)
108 min | Drama, Romance

Born to a family of established court painters, a woman is forced to carry on her family name and take over her brother's life after he commits suicide.
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Su-ryeon Han (screenplay) | Yun-su Jeon (screenplay)

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Release date
Nov 13, 2008 (Indonesia)


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54 cast members
Name Known for
Gyu-ri Kim
Shin Yoon-bok (as Min-seon Kim) Shin Yoon-bok (as Min-seon Kim)   See fewer
Yeong-ho Kim
Kim Hong-do Kim Hong-do   See fewer
Kim Nam-gil
Kang-moo Kang-moo   See fewer
Chu Ja-hyeon
Seol-hwa Seol-hwa   See fewer
Myung-goo Han
Jeong-jo Jeong-jo   See fewer
Ji-il Park
Sin Han-pyeong Sin Han-pyeong   See fewer
Byung-gil Kwon
Kim Geo-sang (as Byeong-gil Kwon) Kim Geo-sang (as Byeong-gil Kwon)   See fewer
Kyu-Hwan Choi
Artist Choi Artist Choi   See fewer
Ho-min Yeo
Artist Shim Artist Shim   See fewer
Chan-woo Hwang
Artist Heo Artist Heo   See fewer
Kim Seung-hun
Artist Hong (as Seung-hoon Kim) Artist Hong (as Seung-hoon Kim)   See fewer
San Kang
Child Yoon-bok Child Yoon-bok   See fewer
Ra-hye Lee
Yoon-jeong Yoon-jeong   See fewer
Yong-Cheol Moon
Jang Won-ro Jang Won-ro   See fewer
Gook-Hwan Jun
Dang Sang-kwan Dang Sang-kwan   See fewer
Bong-seon Park
Kang Se-hwang Kang Se-hwang   See fewer
Ra Mi-ran
Official's Wife 2nd Level Official's Wife 2nd Level   See fewer
Yeon-hee Hwang
Official's Wife 4th Level Official's Wife 4th Level   See fewer
Yo-ah Kim
Official's Wife 3rd Level Official's Wife 3rd Level   See fewer
Sang-Yong Lee
Street Writer 1 Street Writer 1   See fewer
Tae-Rang Kim
Street Writer 2 Street Writer 2   See fewer
Man-Suk Oh
Street Writer 3 Street Writer 3   See fewer
Wook-Hyun Sun
Government Official 1 Government Official 1   See fewer
Park Yong
Government Official 2 Government Official 2   See fewer
Seong-Hoon Lee
Government Official 3 Government Official 3   See fewer
Min-ho Kang
Playboy Kang Playboy Kang   See fewer
Il-Seop Lee
Playboy Noh Playboy Noh   See fewer
Mi-na Gong
Daughter-in-law Daughter-in-law   See fewer
Yoo-Seon Ko
Hostess Seducing Yoon-Bok 1 Hostess Seducing Yoon-Bok 1   See fewer
An Yu
Old Entertainer (as Ann Yu) Old Entertainer (as Ann Yu)   See fewer
Song-hwa Chae
Young Entertainer Young Entertainer   See fewer
Obscene Entertainer 1 Obscene Entertainer 1   See fewer
Bo Ri
Obscene Entertainer 2 (as Bo-ri) Obscene Entertainer 2 (as Bo-ri)   See fewer
Yeong Choi
Police Leader (as Ik-Joon Choe) Police Leader (as Ik-Joon Choe)   See fewer
Sang-moo Oh
Police Bureau Patrolman 1 Police Bureau Patrolman 1   See fewer
Dae-Sung Choi
Police Bureau Patrolman 2 Police Bureau Patrolman 2   See fewer
Sang-jin Jang
Bodyguard 1 Bodyguard 1   See fewer
Dong-goo Seo
Bodyguard 2 Bodyguard 2   See fewer
Min-Jeong Kim
Entertainer 1 Entertainer 1   See fewer
Joo-hee Jeong
Entertainer 2 Entertainer 2   See fewer
Yoo-Joo Shin
Entertainer 3 (as Yoo-hi Shin) Entertainer 3 (as Yoo-hi Shin)   See fewer
Eun-mi Lee
Entertainer 4 Entertainer 4   See fewer
Entertainer 5 Entertainer 5   See fewer
Kim Young-woong
Silk Fabric Store Owner Silk Fabric Store Owner   See fewer
Choon-Beom Choi
Jang Ryeong Jang Ryeong   See fewer
Seon-soo Lee
Lee Dae-sin Lee Dae-sin   See fewer
Da-Woon Lee
Buddhist Monk 1 Buddhist Monk 1   See fewer
Dong-Gyoon Ha
Buddhist Monk 2 Buddhist Monk 2   See fewer
Seung-eok Seo
Downtown Patrolman 1 Downtown Patrolman 1   See fewer
Wang-soo Kang
Downtown Patrolman 2 Downtown Patrolman 2   See fewer
Gyoo-Hyeon Lee
Elder Artist 1 Elder Artist 1   See fewer
Seok Lee
Actor Actor   See fewer
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