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  • There Be Dragons (2011)
  • PG-13
    122 min | Biography, Drama, War
There Be Dragons (2011)
122 min | Biography, Drama, War

Arising out of the horror of the Spanish Civil War, a candidate for canonization is investigated by a journalist who discovers his own estranged father had a deep, dark and devastating connection to the saint's life.
Roland Joffé (directed by)
Roland Joffé (written by)
Robert Folk (version: re-edited) (as Rob Folk) | Stephen Warbeck (version: original)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
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Release date
May 6, 2011 (United States)


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89 cast members
Name Known for
Charlie Cox
Josemaría Escrivá Josemaría Escrivá   See fewer
Wes Bentley
Manolo Torres Manolo Torres   See fewer
Dougray Scott
Roberto Torres Roberto Torres   See fewer
Jordi Mollà
Don José (as Jordi Mollá) Don José (as Jordi Mollá)   See fewer
Derek Jacobi
Honorio Soto Honorio Soto   See fewer
Geraldine Chaplin
Abileyza Abileyza   See fewer
Unax Ugalde
Pedro Casciano Pedro Casciano   See fewer
Ana Torrent
Doña Dolores Doña Dolores   See fewer
Charles Dance
Monsignor Solano Monsignor Solano   See fewer
Lily Cole
Aline Aline   See fewer
Alejandro Casaseca
Jaime Torres Jaime Torres   See fewer
Yaiza Guimaré
Pilar Torres Pilar Torres   See fewer
Robert Blythe
Archbishop Valencia Archbishop Valencia   See fewer
Carlos Leal
Captain Jorge Captain Jorge   See fewer
Juan Cruz Rolla Knight
Young Josemaría (as Juan Cruz) Young Josemaría (as Juan Cruz)   See fewer
Felipe Agote
Young Manolo Young Manolo   See fewer
Pablo Lapa
Isidoro (as Pablo Lapadula) Isidoro (as Pablo Lapadula)   See fewer
Alfonso Bassave
Juan Jiménez Vargas Juan Jiménez Vargas   See fewer
Jan Cornet
Ortiz Ortiz   See fewer
Pedro Merlo
Alvaro del Portillo (as Pedro Nicolás Merlo) Alvaro del Portillo (as Pedro Nicolás Merlo)   See fewer
Horacio Nin Uria
Santiago Escrivá Santiago Escrivá   See fewer
Agustín Rodríguez
Santiago Escrivá Child Santiago Escrivá Child   See fewer
Michael Feast
Vicar General Vicar General   See fewer
Luciano Suardi
Father Pedro Father Pedro   See fewer
Zoe Trilnick
Carmen Child Carmen Child   See fewer
Harry Havilio
Father Guzmán Father Guzmán   See fewer
Iván Speche
Rector Rector   See fewer
Alejandro Paker
Julián Ayala Julián Ayala   See fewer
Carlos Scornik
Colonel Lizárraga Colonel Lizárraga   See fewer
Pietro Gian
Colonel Reyes Colonel Reyes   See fewer
Uriel Milstein
González (as Uriel Milsztein) González (as Uriel Milsztein)   See fewer
Tomas Decurgez
Francisco Botella (as Tomás Decúrgez) Francisco Botella (as Tomás Decúrgez)   See fewer
Martín Balaguer
Policeman Policeman   See fewer
Lito Cruz
Man Underground Man Underground   See fewer
Dina Fisher
Old Woman Old Woman   See fewer
Gonzalo Ramos
Miguel Miguel   See fewer
Kevin Schiele
Diego (as Kevin Shiele) Diego (as Kevin Shiele)   See fewer
Emilia Paino
Militia Woman Militia Woman   See fewer
Francisco F. de Rosa
Militia Man Militia Man   See fewer
Ernesto Rowe
Driver 1 Driver 1   See fewer
Diego Lipovich
Driver 2 Driver 2   See fewer
Paul Perry
Militia Man at Control Militia Man at Control   See fewer
Marcos Montes
Acarona Acarona   See fewer
Elena Gowland
Psychiatric Doctor Psychiatric Doctor   See fewer
Christian J. Giardino
Sniper (as Christian Giardino) Sniper (as Christian Giardino)   See fewer
Andrew Cox
Josemaría in Rome Josemaría in Rome   See fewer
Abián Vainstein
Taxi Driver (as Abian Vainstein) Taxi Driver (as Abian Vainstein)   See fewer
Danila Terragno
Torres Maid Torres Maid   See fewer
Marcos Woinsky
Old Man 1 (as Marcos Woinski) Old Man 1 (as Marcos Woinski)   See fewer
Carlos Martino
Old Man 2 Old Man 2   See fewer
Rolando Dumas
Old Man 3 Old Man 3   See fewer
Vanesa González
Battle Medic Battle Medic   See fewer
Theodore McNabney
Scared Priest (as Ted McNabney) Scared Priest (as Ted McNabney)   See fewer
Vadym Abramenko
Russian 1 Russian 1   See fewer
Timur Naskidayeu
Russian 2 Russian 2   See fewer
Rusty Lemorande
Father Lázaro Father Lázaro   See fewer
Micaela Tisminetzky
Young Girl (as Micaela Tisminestzky) Young Girl (as Micaela Tisminestzky)   See fewer
Bendita Berlín
Doña Preciado (as Bendita Berlin) Doña Preciado (as Bendita Berlin)   See fewer
Rocío Isart
Maria A. Maria A.   See fewer
Martina Calissi
Maria D. (as Martina Calisi) Maria D. (as Martina Calisi)   See fewer
Juan Ignacio Mancinella
Boy Playing 1 Boy Playing 1   See fewer
Iván Francisco Sorlano
Boy Playing 2 Boy Playing 2   See fewer
Mateo Rolon Riguetti
Boy Playing 3 Boy Playing 3   See fewer
Juan Ignacio Gargano
Boy Playing 4 Boy Playing 4   See fewer
Gerónimo Macias
Boy Playing 5 Boy Playing 5   See fewer
Irma Beatriz Iribarren
Farm Woman Farm Woman   See fewer
Esteban Vucinobich
Carpenter Carpenter   See fewer
Eliseo Barrionuevo
Actor (uncredited) Actor (uncredited)   See fewer
Agustín Bruzzone
John - French man (uncredited) John - French man (uncredited)   See fewer
Caro Darman
Young Girl (uncredited) Young Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Alejandro Gatti
Guard (uncredited) Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
Max Musimessi
Police Guard (uncredited) Police Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
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