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  • The Families Feud (2021)
  • Comedy
The Families Feud (2021)

When three mobsters dispose a body in the woods, they're taken hostage by a family of hillbilly Bigfoot hunters.
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Chris Esper | Bill Galatis (colorist) (as William Galatis)
Production Designer

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Release date
2021 (United States)


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75 cast members
Name Known for
Christopher Serrone
Jimmy the Dealer Jimmy the Dealer   See fewer
Al Sapienza
Giovanni Giovanni   See fewer
Federico Castelluccio
Rider of the Valkyries Rider of the Valkyries   See fewer
Joseph D'Onofrio
Rocco Rosano Rocco Rosano   See fewer
Deborah Rennard
Stella the Limo Driver Stella the Limo Driver   See fewer
Tony Darrow
Nicky Knuckles Nicky Knuckles   See fewer
John Fiore
Angelo D'Angelo Angelo D'Angelo   See fewer
William DeMeo
Vinny Stromboli Vinny Stromboli   See fewer
Peter Gaudio
Roy Palmeri Roy Palmeri   See fewer
Patrick Borriello
Gino Grappone Gino Grappone   See fewer
Louis Vanaria
Sloppy Joe Sloppy Joe   See fewer
Paul Borghese
Mario Mancini Mario Mancini   See fewer
Amber Rothberg
Matilda (as Amber Leanne Rothberg) Matilda (as Amber Leanne Rothberg)   See fewer
Anna Rizzo
Santina D'Angelo Santina D'Angelo   See fewer
Janelle Feigley
Mook's Wife Mook's Wife   See fewer
Leah Procito
Escort Cherry Escort Cherry   See fewer
Arthur Hiou
Luigi Lucano Luigi Lucano   See fewer
John Ruggiero
The Pool Player The Pool Player   See fewer
Artie Pasquale
Sonny Green Sonny Green   See fewer
Bruce Soscia
Tommy Gambini Tommy Gambini   See fewer
Anna Kulinova
Natasha Natasha   See fewer
Cristian DeMeo
The Caddy The Caddy   See fewer
Joey Catalano
Sonny's Underboss - Joey Cat Sonny's Underboss - Joey Cat   See fewer
Joseph Ramah
Jesus Employee of the month Jesus Employee of the month   See fewer
Jamie Lyn Bagley
Karen Green Karen Green   See fewer
Nick Petito
The voice of Dat Boss The voice of Dat Boss   See fewer
James Glorioso Jr.
Francesco Francesco   See fewer
Jerry DiLeo
Lorenzo Lorenzo   See fewer
Paul Bellefeuille
Angry Mainer Angry Mainer   See fewer
Paul Malignaggi
'Big Peter' Calzone 'Big Peter' Calzone   See fewer
Jamie Ghazarian
Sherry the Private Dancer Sherry the Private Dancer   See fewer
Frank Failla
Nick the Barber Nick the Barber   See fewer
Izzy Church
Ruth The Lawyer Ruth The Lawyer   See fewer
Patrick Languzzi
Carmine Carmine   See fewer
Nicole Vanlandingham
Bunny Lou Bunny Lou   See fewer
Damien Chinappi
Skeeter Skeeter   See fewer
Leslie Pineda
Valentina Valentina   See fewer
Nick Albanese
Blabbermouth Bobby Blabbermouth Bobby   See fewer
An'gele Anderson
Sunny Sue Sunny Sue   See fewer
Donald St. John
Curley Green Curley Green   See fewer
Benjamin Healy
Psycho Killer Psycho Killer   See fewer
Wayne R. Miller
Deputy Willie Deputy Willie   See fewer
Manny Famolare
Crazy Coonio Crazy Coonio   See fewer
Michael Mota
Mario's Consigliere Mario's Consigliere   See fewer
Christine Cilano
Escort Janey Escort Janey   See fewer
Tyler Hittner
Timmy Kneecaps Timmy Kneecaps   See fewer
Donald Napolitano
Luigi's Capo Luigi's Capo   See fewer
Stephen Bruno
Ex-Professional Ex-Professional   See fewer
Mike Hopkins
Junior Junior   See fewer
Bruce Soscia Jr.
Nicky's Bodyguard Nicky's Bodyguard   See fewer
Cecilia Loïs
Honey Doo Honey Doo   See fewer
Jenny Chen
Escort Amora Escort Amora   See fewer
Smidi Waters
Deputy Doug Deputy Doug   See fewer
Jay Street
Booking Deputy Dante Booking Deputy Dante   See fewer
Karla Dugas
Deputy Carlotta Deputy Carlotta   See fewer
Rich Collum
Bigfoot Bigfoot   See fewer
Dennis Neri
Da Bear Da Bear   See fewer
Fred Braun
Big Beef Big Beef   See fewer
Paul Morse
The Big Man The Big Man   See fewer
Lenny Curreri
The Golfer The Golfer   See fewer
Matthew Volpi
Da Face of Dat Boss Da Face of Dat Boss   See fewer
Amedeo Dirocco
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
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