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Degrassi: The Next Generation

Uptown Girl: Part 2 (Season 8, Episode 2)
TV Episode | 22 min | Drama, Romance

Mia gets in over her head while pursuing a modeling career. Clare and KC form an unexpected friendship.
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Philip Earnshaw (as Phil Earnshaw)
Linda Schuyler (creator) | Yan Moore (creator) | Kit Hood (creator: "Degrassi Junior High" and "Degrassi High") | Duana Taha (written by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Oct 12, 2008

Release date
Oct 12, 2008 (Canada)


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35 cast members
Name Known for
Jamie Johnston
Peter Stone Peter Stone   See fewer
Sarah Barrable-Tishauer
Liberty Van Zandt (credit only) Liberty Van Zandt (credit only)   See fewer
Miriam McDonald
Emma Nelson (credit only) Emma Nelson (credit only)   See fewer
Cassie Steele
Manny Santos (credit only) Manny Santos (credit only)   See fewer
Evan Williams
Kelly Ashoona (credit only) Kelly Ashoona (credit only)   See fewer
Judy Jiao
Leia Chang Leia Chang   See fewer
Marc Donato
Derek Haig Derek Haig   See fewer
Jajube Mandiela
Chantay Black Chantay Black   See fewer
Samantha Munro
Anya MacPherson Anya MacPherson   See fewer
A.J. Saudin
Connor Deslauriers Connor Deslauriers   See fewer
Sam Earle
K.C. Guthrie K.C. Guthrie   See fewer
Aislinn Paul
Clare Edwards Clare Edwards   See fewer
Melinda Shankar
Alli Bhandari Alli Bhandari   See fewer
Dalmar Abuzeid
Danny Van Zandt Danny Van Zandt   See fewer
Raymond Ablack
Sav Bhandari Sav Bhandari   See fewer
Shane Kippel
Gavin 'Spinner' Mason (credit only) Gavin 'Spinner' Mason (credit only)   See fewer
Nina Dobrev
Mia Jones Mia Jones   See fewer
Charlotte Arnold
Holly J. Sinclair Holly J. Sinclair   See fewer
Natty Zavitz
Bruce the Moose Bruce the Moose   See fewer
Scott Paterson
Johnny DiMarco (credit only) Johnny DiMarco (credit only)   See fewer
Stefan Brogren
Archie 'Snake' Simpson Archie 'Snake' Simpson   See fewer
Jordan Hudyma
Blue Chessex (credit only) Blue Chessex (credit only)   See fewer
Argiris Karras
Riley Stavros Riley Stavros   See fewer
Paula Brancati
Jane Vaughn (credit only) Jane Vaughn (credit only)   See fewer
Shenae Grimes-Beech
Darcy Edwards (as Shenae Grimes) Darcy Edwards (as Shenae Grimes)   See fewer
Kevin Jubinville
The Shep The Shep   See fewer
Camilla Scott
Janice Pearson Janice Pearson   See fewer
Jon Cor
Tom Blake Tom Blake   See fewer
Ingrid Haas
Model Bianca Model Bianca   See fewer
Larissa Vouloukos
Isabella Jones Isabella Jones   See fewer
Doug Morency
Mr. Bince Mr. Bince   See fewer
Gina Clayton
Anna Jones Anna Jones   See fewer
Anousha Alamian
Photographer Photographer   See fewer
Marc Nadeau
Makeup Artist Makeup Artist   See fewer
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