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  • Violent Blue (2011)
  • Not Rated
    129 min | Drama
Violent Blue (2011)
Not Rated
129 min | Drama

The lives and obsessions of a group of people run head on into each other during one summer in LA.
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Gregory Hatanaka (screenplay) | Tony T.L. Young (screenplay)
Production Designer
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Release date
Jan 7, 2011 (United States)


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96 cast members
Name Known for
Silvia Suvadová
Katarina Katarina   See fewer
Jesse Hlubik
Ondrej Ondrej   See fewer
Nick Mancuso
Pietro Pietro   See fewer
Barry O'Rourke
Bolo O' Braonain Bolo O' Braonain   See fewer
Bogdan Szumilas
Dr. Sobeslav Dr. Sobeslav   See fewer
Anastasia Fontaines
Ms. Dora Ms. Dora   See fewer
Martin Harris
Zbigniew (as Martin William Harris) Zbigniew (as Martin William Harris)   See fewer
Edwin A. Santos
Toru Von Karajan Toru Von Karajan   See fewer
Matthew Mahaney
Detective Ichikawa Detective Ichikawa   See fewer
Mark Motyl
Detective Simek Detective Simek   See fewer
Luke Y. Thompson
Facemask / Robot Harmon Facemask / Robot Harmon   See fewer
Meryl Bush
Anika Anika   See fewer
Shane Ryan-Reid
Gustav (as Shane Ryan) Gustav (as Shane Ryan)   See fewer
Khayyam Kain
Proteus Proteus   See fewer
Mayka Bily
Libuse Libuse   See fewer
Julia Carpenter
Isadora Isadora   See fewer
Leigh Davis
Arielle Arielle   See fewer
Paul Duke
Fake Ploeg Fake Ploeg   See fewer
Douglas Dunning
Lee DeForest Lee DeForest   See fewer
Howard Fong
Raymond Chow Raymond Chow   See fewer
Gregory Hatanaka
Kancha Cheena Kancha Cheena   See fewer
Precious Hilton
The Baroness The Baroness   See fewer
Nadine Jenson
Allison Allison   See fewer
Zoe Kenely
Grace Grace   See fewer
Izabela Kurczewska
Krystyna Krystyna   See fewer
Alicja Kozlowska
Sridevi Sridevi   See fewer
Claudia Montano
Blanca Guerra Blanca Guerra   See fewer
Vanessa Reynolds
Cecille (as Vanessa Rose Parker) Cecille (as Vanessa Rose Parker)   See fewer
Kylee Reese
Phaedra Phaedra   See fewer
Dylan Reynolds
Cop Kitano Cop Kitano   See fewer
Sherry Shaoling
Dr. Tiana Chock Dr. Tiana Chock   See fewer
Michael Teh
Jaromir Jaromir   See fewer
Marta Zolynska
Tatjana Tatjana   See fewer
Rado Bily
Jaromir Jaromir   See fewer
Robin Cho
Leanna Leanna   See fewer
Sherwood Chock
Dr. Sherwood Chock Dr. Sherwood Chock   See fewer
David Choe
Ethan (as Dave Choe) Ethan (as Dave Choe)   See fewer
Neva Cole
Isabelle Isabelle   See fewer
Claire Dames
Athena Athena   See fewer
Timothy Davis
Bhaktavar Bhaktavar   See fewer
David Dortch
Detective Dunning Detective Dunning   See fewer
Shelley Hatanaka
Nora Miao Nora Miao   See fewer
Warren Hong
Vijay Dinanath Chavan Vijay Dinanath Chavan   See fewer
Pelé Kizy
Jonathan Jonathan   See fewer
Kim Lukasik
Molcik Molcik   See fewer
Amber Mejia
Faviola Faviola   See fewer
Stephany Mejia
Leticia Leticia   See fewer
Rozie Yeghiazarian
Courtney Courtney   See fewer
Jeffrey David Wood
Bar Patron (as Jeff Wood) Bar Patron (as Jeff Wood)   See fewer
Tad Atkinson
Jack Lawson Jack Lawson   See fewer
Benjamin R. Brown III
Roscoe (as Benjamin Brown III) Roscoe (as Benjamin Brown III)   See fewer
Melvin Butters
Torsten Torsten   See fewer
Isaac Choe
Warren Warren   See fewer
Jasmine Jade
Resmine Resmine   See fewer
Andre Vaughn Gibson
Pretentious Bar Guy Pretentious Bar Guy   See fewer
Ashley McGee
Serena Serena   See fewer
Zack Anton
Anatoly (as Zackary Morad) Anatoly (as Zackary Morad)   See fewer
Marcel Montano
Alejandro Alejandro   See fewer
Jevon Perra
Master Killer Master Killer   See fewer
Jermeil Saunders
Mr. Han (as Jermel Saunders) Mr. Han (as Jermel Saunders)   See fewer
Lina So
Jenny Lee Jenny Lee   See fewer
Sara Sun
Georgia Georgia   See fewer
Linda Tomassone
Florida Florida   See fewer
Xiaojun Wang
Bob Wall Bob Wall   See fewer
Aneliese Roettger
Bar Patron (as Anna Heinz) Bar Patron (as Anna Heinz)   See fewer
Amber Jenkins
Ms. Young (uncredited) Ms. Young (uncredited)   See fewer
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