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  • Staycation (2024)
  • 94 min | Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Staycation (2024)
94 min | Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

As a candid interview carries on between the country's leading virologist and a no-nonsense journalist, college roommates deal with the daily struggles of a global pandemic, and a couple separated between continents play catch up.
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Emile Haris (written by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated May 17, 2024

Release date
Sep 15, 2024 (United States)
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134 cast members
Name Known for
Olivia d'Abo
Grace Baxter Grace Baxter   See fewer
Kelli Maroney
Cynthia Oxford Cynthia Oxford   See fewer
Laurene Landon
Tabitha Musgraves Tabitha Musgraves   See fewer
Sean Kenney
Professor Edward Bellows Professor Edward Bellows   See fewer
Shawn C. Phillips
Rudy Ledbetter Rudy Ledbetter   See fewer
Tracee Cocco
Diandra Walsh Diandra Walsh   See fewer
Eileen Dietz
Griselda E. Necromancer Griselda E. Necromancer   See fewer
Crystal J. Huang
Suying Li Suying Li   See fewer
Jeff McDonald
Britt's Dad Britt's Dad   See fewer
Denise Gossett
Congresswoman Congresswoman   See fewer
Bill Victor Arucan
Rob Peterson Rob Peterson   See fewer
Dustin Clingan
Dexter Riley Dexter Riley   See fewer
Mercedes Peterson
Laurie Vandemar Laurie Vandemar   See fewer
Maggie Wagner
Britt's Mom Britt's Mom   See fewer
G. Larry Butler
Solomon Hayden Solomon Hayden   See fewer
Varda Appleton
Samantha Weaver Samantha Weaver   See fewer
Ryan Babcock
Scientist Scientist   See fewer
Kelsey Livengood
Scoops and mischief (as Kelsey Livengood Mischief) Scoops and mischief (as Kelsey Livengood Mischief)   See fewer
Lilly Ivring
Marnie Marnie   See fewer
David Alan Graf
Chuck the Producer Chuck the Producer   See fewer
Phyllis Ramie Groves
Cass Collins (as Phyllis Ramie) Cass Collins (as Phyllis Ramie)   See fewer
Rudy Ledbetter
Seancy Fillips Seancy Fillips   See fewer
Justin Terry-Smith
Mayor Jared Brooks Mayor Jared Brooks   See fewer
Hans Hernke
Walt Oxford Walt Oxford   See fewer
John Paul Ouvrier
Klown Vitz Vitamins Announcer Klown Vitz Vitamins Announcer   See fewer
Scott St. Blaze
Trew Skye Trew Skye   See fewer
Andi Rexha
Billy Billy   See fewer
Wendy Keeling
Dr. Mathilda Hayes aka Doc Tilly Dr. Mathilda Hayes aka Doc Tilly   See fewer
Sean Gunnell
Markus Gleason Markus Gleason   See fewer
Paul Bradford
George Siemsen George Siemsen   See fewer
Jaclyn Carmichael
Victoria Victoria   See fewer
Preston Yeung
Zach Davis Zach Davis   See fewer
Russ Emanuel
Wanderer Wanderer   See fewer
Anson Days
Marty (Clown) Marty (Clown)   See fewer
Jennifer Durst
Erin Bellows Erin Bellows   See fewer
Josie Hung
Christina Christina   See fewer
Oscar Speace
Stan Hoffmockel Stan Hoffmockel   See fewer
David W. Bailey
Wanderer Wanderer   See fewer
Tanisha Hereast
Tiffany Tiffany   See fewer
Matthew Rosvally
Griselda E. Necromancer Commercial Announcer Griselda E. Necromancer Commercial Announcer   See fewer
Rick Baker
Wanderer Wanderer   See fewer
Q Fortier
Byron Ellis Byron Ellis   See fewer
Alex D'Lerma
Congressman Congressman   See fewer
Diane Mcclure-Repetto
Anngelica Anngelica   See fewer
Darin L. Robinson
Nicholas Nicholas   See fewer
Drew Martyn
Martin Andrews Martin Andrews   See fewer
Sephdok Ramone
Professor Sohrab Sepehri Professor Sohrab Sepehri   See fewer
Momo Momo   See fewer
Kyosuke Mukai
Professor Kyohei Serizawa Professor Kyohei Serizawa   See fewer
Eugene Glenn
Skippy Jessop Skippy Jessop   See fewer
Michelle Wells
Madelyn Madelyn   See fewer
Rémy Robert
Aurora Aurora   See fewer
David Carlberg
Carl Bergman Carl Bergman   See fewer
Sue Buckwell
Catherine Catherine   See fewer
Vance Major
Jameson Jameson   See fewer
Ed Vela
Declan Declan   See fewer
Ed Mower
Nathan Grimes Nathan Grimes   See fewer
Lynn Batara Arucan
Mrs. Peterson Mrs. Peterson   See fewer
Growling Kitty Growling Kitty   See fewer
Merry Bise
Merry Bise Merry Bise   See fewer
Joey Patton
Wanderer Wanderer   See fewer
Oscar Pereida
Ruben Sevilla Ruben Sevilla   See fewer
Jessica Licata
Wanderer Wanderer   See fewer
Jon LaFleur
Gabriel Gabriel   See fewer
Diana Lee Woody
Infected Patient Infected Patient   See fewer
James Brancato
Alexander Alexander   See fewer
J.D. Buckwell
Hazmat Soldier Hazmat Soldier   See fewer
Das Baker
Jansen Jansen   See fewer
Greg Bates
Tabitha Musgraves Commentator Tabitha Musgraves Commentator   See fewer
Kelsey Livengood
Mischief Mischief   See fewer
Cina Yazdi
Sonny Sonny   See fewer
Brunnella Grimaldi
News Anchor News Anchor   See fewer
Eddie Suphatphong Emanuel-Sutheerasak
Infected Patient Infected Patient   See fewer
David F. Borunda
Nephew Oxford Nephew Oxford   See fewer
Jon Marsch
Rob Peterson Guest Rob Peterson Guest   See fewer
James Baker
Wanderer Wanderer   See fewer
William Baker
Wanderer Wanderer   See fewer
Gustavo Blandino
Dr. Everett Santino Dr. Everett Santino   See fewer
Alan Courtright
Radio Announcer Radio Announcer   See fewer
Ben Kanter
Wanderer Wanderer   See fewer
The Fin The Fin   See fewer
Madison Midani
Penelope Penelope   See fewer
Gigi Gigi   See fewer
Janeen Berryman
Grandma Oxford Grandma Oxford   See fewer
Mark Brenes
Dr. Miles Buchwald Dr. Miles Buchwald   See fewer
John Harlan Brady
Harlan Peña Harlan Peña   See fewer
Emma Falvey
Girl Walking Dog Girl Walking Dog   See fewer
Dave K. Bise
Dave K. Bise Dave K. Bise   See fewer
Sven Berglowe
MacKenzie Calhoune MacKenzie Calhoune   See fewer
Nhieu Do
Wanderer Wanderer   See fewer
Rupert Rupert   See fewer
Dyanne Mercante
Vanessa the Contessa Vanessa the Contessa   See fewer
Austin Alaniz
Wanderer Wanderer   See fewer
Michael Candelet
Anthony Anthony   See fewer
Diane Torrel
Wanderer Wanderer   See fewer
Michael Lester
Grimsley Grimsley   See fewer
Erick Holloway
Dan Winters Dan Winters   See fewer
Angela Slick
Wanderer Wanderer   See fewer
Archibald Archibald   See fewer
Max Nascente
Max Shadow Powers Max Shadow Powers   See fewer
Brandi Madden
Wanderer Wanderer   See fewer
Jack Roth
Jordan Jordan   See fewer
Johnnie Manzana
Lucinda Lucinda   See fewer
Audrey Lysette
Scarlett (as Audrey Marcel) Scarlett (as Audrey Marcel)   See fewer
Dan Manson
Henry Henry   See fewer
Elham Jazab
Iranian TV News Anchor Iranian TV News Anchor   See fewer
Timothy Lee Conley
Congressman Congressman   See fewer
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