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Final Days of Planet Earth

Part 2 (Season 1, Episode 2)
TV Episode | 85 min | Action, Comedy, Drama

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Updated Oct 14, 2006

Release date
Oct 14, 2006 (United States)


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44 cast members
Name Known for
Daryl Hannah
Elizabeth Quinlan Elizabeth Quinlan   See fewer
Campbell Scott
William Phillips William Phillips   See fewer
Gil Bellows
Lloyd Walker Lloyd Walker   See fewer
Suleka Mathew
Marianne Winters Marianne Winters   See fewer
Beau Starr
Oliver Oliver   See fewer
Patrick Gilmore
Spencer Desroches Spencer Desroches   See fewer
Tina Milo Milivojevic
Bella (as Tina Milo) Bella (as Tina Milo)   See fewer
Serge Houde
Lorne Korshaft Lorne Korshaft   See fewer
John Cassini
Jake Roth (credit only) Jake Roth (credit only)   See fewer
Michael Kopsa
Chuck Dalton (as Mike Kopsa) Chuck Dalton (as Mike Kopsa)   See fewer
William MacDonald
Dave Cruikshank Dave Cruikshank   See fewer
Nathaniel DeVeaux
Paul (as Nathaniel Deveaux) Paul (as Nathaniel Deveaux)   See fewer
Eric Breker
James Bowen (credit only) James Bowen (credit only)   See fewer
Greg Michaels
Czarski (credit only) Czarski (credit only)   See fewer
David Lovgren
Collins (credit only) Collins (credit only)   See fewer
Jerry Wasserman
Markley (credit only) Markley (credit only)   See fewer
Ryan McDonell
Jonathan Gillis (credit only) Jonathan Gillis (credit only)   See fewer
Sophie Alden
Sally (credit only) Sally (credit only)   See fewer
Mark Pawson
Newsman (credit only) Newsman (credit only)   See fewer
Denis Simpson
Administrator (credit only) Administrator (credit only)   See fewer
Marc Baur
Supervisor (credit only) Supervisor (credit only)   See fewer
John Mann
Room 86 Clerk (credit only) Room 86 Clerk (credit only)   See fewer
Grahame Andrews
Workman (credit only) (as Graham Andrews) Workman (credit only) (as Graham Andrews)   See fewer
Michael Montano
School Boy (credit only) School Boy (credit only)   See fewer
Dean Redman
EMT (credit only) EMT (credit only)   See fewer
Jenny Mitchell
Teacher (credit only) Teacher (credit only)   See fewer
Tim O'Halloran
Hospital Guard Hospital Guard   See fewer
Michael Bardach
Homeless Man Homeless Man   See fewer
Michael Jonsson
Foot Patrol Cop Foot Patrol Cop   See fewer
Ian Thompson
Motor Cycle Cop Motor Cycle Cop   See fewer
Thomas O'Dwyer
Bus Driver Bus Driver   See fewer
Mary Black
Old Lady on Bus Old Lady on Bus   See fewer
Jeff Chubey
Bus Cop Bus Cop   See fewer
Robert Turner
Large Cop Large Cop   See fewer
Camyar Chai
City Hall Reception (credit only) (as Cam Chai) City Hall Reception (credit only) (as Cam Chai)   See fewer
Everick Golding
Lieutenant Lieutenant   See fewer
Tom Heaton
Casey Casey   See fewer
Christine Barrie
Soccer Mom (credit only) Soccer Mom (credit only)   See fewer
Greg Scott
Cop in Hall Cop in Hall   See fewer
Gina Doty
Unemployed Clerk (credit only) Unemployed Clerk (credit only)   See fewer
Kaare Anderson
Vladamir (uncredited) Vladamir (uncredited)   See fewer
Linley Subryan
Elevator Rider (uncredited) Elevator Rider (uncredited)   See fewer
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