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  • Bad Teacher (2011)
  • R
    92 min | Comedy, Romance
Bad Teacher (2011)
92 min | Comedy, Romance

A lazy, incompetent middle school teacher who hates her job, her students, and her co-workers is forced to return to teaching to make enough money for breast implants after her wealthy fiancé dumps her.
Jake Kasdan (directed by)
Gene Stupnitsky (written by) | Lee Eisenberg (written by)
David B. Householter (produced by) (as David Householter) | Jimmy Miller (produced by)
Michael Andrews (music by)
Tara Timpone (edited by)
Casting Directors
Anya Colloff (casting by) | Amy McIntyre Britt (casting by)
Production Designer
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Release date
Jun 24, 2011 (United States)


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70 cast members
Name Known for
Cameron Diaz
Elizabeth Halsey Elizabeth Halsey   See fewer
Lucy Punch
Amy Squirrel Amy Squirrel   See fewer
Jason Segel
Russell Gettis Russell Gettis   See fewer
Justin Timberlake
Scott Delacorte Scott Delacorte   See fewer
Phyllis Smith
Lynn Davies Lynn Davies   See fewer
John Michael Higgins
Principal Wally Snur Principal Wally Snur   See fewer
Dave Allen
Sandy Pinkus (as Dave 'Gruber' Allen) Sandy Pinkus (as Dave 'Gruber' Allen)   See fewer
Jillian Armenante
Ms. Pavicic Ms. Pavicic   See fewer
Matthew J. Evans
Garrett Tiara Garrett Tiara   See fewer
Kaitlyn Dever
Sasha Abernathy Sasha Abernathy   See fewer
Kathryn Newton
Chase Rubin-Rossi Chase Rubin-Rossi   See fewer
Igal Ben-Yair
Arkady (as Igal Ben Yair) Arkady (as Igal Ben Yair)   See fewer
Aja Bair
Devon - Chase's Friend (as Aja Cheyenne Bair) Devon - Chase's Friend (as Aja Cheyenne Bair)   See fewer
Noah Munck
Tristan Tristan   See fewer
Daniel Castro
Rodrigo - Acne Kid Rodrigo - Acne Kid   See fewer
Thomas Lennon
Carl Halabi Carl Halabi   See fewer
Paul Bates
School Superintendent School Superintendent   See fewer
Jeff Judah
Janitor Janitor   See fewer
Stephanie Faracy
Mrs. Pubich Mrs. Pubich   See fewer
David Paymer
Doctor Vogel Doctor Vogel   See fewer
Alanna Ubach
Angela Angela   See fewer
Paul Feig
Dad at Carwash Dad at Carwash   See fewer
Deirdre Lovejoy
Sasha's Mother Sasha's Mother   See fewer
Melvin Mar
Male Teacher - Bathroom Male Teacher - Bathroom   See fewer
Rose Abdoo
School Secretary School Secretary   See fewer
Jerry Lambert
Morgan's Dad Morgan's Dad   See fewer
Jennifer Irwin
Chase's Mom Chase's Mom   See fewer
Christopher Rockwell
Chase's Dad Chase's Dad   See fewer
David Doty
Armando the Homeless Guy Armando the Homeless Guy   See fewer
Molly Shannon
Melody - Garrett's Mom Melody - Garrett's Mom   See fewer
Rick Overton
Philip Philip   See fewer
Danny Trap
Cowboy at Palace Cowboy at Palace   See fewer
Matt Besser
Abraham Lincoln - Tour Guide Abraham Lincoln - Tour Guide   See fewer
Lee Eisenberg
Blacksmith (Re-Enactor) Blacksmith (Re-Enactor)   See fewer
Bruno Gunn
Police Officer (as Bruno Gioiello) Police Officer (as Bruno Gioiello)   See fewer
Jordan Van Vranken
Crying Girl Crying Girl   See fewer
Richard Bernard
Dancer in Cowboy Palace (uncredited) Dancer in Cowboy Palace (uncredited)   See fewer
Kadee Noel Brown
Student in Elizabeth's Class (uncredited) Student in Elizabeth's Class (uncredited)   See fewer
B.J. Bugert
Student (uncredited) Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Daniel Cohen
Kid in Elizabeth's Classroom (uncredited) Kid in Elizabeth's Classroom (uncredited)   See fewer
Austin Michael Coleman
8th Grade Student (uncredited) 8th Grade Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Noah Dahl
Dim Looking Boy (uncredited) Dim Looking Boy (uncredited)   See fewer
Youlanda Davis
Drama Teacher (uncredited) Drama Teacher (uncredited)   See fewer
Christina Gabrielle
8th Grade Student (uncredited) 8th Grade Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Andy Scott Harris
Flamboyant Boy (uncredited) Flamboyant Boy (uncredited)   See fewer
Jennifer Holloway
Sheila (uncredited) Sheila (uncredited)   See fewer
Dot-Marie Jones
Pill-Providing Lady (uncredited) Pill-Providing Lady (uncredited)   See fewer
Laurie Landry
Ms. Landry (uncredited) Ms. Landry (uncredited)   See fewer
Monique Marissa Lukens
Cowboy Palace Dancer (uncredited) Cowboy Palace Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
Christopher Mason
Student (uncredited) Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Lindsay McGrail
Teacher at Party (uncredited) Teacher at Party (uncredited)   See fewer
Daniel Messier
P.E. Teacher (uncredited) P.E. Teacher (uncredited)   See fewer
Keith Middlebrook
Mr. Vanderbilt (uncredited) Mr. Vanderbilt (uncredited)   See fewer
Scott Moran
Johnny Walker Red (uncredited) Johnny Walker Red (uncredited)   See fewer
William Nero Jr.
Student's brother (uncredited) Student's brother (uncredited)   See fewer
Sydney Sanchez
Student (uncredited) Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Ryan Seacrest
Self (archive footage) (uncredited) Self (archive footage) (uncredited)   See fewer
Bridget Shergalis
Cara (uncredited) Cara (uncredited)   See fewer
Bruno Souza
School manager (uncredited) School manager (uncredited)   See fewer
Clara Soyoung
Teacher (uncredited) Teacher (uncredited)   See fewer
Victoria Strauss
Student (uncredited) Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Joanna Theobalds
Nurse (uncredited) Nurse (uncredited)   See fewer
Preston Thompson
8th Grader (uncredited) 8th Grader (uncredited)   See fewer
J. Elvis Weinstein
Bass Player (uncredited) Bass Player (uncredited)   See fewer
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