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  • Fallout New Vegas: Brave New World (2020)
  • Video Game | Sci-Fi
Fallout New Vegas: Brave New World (2020)
Video Game | Sci-Fi

Brave New World is a project that gathers the work of professional voice actors, carefully selected to revoice Fallout: New Vegas. The mod revoices roughly 7,000 lines of vanilla dialogue and covers 145 NPCs.

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Updated Aug 1, 2020

Release date
Aug 1, 2020 (United States)


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47 cast members
Name Known for
Eileen Anglin
Captain Gilles (voice) Captain Gilles (voice)   See fewer
Adam Bennett
Scrambler (voice) Scrambler (voice)   See fewer
Estey Boling
Janet (voice) Janet (voice)   See fewer
Patrick Deegan
Antony (voice) Antony (voice)   See fewer
Jakob Dillon
Motorrunner (voice) Motorrunner (voice)   See fewer
Kenny Ezeobele
Chauncey / Wayne (voice) Chauncey / Wayne (voice)   See fewer
Dan Foster
Santiago (voice) Santiago (voice)   See fewer
Ty Harper
Jules (voice) Jules (voice)   See fewer
Wyatt Henry
Comm Officer Tilden (voice) Comm Officer Tilden (voice)   See fewer
Dominic James
Cachino (voice) Cachino (voice)   See fewer
Devante Johnson
Jimmy (voice) Jimmy (voice)   See fewer
Rhomeyn Johnson
Sgt. Kilborn (voice) Sgt. Kilborn (voice)   See fewer
P.J. Kanis
Fort Weather Station Guard (voice) Fort Weather Station Guard (voice)   See fewer
Tara Langella
Lt. Haggerty / Gomorrah Receptionist (voice) Lt. Haggerty / Gomorrah Receptionist (voice)   See fewer
Kevin Liberty
Lieutenant Romanowski (voice) Lieutenant Romanowski (voice)   See fewer
Alistair Mackey
The Lonesome Drifter (voice) The Lonesome Drifter (voice)   See fewer
Lonnie Marts III
Initiate Stanton (voice) Initiate Stanton (voice)   See fewer
James McLauchlan
Fitz / Andy Scabb (voice) Fitz / Andy Scabb (voice)   See fewer
Sarah McManus
Comm Officer Lenk (voice) Comm Officer Lenk (voice)   See fewer
Omar K. Mills
Saint James / Jean Baptiste (voice) Saint James / Jean Baptiste (voice)   See fewer
Carlos Navarro
Chavez (voice) Chavez (voice)   See fewer
Mikey O
Greasy Johnny (voice) Greasy Johnny (voice)   See fewer
Jeffrey Pillars
General Oliver Lee (voice) General Oliver Lee (voice)   See fewer
Michael Potok
Ranger Keller (voice) Ranger Keller (voice)   See fewer
Carolyn Potts
Siri (voice) Siri (voice)   See fewer
Michelle Renee
Apprentice Watkins (voice) Apprentice Watkins (voice)   See fewer
Malina Rose
Linda Schuler (voice) Linda Schuler (voice)   See fewer
Graham Rowat
Lt. Gorobets (voice) Lt. Gorobets (voice)   See fewer
Phillip Sacramento
Legion Instructor (voice) Legion Instructor (voice)   See fewer
Gary Scales
Astor (voice) Astor (voice)   See fewer
Tom Schalk
Captain Parker (voice) Captain Parker (voice)   See fewer
Sara Secora
Martina Groesbeck (voice) Martina Groesbeck (voice)   See fewer
AnaJo Skylark
Medical log (voice) Medical log (voice)   See fewer
Aimee Smith
Sammy Weathers (voice) Sammy Weathers (voice)   See fewer
Brian Stivale
Lucius (voice) Lucius (voice)   See fewer
Sarah Ruth Thomas
Raquel (voice) Raquel (voice)   See fewer
Chuck Thompson
Brotherhood of Steel Paladin (voice) Brotherhood of Steel Paladin (voice)   See fewer
Joe Cliff Thompson
Little Buster (voice) Little Buster (voice)   See fewer
Emaline Tuck
Private Ortega (voice) Private Ortega (voice)   See fewer
Abigail Turner
Jacklyn (voice) Jacklyn (voice)   See fewer
Felicia Valenti
Ranger Gomez (voice) Ranger Gomez (voice)   See fewer
John Van Doren
Ranger Esteban Morales (voice) Ranger Esteban Morales (voice)   See fewer
Storm Watters
Ranger Kudlow (voice) Ranger Kudlow (voice)   See fewer
Shawn P. Williams
Lieutenant Hayes (voice) Lieutenant Hayes (voice)   See fewer
Wolf Williams
Samuel Cooke Samuel Cooke   See fewer
Yong Yea
Knight Lorenzo (voice) Knight Lorenzo (voice)   See fewer
Brad Ziffer
Swank (voice) Swank (voice)   See fewer
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