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  • Last Stop 174 (2008)
  • Unrated
    110 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller
Last Stop 174 (2008)
110 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

A chronicle of a real-life bus hijacking in Rio de Janeiro that occurred on June 12, 2000.
Bráulio Mantovani (screenplay)
Production Designer
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Release date
Dec 19, 2008 (United States)


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110 cast members
Name Known for
Michel Gomes
Sandro do Nascimento Sandro do Nascimento   See fewer
Cris Vianna
Marisa Marisa   See fewer
Marcello Melo Jr.
Ale Monster (as Marcello Melo Junior) Ale Monster (as Marcello Melo Junior)   See fewer
Gabriela Luiz
Soninha Soninha   See fewer
Anna Cotrim
Walquiria Walquiria   See fewer
Tay Lopez
Jaziel Jaziel   See fewer
Vitor Carvalho
Sandro - young Sandro - young   See fewer
Ramom Francisco
Patola - young Patola - young   See fewer
Lucas Rodrigues
Quico - young Quico - young   See fewer
Yasmine Luyindula
Soninha - young Soninha - young   See fewer
Hyago Silva
Ale Monster - young Ale Monster - young   See fewer
Douglas Silva
Patola Patola   See fewer
Rafael Logan
Meleca Meleca   See fewer
André Ramiro
Police Negotiator Police Negotiator   See fewer
Maria Delfina
D. Jacira D. Jacira   See fewer
Mauricio Aguiar
Marido de Walquiria Marido de Walquiria   See fewer
PM 1 PM 1   See fewer
Tatiane Amnuar
Supporting Supporting   See fewer
Lucio André
Policial militar 1 Policial militar 1   See fewer
Zézé Antonio
Ambulante Ambulante   See fewer
Waliska Areas
Vozerio Vozerio   See fewer
Ualas Avila
Bandido 1 Bandido 1   See fewer
Clebson Azevedo
Funcionario dos correios Funcionario dos correios   See fewer
Jonathan Azevedo
Vapor 2 Vapor 2   See fewer
Oliver Barbosa
Trocador 174 Trocador 174   See fewer
Marcello Barcellos
Giranildo Giranildo   See fewer
J. Barki
Comerciante 4 Comerciante 4   See fewer
D. Belinha
Veihinha Assaitada Veihinha Assaitada   See fewer
Eliane Berordinelli
Mulher sica assaitada Mulher sica assaitada   See fewer
Soldado do trafico 3 Soldado do trafico 3   See fewer
Ricardo Blat
Pedreiro Pedreiro   See fewer
Rogério Blat
Passagerio grisalho Passagerio grisalho   See fewer
Barbara Borgga
Vizinha de favela Vizinha de favela   See fewer
Alex Brasil
Policial camburso 3 Policial camburso 3   See fewer
Helmut Breineder
Vozerio Vozerio   See fewer
Aldino Brito
Jacinto Jacinto   See fewer
Bébé de Marisa Bébé de Marisa   See fewer
Rafael Carlos
Soldado do trafico 2 Soldado do trafico 2   See fewer
Maria Da Gloria
Vizinha de Maria Vizinha de Maria   See fewer
Filho de Maria Filho de Maria   See fewer
Cláudio de Andrade
Foncionario do instituto Foncionario do instituto   See fewer
Walace De Jesus
Garato dos cabelos claros Garato dos cabelos claros   See fewer
Diego Dias
Bandido 2 Bandido 2   See fewer
Otavio Dos Santos
Menino de rua Menino de rua   See fewer
Yuri Felipe
Garatinho sujo Garatinho sujo   See fewer
Monique Fernandes
Prostituta 3 Prostituta 3   See fewer
Cristiana Ferreira
Vozerio (voice) Vozerio (voice)   See fewer
Fernando Fidel
Apresantador Apresantador   See fewer
Milton Filho
Trocador Trocador   See fewer
Wilma Fonseca
Prostituta 2 Prostituta 2   See fewer
Bia Franzolin
Reporter mulher 1 Reporter mulher 1   See fewer
Jonas França
Policial militar 2 Policial militar 2   See fewer
Claudio Garcia
Vozerio Vozerio   See fewer
Eduardo Gerico
Transmunte Transmunte   See fewer
Paulo Giannini
Vozerio (voice) Vozerio (voice)   See fewer
Bébado Bébado   See fewer
Jonathan Gomes
Jovem negro Jovem negro   See fewer
Manuel Gomes
Atendente das barcas Atendente das barcas   See fewer
Marcelo Gomes
Menininho Menininho   See fewer
Paulo Gracez
Comerciante 2 Comerciante 2   See fewer
Laura Grant
Reporter mulher 2 Reporter mulher 2   See fewer
Antoine Herbele
Documentariste frances Documentariste frances   See fewer
Bébé de Maria Bébé de Maria   See fewer
Gabriel Johanes
Soldado do trafico 1 Soldado do trafico 1   See fewer
Frank Junior
Comerciante 1 Comerciante 1   See fewer
Satiko Komatsu
Vozerio Vozerio   See fewer
Paula Leal
Vozerio (voice) Vozerio (voice)   See fewer
Raphael Logam
Meleca Meleca   See fewer
Anjo Lopes
Vapor 1 Vapor 1   See fewer
Adrian Loyola
Garato Magricela Garato Magricela   See fewer
PM 2 PM 2   See fewer
Antonio Lyra
Comerciante 3 Comerciante 3   See fewer
Alessandro Maciel
Policial camburso 2 Policial camburso 2   See fewer
Poteiro Poteiro   See fewer
Zé Mario
Monitor 1 Monitor 1   See fewer
Yasana Martins
Foncionaria do instituto Foncionaria do instituto   See fewer
Caio de Paula Massoni
Garoto no ônibus (as omassoni) Garoto no ônibus (as omassoni)   See fewer
Bébé de Marisa Bébé de Marisa   See fewer
Jovem 1 Jovem 1   See fewer
Marcelo Melo
Alê Monstro Alê Monstro   See fewer
Jerome Merle
Vozerio Vozerio   See fewer
Iwin Mona
Garatinho sorvete Garatinho sorvete   See fewer
Walter Novaes
Cliente Cliente   See fewer
Kamila Olivieri
Garato jovem Garato jovem   See fewer
Comerciante 5 Comerciante 5   See fewer
Arthur Pereira
Garato estillete Garato estillete   See fewer
Cristina Prochaska
Patroa de Marisa Patroa de Marisa   See fewer
Maria Clara Quim
Vozerio Vozerio   See fewer
Zeca Richa
Leonardo Leonardo   See fewer
Igor Rickli
Reporter homem Reporter homem   See fewer
Alexandre Robert
Policial camburso 1 Policial camburso 1   See fewer
Manino que pede trocados Manino que pede trocados   See fewer
Rogério Sandro
Vozerio Vozerio   See fewer
Gleison Silva
Garato Garato   See fewer
Marcus Tardin
Sniper (as Marcos Tardin) Sniper (as Marcos Tardin)   See fewer
Bébé de Maria Bébé de Maria   See fewer
Arthur Vianna
Monitor 2 Monitor 2   See fewer
Ricardo Vilela
Playboy Playboy   See fewer
Luciano Zidawa
Operator de son frances Operator de son frances   See fewer
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