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  • Biography, Comedy, Drama
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Biography, Comedy, Drama

The film will reportedly delve into the legal battles which took place during the Cold War over ownership of the game.
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40 cast members
Name Known for
Taron Egerton
Henk Rogers Henk Rogers   See fewer
Ben Miles
Howard Lincoln Howard Lincoln   See fewer
Toby Jones
Robert Stein Robert Stein   See fewer
Roger Allam
Robert Maxwell Robert Maxwell   See fewer
Rick Yune
Larry Larry   See fewer
Miles Barrow
Dennis Jackson Dennis Jackson   See fewer
Anthony Boyle
Kevin Maxwell Kevin Maxwell   See fewer
Sharon Young
Nintendo Legal Advisor Nintendo Legal Advisor   See fewer
Matthew Marsh
Mikhail Gorbachev Mikhail Gorbachev   See fewer
Togo Igawa
Hiroshi Yamauchi Hiroshi Yamauchi   See fewer
Moyo Akandé
Lincoln's Executive Secretary Lincoln's Executive Secretary   See fewer
Nino Furuhata
Yamauchi's Assistant (as Niino Furuhata) Yamauchi's Assistant (as Niino Furuhata)   See fewer
Bhav Joshi
Nintendo Programmer Nintendo Programmer   See fewer
Alfredo Tavares
US Airport Passenger US Airport Passenger   See fewer
Ieva Andrejevaite
Nina Pajitnov Nina Pajitnov   See fewer
Ken Yamamura
Minoru Arakawa Minoru Arakawa   See fewer
Holly Woodhouse
Hotel Guest Hotel Guest   See fewer
Greg Kolpakchi
Boris the KGB man Boris the KGB man   See fewer
Irina Kara
Immigration Officer Immigration Officer   See fewer
Rob Locke
Foreign Intelligence Officer Foreign Intelligence Officer   See fewer
Oleg Stefan
Nikolai Belikov Nikolai Belikov   See fewer
Nikita Efremov
Alexey Pajitnov Alexey Pajitnov   See fewer
Igor Grabuzov
Valentin Trifonov Valentin Trifonov   See fewer
Mara Huf
Tracy Tracy   See fewer
Akemi Rogers Akemi Rogers   See fewer
Tom Duncan
Private Jet Captain Private Jet Captain   See fewer
Tatiana Dufrey
Moscow flight attendant Moscow flight attendant   See fewer
Anna Lavrenteva
Natasha Natasha   See fewer
Mykolas Vosylius
Soviet Soldier Soviet Soldier   See fewer
Zane Mihailova
Tourist Desk Clerk Tourist Desk Clerk   See fewer
Natalia Gonchar
MCSC Secretary MCSC Secretary   See fewer
Stefan Milne
Hungarian Programmer Hungarian Programmer   See fewer
Christine Koudreiko
Elorg Secretary Elorg Secretary   See fewer
Ben Bradley
Airplane Passenger (uncredited) Airplane Passenger (uncredited)   See fewer
Samuel Gilbert-Davies
Security Guard (uncredited) Security Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
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