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  • Lee'd the Way (2021)
  • 101 min | Comedy, Drama
Lee'd the Way (2021)
101 min | Comedy, Drama

An autistic man, running for president of the United States, joins forces with a Native American woman to find solutions for the country's problems.
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Updated Nov 5, 2021

Release date
Jan 13, 2023 (United States)


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40 cast members
Name Known for
Simon Twu
Patrick Lee Patrick Lee   See fewer
Carolina Hoyos
Celeste Seedlingsun Celeste Seedlingsun   See fewer
Johnny Vitelli
Samuel Brightcloud Samuel Brightcloud   See fewer
Loren Anthony
Seco Brightcloud Seco Brightcloud   See fewer
Gevrina Catalina
Catalina Vargas Catalina Vargas   See fewer
Bill Hoversten
Mitch Morgan Mitch Morgan   See fewer
Eric J. Black
Chris Davies Chris Davies   See fewer
Tod Walker
Alex Robertson Alex Robertson   See fewer
Lissa Henige
Judy Robertson Judy Robertson   See fewer
Troy Dillinger
President Cooper President Cooper   See fewer
Chip Frye
Governor McCadden Governor McCadden   See fewer
Rudolph Whitcomb
Senator Demsey Senator Demsey   See fewer
Linda Nusbaum
Debate Moderator Debate Moderator   See fewer
Moses Munoz
Grayhorse Grayhorse   See fewer
Zhi Dustin Zeng
Dr. Zeng Dr. Zeng   See fewer
Graciela Patiño
Lillie Cornsilk Lillie Cornsilk   See fewer
Amanda Mandell
Lisa Bale Lisa Bale   See fewer
Juliana Perel
Nurse Hamil Nurse Hamil   See fewer
John David Wallis
N.G.A. Official N.G.A. Official   See fewer
Kenneth Best
Heckler Heckler   See fewer
Gisela Berk
Silvia Schnuck Silvia Schnuck   See fewer
Elizabeth Stewart
Susan Wright Susan Wright   See fewer
Douglas Dunning
Sir Robin Hardy Sir Robin Hardy   See fewer
Richard B. Larimore
Bruce Phillips Bruce Phillips   See fewer
Faraz Khan
Delivery Man Delivery Man   See fewer
Kourtney Ketterhagen
Arlene Thomas Arlene Thomas   See fewer
Danny Salas
Busboy Busboy   See fewer
Marina Tse
Garden Volunteer Garden Volunteer   See fewer
Gabriela Giusti
Screaming teen Screaming teen   See fewer
Keenan McCarthy
Reporter #1 Reporter #1   See fewer
Caesar Hartman
Prime minister / Ballistic expert Prime minister / Ballistic expert   See fewer
Julia Jay Pierrepont III
Julia Vandergelt III Julia Vandergelt III   See fewer
Larry M. Roberts
Reporter 2 Reporter 2   See fewer
Iris Liu
Campaign Volunteer / Pro Walker Campaign Volunteer / Pro Walker   See fewer
Natalia Becerril
Campaign Volunteer, Pro Walker Campaign Volunteer, Pro Walker   See fewer
Skyler Perry
Pro-Walker / Gun Control Volunteer Pro-Walker / Gun Control Volunteer   See fewer
Lou Pizarro
Jorge Camera Operator (voice) Jorge Camera Operator (voice)   See fewer
Edward Stasik
FBI Agent FBI Agent   See fewer
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