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  • La soga (2009)
  • R
    102 min | Crime, Drama
La soga (2009)
102 min | Crime, Drama

In the Dominican Republic, Luisito a.k.a. 'La Soga' is a brave cop who revolts against his country's unscrupulous government. He risks all for justice to avenge his father's death in the midst of inhuman brutality and political corruption.
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Manny Perez (screenplay)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Aug 13, 2010 (United States)


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57 cast members
Name Known for
Manny Perez
Luisito Luisito   See fewer
Juan Fernández
General Colon General Colon   See fewer
Joseph Lyle Taylor
Simon Burr Simon Burr   See fewer
Margo Martindale
Flannigan Flannigan   See fewer
Fantino Fernandez
Young Luisito Young Luisito   See fewer
Jamie Tirelli
Belgrado Belgrado   See fewer
Nelson Baez
The Butcher The Butcher   See fewer
Ericson Batista
Boy at the hotel room Boy at the hotel room   See fewer
Carmen Brugal
Dona Irma Dona Irma   See fewer
Coco Cabrera
Carlos Batista Carlos Batista   See fewer
Leslie Cepeda
Young Jenny Young Jenny   See fewer
Mery Collado
General Colon's Wife General Colon's Wife   See fewer
Pedophile Pedophile   See fewer
Bully at Prison Bully at Prison   See fewer
Alexander Estrella
Margarita's Boyfriend Margarita's Boyfriend   See fewer
Guillermo Estrella
Jenny's Suitor Jenny's Suitor   See fewer
Janet Gonzalez
Girl in Rafa's Apartment Girl in Rafa's Apartment   See fewer
Elvira Grullón
Luisito's Aunt Luisito's Aunt   See fewer
Robert Haley
NYPD Officer NYPD Officer   See fewer
Jean Jean
Fellito Polanco (as Jean Johnny) Fellito Polanco (as Jean Johnny)   See fewer
Henry Santos Jeter
Rafa's Crew #2 Rafa's Crew #2   See fewer
Danny Lebron
Frano's Henchman in NYC Frano's Henchman in NYC   See fewer
Ramona Liriano
Dona Irma's Maid Dona Irma's Maid   See fewer
Anibal O. Lleras
Rafa's crew #1 Rafa's crew #1   See fewer
Joshua Lucero
Domino Player Domino Player   See fewer
Fernando Luna
Carnival Mask Dancer Carnival Mask Dancer   See fewer
Iban Marrero
NYPD officer NYPD officer   See fewer
Anthony Marte
President Fernando Linares President Fernando Linares   See fewer
Yuri J. Martinez
Guard #1 Guard #1   See fewer
Anaís Martínez
NYC Thug's Wife NYC Thug's Wife   See fewer
Miguel Ángel Martínez
Luisito's Father Luisito's Father   See fewer
Ivonne Mercader
Prima de Jenny Prima de Jenny   See fewer
Gerardo Mercedes
Wellington's Crew #1 Wellington's Crew #1   See fewer
Sixta Morel
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Pachy Méndez
Rafa's Wife Rafa's Wife   See fewer
Jose Perez
Rafa's Cousin Rafa's Cousin   See fewer
Nuria Piera
Nuria Piera Nuria Piera   See fewer
Diego Rafael
Young Tavo Young Tavo   See fewer
Danilo Rodriguez
Felipe Manuel Peralta Felipe Manuel Peralta   See fewer
Jalsen Santana
Guard #2 Guard #2   See fewer
Wellington Wellington   See fewer
Johanny Sosa
Police Commander Police Commander   See fewer
Sharlene Taulé
Margarita Margarita   See fewer
Gilberto Tejada
Guard at Mansion Guard at Mansion   See fewer
M. Patricia Tejada
Jenny's Cousin Jenny's Cousin   See fewer
Ulysses Terrero
NYC Thug NYC Thug   See fewer
Celines Toribio
Presidential's Assistant Presidential's Assistant   See fewer
Liz Turra
Laura (as Elizabeth Turra) Laura (as Elizabeth Turra)   See fewer
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