Bet Dead Casino (II)
85 min | Thriller

Rose, a struggling Actress gets caught up in the murky World of a Dark Web gambling site where bets are high and life is cheap.
Tony Bianchi (co-cinematographer) | Byron Gibson (2 x Fight Scenes & All UK Cinematography.) | Andrii Palekha (cinematography) | Ron Smoorenburg (Cinematography 1 x Fight Scene.)

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Updated Jul 13, 2021


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63 cast members
Name Known for
Leigh Barwell
Rose Mortimer Rose Mortimer   See fewer
Byron Gibson
Slick Vic Slick Vic   See fewer
Ron Smoorenburg
Poker Face Poker Face   See fewer
David Blazejko
Goliath. Goliath.   See fewer
Franky Lankester
Wild Bill Wild Bill   See fewer
James Whittall
Rebel James Rebel James   See fewer
Merle Alexandra
Natalia Natalia   See fewer
Champ Archer
Kid Dynamite. BDC Fighter. Kid Dynamite. BDC Fighter.   See fewer
Niko Tucci
The High Roller. BDC Fighter. The High Roller. BDC Fighter.   See fewer
Jesse Jones
Ace of Spades Ace of Spades   See fewer
Vladimir Ershov
Golden Nugget. BDC Fighter. Golden Nugget. BDC Fighter.   See fewer
Bogdanovic Dado
Maverick. BDC Fighter. Maverick. BDC Fighter.   See fewer
Witcharat Kumboonrat
Gutshot. BDC Fighter. Gutshot. BDC Fighter.   See fewer
Roman Khan
No Limit. BDC Fighter. No Limit. BDC Fighter.   See fewer
Pasquale Mesto
Showboat. Gambler. Showboat. Gambler.   See fewer
Patrick Ngandu
Bank Roll. BDC Fighter. Bank Roll. BDC Fighter.   See fewer
Theo Ngo
All In. BDC Fighter. All In. BDC Fighter.   See fewer
Jeff Ozepy
Money Train. Gambler. Money Train. Gambler.   See fewer
Alessio Pescatori
Showdown Showdown   See fewer
Chris Sheen
Gambler Gambler   See fewer
Dennis Michael Smith
Whisky Pete. BDC fighter Whisky Pete. BDC fighter   See fewer
Dennis Michael Smith
Whiskey Pete. BDC Fighter. Whiskey Pete. BDC Fighter.   See fewer
Mark Stas
Pit Boss. BDC Fighter. Pit Boss. BDC Fighter.   See fewer
Andrew Stevens
Luck of the Draw. BDC Fighter. Luck of the Draw. BDC Fighter.   See fewer
Danny Templegod
Coin Base.Gambler. Coin Base.Gambler.   See fewer
Aaron Twinn
Pricemaker. Gambler. Pricemaker. Gambler.   See fewer
Jesus Eduardo Lopez Vazquez
No Limit. BDC Fighter. No Limit. BDC Fighter.   See fewer
Nobu T Watanabe
Kaneko. Gambler. Kaneko. Gambler.   See fewer
Bonnie Zellerbach
Royal Flush.Gambler. Royal Flush.Gambler.   See fewer
Willy Zogo
Sawbuck. BDC Fighter. Sawbuck. BDC Fighter.   See fewer
Andrey Kasushkin
The Hustler The Hustler   See fewer
Tayah Kansik
Lucky Charm. Gambler. Lucky Charm. Gambler.   See fewer
Philippe Joly
Fast Track Fast Track   See fewer
Andy James
Jackpot. Gambler. Jackpot. Gambler.   See fewer
Lesley Hulshoff
San Reno San Reno   See fewer
Ant Hughes
Mr. Bitcoin. Gambler. Mr. Bitcoin. Gambler.   See fewer
Alexander Greco
Real Money. Gambler. Real Money. Gambler.   See fewer
Micheal Fletcher
Deals Off. Gambler. Deals Off. Gambler.   See fewer
Erich Fleshman
Cash Out. Gambler. Cash Out. Gambler.   See fewer
Alex De Lorei
Bullets Bullets   See fewer
Zed Chiang
Aces Wild.Gambler. Aces Wild.Gambler.   See fewer
Cyrus Cemmence
Bagman. Gambler. Bagman. Gambler.   See fewer
Andy Burns
Ladderman Gambler. Ladderman Gambler.   See fewer
Jean Claude Bivina
All Or Nothing.BDC Fighter. All Or Nothing.BDC Fighter.   See fewer
Steve Bates
Card Shark. Gambler. Card Shark. Gambler.   See fewer
Brett Ashworth
Hard Rock. Gambler. Hard Rock. Gambler.   See fewer
David Blackwell
Brett 'maverick' Garner, Gambler Brett 'maverick' Garner, Gambler   See fewer
Ross Heath
Actor Actor   See fewer
Carey Scott
Dirty Money Dirty Money   See fewer
Matti Soikkeli
Gambler Gambler   See fewer
Shane Senior
Mad Tony Mad Tony   See fewer
Mark Jason Williams
Self - Gambler Self - Gambler   See fewer
Danny D'Orazio
Gambler Gambler   See fewer
Danny Spencer
Gambler Gambler   See fewer
George Spires
Burn Card Burn Card   See fewer
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