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  • 1921 (2021)
  • 138 min | Drama
1921 (2021)
138 min | Drama

The film will be about the establishment and creation of the Communist Party of China (CPC), which is now commonly known as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), 100 years ago.
Jianxin Huang | Dasheng Zheng (co-director)
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Release date
Jul 1, 2021 (China)


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101 cast members
Name Known for
Xuan Huang
Li Da Li Da   See fewer
Ni Ni
Wang Huiwu Wang Huiwu   See fewer
Renjun Wang
Mao Zedong Mao Zedong   See fewer
Wenkang Yuan
Li Hanjun Li Hanjun   See fewer
Dongjun Han
Zhang Guotao Zhang Guotao   See fewer
Haoran Liu
Liu Renjing Liu Renjing   See fewer
Songwen Zhang
He Shuheng He Shuheng   See fewer
Feng Zu
Dong Biwu Dong Biwu   See fewer
Shawn Dou
Chen Tanqiu Chen Tanqiu   See fewer
Karry Wang
Deng Enming Deng Enming   See fewer
Qi Liu
Wang Jinmei Wang Jinmei   See fewer
Chao Zhang
Chen Gongbo Chen Gongbo   See fewer
Yunlong Zhang
Zhou Fohai Zhou Fohai   See fewer
Xianxu Hu
Bao Huiseng Bao Huiseng   See fewer
Josh Whitehouse
Nikolski Nikolski   See fewer
Kun Chen
Chen Duxiu Chen Duxiu   See fewer
Chen Li
Li Dazhao Li Dazhao   See fewer
Dahong Ni
Huang Jinrong Huang Jinrong   See fewer
Yu Tian
Cheng Ziqing Cheng Ziqing   See fewer
Jia Song
Gao Junman Gao Junman   See fewer
Hao Ou
Li Qihan Li Qihan   See fewer
Yilong Zhu
Zhou Enlai Zhou Enlai   See fewer
Roy Wang
Deng Xiaoping Deng Xiaoping   See fewer
Shun'ya Shiraishi
Eizo Kondo Eizo Kondo   See fewer
Yu Bai
Cai Hesen Cai Hesen   See fewer
Shaofeng Feng
Sun Yat-sen Sun Yat-sen   See fewer
Jiayin Lei
Hu Ankang Hu Ankang   See fewer
Tianyu Ma
Li Xiangen Li Xiangen   See fewer
Peiqi Liu
Ke Shaomin Ke Shaomin   See fewer
Ruoyun Zhang
Liu Shaoqi Liu Shaoqi   See fewer
Shi Shi Liu
Song Qingling Song Qingling   See fewer
Daxun Wei
Chiang Kai-Shek Chiang Kai-Shek   See fewer
Zhehan Zhang
Xiao Zisheng Xiao Zisheng   See fewer
You Zhou
Kuang Husheng Kuang Husheng   See fewer
Jason Gu
Luo Zhanglong Luo Zhanglong   See fewer
Quan Yuan
Huang Shaolan Huang Shaolan   See fewer
Tao Yin
Mao Suqin Mao Suqin   See fewer
Elane Zhong
Li Lizhuang Li Lizhuang   See fewer
Yi Song
Yang Shuhui Yang Shuhui   See fewer
Ye Zhou
Yang Kaihui Yang Kaihui   See fewer
Zifan Guo
Xu Deheng Xu Deheng   See fewer
Ouyang Weixi
Deng Zhongxia Deng Zhongxia   See fewer
Hui Yu
Tao Yilan Tao Yilan   See fewer
Mengwei Xie
Bao Zi Bao Zi   See fewer
Sen Wang
Li Chung Li Chung   See fewer
Zuxin Ye
Gu Zhuxian Gu Zhuxian   See fewer
Hongrui Zhang
Wang Qiao Wang Qiao   See fewer
TianChen Wang
Xu Amei Xu Amei   See fewer
Kai Xu
Shen Yanbing, a.k.a. Mao Dun Shen Yanbing, a.k.a. Mao Dun   See fewer
Haolin Han
Chen Henian Chen Henian   See fewer
Pengyuan Shi
Shen Zemin Shen Zemin   See fewer
Thomas Fiquet
E. Flori E. Flori   See fewer
Long Chen
Cao Jiasheng Cao Jiasheng   See fewer
Dongqin Liu
Shi Cuntong Shi Cuntong   See fewer
Youhao Zhang
Ren Bishi Ren Bishi   See fewer
Yiqin Zhao
Xiao Jingguang Xiao Jingguang   See fewer
Xiaochen Zhang
Yang Dixian Yang Dixian   See fewer
Wang Yixuan
Yun Duo (as Xuan Xuan) Yun Duo (as Xuan Xuan)   See fewer
Ruixin Tong
Guo Nianbiao Guo Nianbiao   See fewer
Michelle Ye
Wang Xuanjia Wang Xuanjia   See fewer
Lu Qi
Yi Lirong Yi Lirong   See fewer
Fuzhen Kang
Peng Huang Peng Huang   See fewer
Le Geng
Chen Jiongming Chen Jiongming   See fewer
Shiqi Fan
Zhang Shenfu Zhang Shenfu   See fewer
Sheng Gangshuai
Zhao Shiyan Zhao Shiyan   See fewer
Sophie Zhang
Miao Boying Miao Boying   See fewer
Yusi Chen
Shen Siqian Shen Siqian   See fewer
Kudousi Jiang Ainiwaer
Tan Zhitang Tan Zhitang   See fewer
Boxiao Liu
Tan Pingshan Tan Pingshan   See fewer
Na-Na OuYang
Tao Xuan Tao Xuan   See fewer
Hao Liu
Peng Peng Peng Peng   See fewer
Jianya Zhang
Yang Changgong Yang Changgong   See fewer
Youichi Shigeta Youichi Shigeta   See fewer
Chen Meiyi
Lu Yin Lu Yin   See fewer
Lianxin Hu
Chen Dingxiu Chen Dingxiu   See fewer
Meng Xia
Chen Dingxiu Chen Dingxiu   See fewer
Chen Qianyu
Wang Shiying Wang Shiying   See fewer
Chuyue Peng
Fang Hao Fang Hao   See fewer
Caesar Wu
Yang Hui Yang Hui   See fewer
Haiyu Zhang
Chen Guofu Chen Guofu   See fewer
Zehao An
Mao Yichang Mao Yichang   See fewer
Haoming Yu
Lu Zhengzhang Lu Zhengzhang   See fewer
Xiaowei Ye
Zhang Fan Zhang Fan   See fewer
Gan Li
Chen Wenhuan Chen Wenhuan   See fewer
Jia Xu
Strike Workers Strike Workers   See fewer
Qiang Wang
Lv Shuren Lv Shuren   See fewer
Chang Liu
Li Jie Li Jie   See fewer
Hai Tao
Yang Mingzhai Yang Mingzhai   See fewer
Li Zhehao
Xu Baihao Xu Baihao   See fewer
Liu Yangke
Li Zhenying Li Zhenying   See fewer
He Ye
Young Soldier Young Soldier   See fewer
Yufan Bai
Ye Ting Ye Ting   See fewer
Thomas Dorn
Der Kommissar Der Kommissar   See fewer
C.T. / Gao Mingyu Evans
British Police Officer #127 (as CT Evans) British Police Officer #127 (as CT Evans)   See fewer
Darren Grosvenor
Reginald Johnston (Emperor's Tutor) Reginald Johnston (Emperor's Tutor)   See fewer
Eric Heise
French Singer and Additional Voices French Singer and Additional Voices   See fewer
Michael Koltes
Capt. Charles Worthington Capt. Charles Worthington   See fewer
Eiji Okuda
Actor Actor   See fewer
Kyrylo Shulga
Chief of police Chief of police   See fewer
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