Starship Patrol (2020)
140 min | Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

The crew of Starship Patrol November, a group of bored under-achievers, have to track down and rescue three hundred earthlings who were kidnapped on their watch.
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Jessica Lee (story by) | Adam Canuck Zimmerman (screenplay by) (story by)

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Release date
Jul 1, 2020 (Canada)


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38 cast members
Name Known for
Jessica Lee
Captain Bancroft Captain Bancroft   See fewer
Tara Pratt
Kayla MacLough Kayla MacLough   See fewer
Tyler Burrows
Jacob Geofferies Jacob Geofferies   See fewer
Joanna Gaskell
Deputy Prime Minister Piper Deputy Prime Minister Piper   See fewer
Jaylee Hamidi
Doctor Nolan Doctor Nolan   See fewer
Adam Canuck Zimmerman
Prime Minister Swan Prime Minister Swan   See fewer
Kris Kuruneri
Superintendent Holland Superintendent Holland   See fewer
Mai Bui
Mars Police Captain Mars Police Captain   See fewer
Rahel Claman
Quinnie Quinnie   See fewer
Siobhan Cooney
Farlington's Receptionist Farlington's Receptionist   See fewer
Paul Ferancik
Large Ebrius Man Large Ebrius Man   See fewer
Kyla Ferrier
Alpha Captain Alpha Captain   See fewer
Blake Harris
Abante Pilot Abante Pilot   See fewer
Reuben Heredia
Fortification Tactical Officer Fortification Tactical Officer   See fewer
Helen Hostetter
Tactical Officer Tactical Officer   See fewer
Stevie Jackson
Valentine Valentine   See fewer
Damian Lloyd
The Narrator (as Damian T. Lloyd) The Narrator (as Damian T. Lloyd)   See fewer
Michael Matthews
Abante Navigator Abante Navigator   See fewer
Erin Mudry
Ophelia Ophelia   See fewer
Paul Pera
Ebrius Growler Ebrius Growler   See fewer
Jim Peskin
Morlund Trudd Morlund Trudd   See fewer
Ingenua Regista
Marziana Femmina Marziana Femmina   See fewer
Kylie Sanderson
Abante Communication Officer Abante Communication Officer   See fewer
Bernadette Saquibal
Ailing Primum Citizen Ailing Primum Citizen   See fewer
Renée Stephen
The Computer The Computer   See fewer
Spencer Streichert
Governor Farlington Governor Farlington   See fewer
Roury Switzer
Sergio Blade Sergio Blade   See fewer
Kevin Tai
Abante Tactical Officer Abante Tactical Officer   See fewer
Katharine Morgan Taylor
Abante Defense Corps General Abante Defense Corps General   See fewer
Darryl Tham
Ebrius Who Points Ebrius Who Points   See fewer
Erica Tripp
Communications Officer (as Erica Sorensen) Communications Officer (as Erica Sorensen)   See fewer
Dallas Zimmerman
Technician Steve Technician Steve   See fewer
Jackson Zimmerman
Technician Sammy Technician Sammy   See fewer
Trayce Zimmerman
Earth Police Captain Earth Police Captain   See fewer
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