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  • Sharper (2023)
  • R
    116 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller
Sharper (2023)
116 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Motivations are suspect and expectations are turned to chaos as a con artist takes on Manhattan billionaires.
Brian Gatewood (written by) | Alessandro Tanaka (written by)
Erik Feig (produced by) (p.g.a.) | Bart Freundlich (produced by) | Brian Gatewood (produced by) | Julianne Moore (produced by) (p.g.a.) & 2 more
Clint Mansell (music by)
Yan Miles (edited by)
Production Designer
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Updated Feb 10, 2023

Release date
Feb 17, 2023 (United States)


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48 cast members
Name Known for
Julianne Moore
Madeline Madeline   See fewer
John Lithgow
Richard Hobbes Richard Hobbes   See fewer
Darren Goldstein
Pat Braddock Pat Braddock   See fewer
Phillip Johnson Richardson
'Tipsy' Detective Collins 'Tipsy' Detective Collins   See fewer
Kerry Flanagan
Larusso Larusso   See fewer
David Pittu
David / Lawyer David / Lawyer   See fewer
Tom White
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Quincy Dunn-Baker
William Tyler William Tyler   See fewer
Hannah Dunne
Brenda Brenda   See fewer
Giullian Yao Gioiello
Jack (as Giullian Gioiello) Jack (as Giullian Gioiello)   See fewer
Patrick Cooley
Doorman Doorman   See fewer
Blaise Corrigan
Charlie Charlie   See fewer
Tracey Ilgner
Housekeeper Housekeeper   See fewer
Samara Joy
Singer (as Samara Joy McLendon) Singer (as Samara Joy McLendon)   See fewer
Paul Sikivie
Double Bass Double Bass   See fewer
Sullivan Joseph Fortner Jr.
Pianist (as Sullivan Fortner) Pianist (as Sullivan Fortner)   See fewer
Doris McCarthy
Party Guest Party Guest   See fewer
Neil Fleischer
Physician Physician   See fewer
Lucy Taylor
Valeria Valeria   See fewer
Michael Judson Berry
Bergdorf Employee Bergdorf Employee   See fewer
Kristin Schaumleffel
Yoga Friend 1 Yoga Friend 1   See fewer
Alessandra Brunialti
Yoga Friend 2 Yoga Friend 2   See fewer
Kevin Thompson
Handsome Older Man Handsome Older Man   See fewer
Brian Rojas
Mr. Mosely Mr. Mosely   See fewer
Richard Busser
Mr. McCabe Mr. McCabe   See fewer
Carey Cox
David's Assistant David's Assistant   See fewer
John Schaefer
Radio Host for WNYC Radio Host for WNYC   See fewer
Marcel Anderson
Chess Master 2 Chess Master 2   See fewer
Elaine Apruzzese
Wealthy Funeral Guest (uncredited) Wealthy Funeral Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
John V. Barbieri
Funeral Guest (uncredited) Funeral Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Phiona Empress
Housekeeper #1 (uncredited) Housekeeper #1 (uncredited)   See fewer
Samuel María Gómez
Todd (uncredited) Todd (uncredited)   See fewer
Caitlin Holcombe
Young Woman (uncredited) Young Woman (uncredited)   See fewer
Claudio Jacobellis
Florida Keys Bartender (uncredited) Florida Keys Bartender (uncredited)   See fewer
Jeff Neckonoff
Airplane Traveler (uncredited) Airplane Traveler (uncredited)   See fewer
Brooke Raymond
Airplane Passenger (uncredited) Airplane Passenger (uncredited)   See fewer
Mark Rome
Student (uncredited) Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Carl Salonen
Airplane Passenger (uncredited) Airplane Passenger (uncredited)   See fewer
Keith Schneider
Concierge (uncredited) Concierge (uncredited)   See fewer
Dinesh Thyagarajan
Next Door Neighbor (uncredited) Next Door Neighbor (uncredited)   See fewer
Camilla Della Vecchia
Stewardess (uncredited) Stewardess (uncredited)   See fewer
Ingalls Grant Wilder
Food Courier (uncredited) Food Courier (uncredited)   See fewer
Lauren Yaffe
Barfly (uncredited) Barfly (uncredited)   See fewer
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