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  • Middle Men (2009)
  • R
    105 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama
Middle Men (2009)
105 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Chronicles Jack Harris, one of the pioneers of Internet commerce, as he wrestles with his morals and struggles not to drown in a sea of con men, mobsters, drug addicts, and porn stars.
George Gallo (directed by)
George Gallo (written by) | Andy Weiss (written by)
Christopher Mallick (produced by) | William Sherak (produced by) | Jason Shuman (produced by) | Michael Weiss (produced by) (as Michael J. Weiss)
Brian Tyler (music composed by)
Malcolm Campbell (edited by)
Casting Director
Nancy Nayor (casting by)
Production Designer
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Release date
Aug 6, 2010 (United States)


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116 cast members
Name Known for
Luke Wilson
Jack Harris Jack Harris   See fewer
Giovanni Ribisi
Wayne Beering Wayne Beering   See fewer
Gabriel Macht
Buck Dolby Buck Dolby   See fewer
James Caan
Jerry Haggerty Jerry Haggerty   See fewer
Jacinda Barrett
Diana Harris Diana Harris   See fewer
Kevin Pollak
Curt Allmans Curt Allmans   See fewer
Laura Ramsey
Audrey Dawns Audrey Dawns   See fewer
Rade Serbedzija
Nikita Sokoloff Nikita Sokoloff   See fewer
Kelsey Grammer
Frank Griffin Frank Griffin   See fewer
Graham McTavish
Ivan Sokoloff Ivan Sokoloff   See fewer
Robert Forster
Louie LA LA Louie LA LA   See fewer
John Ashton
Morgan Morgan   See fewer
Jason Antoon
Denny Z Denny Z   See fewer
Martin Kove
US Senator US Senator   See fewer
Diane Sorrentino
Raven Swallows Raven Swallows   See fewer
Stacey Alysson
Alexandra Raines Alexandra Raines   See fewer
Richard Wilk
Hard Rock Hotel Host Hard Rock Hotel Host   See fewer
Robert Della Cerra
Bill Romero Bill Romero   See fewer
Bubba Ganter
Reggie (as Leon 'Bubba' Ganter) Reggie (as Leon 'Bubba' Ganter)   See fewer
Dexter Jasper
Peanut Peanut   See fewer
Claudia Jordan
Cynthia Cynthia   See fewer
Jack Barnes
Adam - 5 months Adam - 5 months   See fewer
Christian Michael Clark
Michael - age 9 Michael - age 9   See fewer
Hunter Gomez
Young Jack - age 15 Young Jack - age 15   See fewer
Shannon Whirry
Screaming Mother Screaming Mother   See fewer
Price Mitchum
Goth Kid Goth Kid   See fewer
Suzanne Kent
Woman in Vet's Office Woman in Vet's Office   See fewer
John Edmund Parcher
Supervisor Supervisor   See fewer
Ky Moni Abraham
Bartender (as Ky-Moni Abraham) Bartender (as Ky-Moni Abraham)   See fewer
Tami Donaldson
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Aighleann McKiernan
Waitress Waitress   See fewer
Ginger Williams
Secretary Secretary   See fewer
Nick Sowell
Josh Posner Josh Posner   See fewer
Ron Cadwell
Towncar Driver Towncar Driver   See fewer
Sanel Budimlic
Russian Thug #1 (as Sanel Budlimic) Russian Thug #1 (as Sanel Budlimic)   See fewer
Argam Pogosjan
Cousin Yuri Cousin Yuri   See fewer
Brady Stanley
Teenage Michael Teenage Michael   See fewer
Shane Shields
Dean Loomis Dean Loomis   See fewer
Tom Noga
Farmer Farmer   See fewer
Jesse Jane
Jesse Jane Jesse Jane   See fewer
James Devoti
News Reporter (as Jim Devoti) News Reporter (as Jim Devoti)   See fewer
Krista Braun
News Reporter #2 News Reporter #2   See fewer
Raj Suri
Pakistani Terrorist Pakistani Terrorist   See fewer
Frank Pesce
Bar Patron Bar Patron   See fewer
Tisa Ashley O'Neill
AVN Bartender (as Tisa McCay) AVN Bartender (as Tisa McCay)   See fewer
Malorie Charak
AVN Guest #1 AVN Guest #1   See fewer
Greg Vrotsos
Arresting Officer (as Gregory Nicholas Vrotsos) Arresting Officer (as Gregory Nicholas Vrotsos)   See fewer
Julie Lott
Jessie 'River Dancer' Jessie 'River Dancer'   See fewer
Lauren Gallagher
Scared Hooker Scared Hooker   See fewer
Brittany Blasier
Cocktail Waitress Cocktail Waitress   See fewer
Tracy V. Motley
Sky cap Sky cap   See fewer
Michelle Y. Allen
Jerry Haggerty's Maid (uncredited) Jerry Haggerty's Maid (uncredited)   See fewer
Stan Babola
Gambler (uncredited) Gambler (uncredited)   See fewer
Randy Bolebruch
Limo Driver (uncredited) Limo Driver (uncredited)   See fewer
Kalen Brest
Dominatrix (uncredited) Dominatrix (uncredited)   See fewer
Byron Browne
Door Man (uncredited) Door Man (uncredited)   See fewer
Vincent John Conti
1950's Kid (uncredited) 1950's Kid (uncredited)   See fewer
Douglas L. Cook
Police Officer (uncredited) Police Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
Kevin Cormier
Police Detective (uncredited) Police Detective (uncredited)   See fewer
Wendy Crawford
The Farmer's Wife (uncredited) The Farmer's Wife (uncredited)   See fewer
Tony Eckstat
Warehouse Worker (uncredited) Warehouse Worker (uncredited)   See fewer
Rob Edwards
Executive Gambler (uncredited) Executive Gambler (uncredited)   See fewer
Erik Estrada Loaiza
Mover (uncredited) Mover (uncredited)   See fewer
Rosalie Fisher
Server (uncredited) Server (uncredited)   See fewer
Cade Frankson
Farmer's son (uncredited) Farmer's son (uncredited)   See fewer
Marlena Gallegos
Cheerleader (uncredited) Cheerleader (uncredited)   See fewer
Daniel Ganea
Russia Thug bouncer (uncredited) Russia Thug bouncer (uncredited)   See fewer
Kat Garcia
Warehouse Model (uncredited) Warehouse Model (uncredited)   See fewer
Pat Giglio
Office Worker (uncredited) Office Worker (uncredited)   See fewer
Robert F. Glass
Man at picnic (uncredited) Man at picnic (uncredited)   See fewer
Kyle Gonnell
Russian Bartender (uncredited) Russian Bartender (uncredited)   See fewer
Krysten Jackson
Office Employee (uncredited) Office Employee (uncredited)   See fewer
Vincent Alfonzo Jamal
Peanuts Friend (uncredited) Peanuts Friend (uncredited)   See fewer
Marcus Jordan
U.S. Soldier (uncredited) U.S. Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
Rami Joseph
Terrorist (uncredited) Terrorist (uncredited)   See fewer
Matthew Keats
Picnic Goer (uncredited) Picnic Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Rita Kurtz
Adult Film Star (uncredited) Adult Film Star (uncredited)   See fewer
Bill Lackner
Track Gambler (uncredited) Track Gambler (uncredited)   See fewer
James Leatherman
Picnicker (uncredited) Picnicker (uncredited)   See fewer
Andrew LeMay
Club Patron (uncredited) Club Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Nic Limatola
Police Lieutenant (uncredited) Police Lieutenant (uncredited)   See fewer
J. Lyle
Irish Pub Patron (uncredited) Irish Pub Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Justin Mack
Bartender (uncredited) Bartender (uncredited)   See fewer
Alexandra MacPherson-Munro
Office Worker (uncredited) Office Worker (uncredited)   See fewer
Dave Mahr
Russian goon (uncredited) Russian goon (uncredited)   See fewer
Brandon Marcel
Shirtless Model at Pool (uncredited) Shirtless Model at Pool (uncredited)   See fewer
J.C. Marquez Pulita
Office worker (uncredited) Office worker (uncredited)   See fewer
Dean Mauro
Porn Producer (uncredited) Porn Producer (uncredited)   See fewer
Ciro Mennella
Strip Club Patron (uncredited) Strip Club Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Stefanie Nicole Minter
Porn Star (uncredited) Porn Star (uncredited)   See fewer
Derick Neikirk
Russian Mobster (uncredited) Russian Mobster (uncredited)   See fewer
Michelle Nuquay
Bar Patron (uncredited) Bar Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
David Michael O'Donnell
Skycap (uncredited) Skycap (uncredited)   See fewer
Jackie Olson
Picnic Goer (uncredited) Picnic Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Debbie Overbey
Frustrated Woman at Airport Check-in (uncredited) Frustrated Woman at Airport Check-in (uncredited)   See fewer
Paul Piriyaparnt
Office Worker (uncredited) Office Worker (uncredited)   See fewer
Thomas J. Post
Red Carpet Star (uncredited) Red Carpet Star (uncredited)   See fewer
Jesse Preston
Porn Star (uncredited) Porn Star (uncredited)   See fewer
Jacob Repko
Bartender (uncredited) Bartender (uncredited)   See fewer
Peter C. Riddell
Man at AVN reception (uncredited) Man at AVN reception (uncredited)   See fewer
Jose Rosete
NASA Security Guard (uncredited) NASA Security Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
Nailya Shakirova
Escort girl (uncredited) Escort girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Lane Simpson
Red carpet reporter (uncredited) Red carpet reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
Torin Sixx
U.S. Soldier (uncredited) U.S. Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
Billy Sorrentino
Louie La La's Driver (uncredited) Louie La La's Driver (uncredited)   See fewer
David Sotelo
Track Waiter (uncredited) Track Waiter (uncredited)   See fewer
James Stickel
Picnicker (uncredited) Picnicker (uncredited)   See fewer
Rick Tadra
Mailman (uncredited) Mailman (uncredited)   See fewer
Claudia Verela
Warehouse Model (uncredited) Warehouse Model (uncredited)   See fewer
David Lee Walton
Paparazzi (uncredited) Paparazzi (uncredited)   See fewer
Melissa Wiehl
Picnicker (uncredited) Picnicker (uncredited)   See fewer
Daved Wilkins
Office Worker (uncredited) Office Worker (uncredited)   See fewer
Austin Zirk
Skateboard Kid (uncredited) Skateboard Kid (uncredited)   See fewer
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