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After destroying a Russian airbase in a botched arms deal, Vladimir, a Brighton Beach gangster, must survive the ensuing mafia war and keep his family safe.
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Updated Jan 25, 2022


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52 cast members
Name Known for
Ilia Volok
General Saburov General Saburov   See fewer
Natasha Blasick
Elena Bernshtein Elena Bernshtein   See fewer
Ego Mikitas
Murchenkov Murchenkov   See fewer
Roman Mitichyan
Armen Minasyan Armen Minasyan   See fewer
Martin Harris
Zavarov Zavarov   See fewer
Konstantin Lavysh
Vladimir Bernshtein Vladimir Bernshtein   See fewer
Anton Narinskiy
Sergei Kostyanko Sergei Kostyanko   See fewer
Nikita Bogolyubov
Aleksei Rukov Aleksei Rukov   See fewer
John J. Jordan
Joesph Keys Joesph Keys   See fewer
Sean Berube
FBI Agent FBI Agent   See fewer
Yakov Kolontarov
Roma Stolova Roma Stolova   See fewer
Anna Oris
Katya Katya   See fewer
Zeljka Cvjetan
Cook Vera Cook Vera   See fewer
Andy Gates
Male Parent Male Parent   See fewer
Dimitry Rozental
Kamensky Kamensky   See fewer
Mike Eshaq
Akhmad Akhmad   See fewer
Hovhannes Babakhanyan
Armenian Cook Armenian Cook   See fewer
Alex Budin
Vronin Vronin   See fewer
Vadym Krasnenko
Mafia teenager Mafia teenager   See fewer
Eduard Osipov
Sherdenko Sherdenko   See fewer
Vadim Brunell
Victor Volkov Victor Volkov   See fewer
Daniel Locicero
Card Cheat Card Cheat   See fewer
Max Weissberg
Dr. Adler Dr. Adler   See fewer
Mo Anouti
Ruslan Ruslan   See fewer
Ryan Najpauer
Prisoner Prisoner   See fewer
Seth Allen Wright
Dock Worker (as Seth a Wright) Dock Worker (as Seth a Wright)   See fewer
Dmitriy Karpov
Railroad Guard Railroad Guard   See fewer
Ion Ciotu
Kirill Kirill   See fewer
Milana Manko
Anya Bernshtein Anya Bernshtein   See fewer
Annie Semenova
Nastya Petrova Nastya Petrova   See fewer
Alexander Karavay
Monya Polinsky Monya Polinsky   See fewer
Mike Silva
Prison Guard Boris Prison Guard Boris   See fewer
Lauren Collier
Newscaster Newscaster   See fewer
Joe Von Persus Fernandez
Background Artist Background Artist   See fewer
Alek Friedman
Kroylin Kroylin   See fewer
Ryan Dodge
Marat Bernshtein Marat Bernshtein   See fewer
Rod Chaouqi
Tony Garcia Tony Garcia   See fewer
Marius Popa
Igor Lazovsky Igor Lazovsky   See fewer
Alexander Dunaev
Golyanova Mafia Associate Golyanova Mafia Associate   See fewer
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