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  • Amália (2008)
  • 127 min | Biography, Drama, Music
Amália (2008)
127 min | Biography, Drama, Music

The story of singing legend Amália Rodrigues who ruled the famous Portuguese acoustic guitar and vocals based music genre called fado.
Pedro Marta Santos (screenwriter) | João Tordo
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Release date
Dec 4, 2008 (Portugal)


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65 cast members
Name Known for
Carla Chambel
Celeste Rodrigues Celeste Rodrigues   See fewer
Ricardo Carriço
César Seabra César Seabra   See fewer
José Fidalgo
Francisco da Cruz Francisco da Cruz   See fewer
António Pedro Cerdeira
Ricardo Espírito Santo Ricardo Espírito Santo   See fewer
Ricardo Pereira
Eduardo Ricciardi Eduardo Ricciardi   See fewer
António Montez
Avô António Avô António   See fewer
Carla Alves
Namorada Francisco Namorada Francisco   See fewer
Ana Araújo
Actress Actress   See fewer
Tina Barbosa
Pedinte Pedinte   See fewer
José Boavida
Jorge Soriano Jorge Soriano   See fewer
Susana Cacela
D. Teresa D. Teresa   See fewer
Adriano Carvalho
Sebastião Lima Sebastião Lima   See fewer
Ana Marta Contente
Young Amália Young Amália   See fewer
Beatriz Costa
Aninhas Aninhas   See fewer
Carlos Coelho da Silva
Homem do Autógrafo Homem do Autógrafo   See fewer
Matilde Coelho da Silva
Detinha - 13 anos Detinha - 13 anos   See fewer
Carla de Sá
Natália Correia Natália Correia   See fewer
João Didelet
Ary dos Santos Ary dos Santos   See fewer
Luís Franco
Vicente Vicente   See fewer
Sofia Grilo
Espírito Santo's Wife Espírito Santo's Wife   See fewer
Sérgio Grilo
Fotógrafo Fotógrafo   See fewer
Matilde Guedes
Jornalista Jornalista   See fewer
Philippe Leroux
Bruno Coquatrix Bruno Coquatrix   See fewer
Eurico Lopes
Pai de Amália Pai de Amália   See fewer
André Maia
Alain Oulman Alain Oulman   See fewer
António Melo
Pide 2 Pide 2   See fewer
Vítor Melícias
Self - Priest in Marriage (as Padre Vitor Melícias) Self - Priest in Marriage (as Padre Vitor Melícias)   See fewer
Susana Mendes
Filipina Filipina   See fewer
Mariana Monteiro
Yoshabel Yoshabel   See fewer
Miguel Monteiro
Jornalista RTP Jornalista RTP   See fewer
Carlos Neves
Motorista Motorista   See fewer
Lourdes Norberto
Mãe Ricciardi Mãe Ricciardi   See fewer
Ana Padrão
Mãe de Amália Mãe de Amália   See fewer
Fábio Paiva
Fotógrafo Brasileiro Fotógrafo Brasileiro   See fewer
Sylvain Pecker
Motorista Paris Motorista Paris   See fewer
Carlos Pimenta
Rei Humberto Rei Humberto   See fewer
Pedro Pinheiro
Sr. Alfredo Sr. Alfredo   See fewer
Maria João Ponte
Rapariga 1 Rapariga 1   See fewer
Liliana Queiroz
Namorada Ricciardi Namorada Ricciardi   See fewer
Mário Redondo
Rui Valentim de Carvalho Rui Valentim de Carvalho   See fewer
Luís Ribeiro
Santos Moreira Santos Moreira   See fewer
Luísa Rocha
Ercília Costa Ercília Costa   See fewer
Fernando Rodrigues
Guitarrista Severo Guitarrista Severo   See fewer
Luís Romão
Enfermeiro Enfermeiro   See fewer
Carla Salgueiro
Viscondessa Asseca Viscondessa Asseca   See fewer
Janita Salomé
Alberto Janes Alberto Janes   See fewer
Leonor Seixas
Detinha Detinha   See fewer
Jorge Sequerra
Agostinho Barbieri Agostinho Barbieri   See fewer
Ruy Siqueira
Salazar Salazar   See fewer
Anton Skrzypiciel
Voz Off Médico Voz Off Médico   See fewer
Amélia Videira
Avó Amália Avó Amália   See fewer
Carlos Vieira
Frederico Valério Frederico Valério   See fewer
Henrique Gomes
convidado Festa (uncredited) convidado Festa (uncredited)   See fewer
Maria Hernâni
Actress (uncredited) Actress (uncredited)   See fewer
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