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  • The Last Frontier (2020)
  • 136 min | Action, Drama, War
The Last Frontier (2020)
136 min | Action, Drama, War

A film about the feat of the Podolsk cadets in October 1941 near Moscow. The cadets of the Podolsk artillery-infantry schools are ordered to take up defenses on the Ilyinsky line.
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Release date
Nov 4, 2020 (Russia)


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62 cast members
Name Known for
Artyom Gubin
Sashka Lavrov Sashka Lavrov   See fewer
Lubov Konstantinova
Nurse Masha Grigorieva Nurse Masha Grigorieva   See fewer
Igor Yudin
Cadet Dmitry Shemyakin Cadet Dmitry Shemyakin   See fewer
Aleksey Bardukov
Lieutenant Alyoshkin Lieutenant Alyoshkin   See fewer
Evgeniy Dyatlov
Colonel Strelbitsky Colonel Strelbitsky   See fewer
Sergey Bezrukov
Captain Starchak Captain Starchak   See fewer
Roman Madyanov
Major General Smirnov Major General Smirnov   See fewer
Yekaterina Rednikova
Military Doctor Nikitina Military Doctor Nikitina   See fewer
Sergey Bondarchuk
Major Dementiev Major Dementiev   See fewer
Guram Bablishvili
Lieutenant Museridze Lieutenant Museridze   See fewer
Dmitriy Solomykin
Lieutenant Shapovalov Lieutenant Shapovalov   See fewer
Darya Ursulyak
Lisa Alyoshkina Lisa Alyoshkina   See fewer
Daniil Spivakovskiy
Engineer Uglov Engineer Uglov   See fewer
Vasiliy Mishchenko
Lieutenant General Eliseyev Lieutenant General Eliseyev   See fewer
Gleb Bochkov
Sergeant Yakhin Sergeant Yakhin   See fewer
Mark Vdovin
Cadet Pakhomov Cadet Pakhomov   See fewer
Daria Konyzheva
Nurse Lyusya Shishkina Nurse Lyusya Shishkina   See fewer
Pavel Stont
Vasilkov Vasilkov   See fewer
Gleb Danilov
Cadet Slavik Nikitin Cadet Slavik Nikitin   See fewer
Dmitry Brauer
Germany Major Werner Germany Major Werner   See fewer
Aleksey Takharov
Azamat Khalilov Azamat Khalilov   See fewer
Oleg Ots
Cadet Bogatov Cadet Bogatov   See fewer
Nikolay Samsonov
Paramedic Petrov Paramedic Petrov   See fewer
Karina Myndrovskaya
Senior Sergeant Vera Ponomarenko Senior Sergeant Vera Ponomarenko   See fewer
Stepan Akmanov
Head of Orchestra Head of Orchestra   See fewer
Sergey Annenkov
Cadet Panasyuk Cadet Panasyuk   See fewer
Benik Arakelyan
Lieutenant Deremyan Lieutenant Deremyan   See fewer
Ivan Arkhangelskiy
Cadet Somov Cadet Somov   See fewer
Denis Chernyshev
Driver of Alyoshkin Driver of Alyoshkin   See fewer
Mikhail Dorozhkin
Lieutenant Colonel Kurasov Lieutenant Colonel Kurasov   See fewer
Vera Drovennikova
Zaitseva Zaitseva   See fewer
Sergey Dvoynikov
Cadet Vorornets Cadet Vorornets   See fewer
Roman Evdokimov
Cadet Remizov Cadet Remizov   See fewer
Daniil Feofanov
Cadet Rybkin Cadet Rybkin   See fewer
Zuev Garist
Junior Sergeant Andrey Junior Sergeant Andrey   See fewer
Margarita Gavrilova
Red Army Soldier Katya Zhukova Red Army Soldier Katya Zhukova   See fewer
Danil Ivanov
Cadet Tkachenko Cadet Tkachenko   See fewer
Eldar Kalimulin
Junior Sergeant Shipilov Junior Sergeant Shipilov   See fewer
Egor Kenzhametov
Cadet Sinitsin Cadet Sinitsin   See fewer
Evgeny Kravchenko
Junior Sergeant Pavlenko Junior Sergeant Pavlenko   See fewer
Pavel Kraynov
Captain Rossikov Captain Rossikov   See fewer
Pavel Levkin
Senior Lieutenant Mamchich Senior Lieutenant Mamchich   See fewer
Alla Malkova
Nurse Karpovna Nurse Karpovna   See fewer
Artyom Melnichuk
Junior Sergeant Orlenko (as Artem Melnichuk) Junior Sergeant Orlenko (as Artem Melnichuk)   See fewer
Azamat Nigmanov
Cadet Zaripov Cadet Zaripov   See fewer
Paul Orlyanskiy
Non-commissioned Officer Non-commissioned Officer   See fewer
Sergey Podolnyy
Cadet Seleznev Cadet Seleznev   See fewer
Evgeny Putsylo
Cadet Mukhin Cadet Mukhin   See fewer
Nikolai Salnikov
Saboteur Saboteur   See fewer
Stas Shmelev
Senior Lieutenant Nosov Senior Lieutenant Nosov   See fewer
Daniil Shperling
Junior Sergeant Novikov Junior Sergeant Novikov   See fewer
Igor Troshin
Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel   See fewer
Vladimir Veryovochkin
Senior Lieutenant Kurochkin Senior Lieutenant Kurochkin   See fewer
Pavel Zakharov
Cadet Grachev Cadet Grachev   See fewer
Vladimir Zaytsev
Member of the Military Council Zaitsev Member of the Military Council Zaitsev   See fewer
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