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  • Panic in Detroit (2019)
  • 114 min | Thriller
Panic in Detroit (2019)
114 min | Thriller

The youngest brother of a dysfunctional family is accused of mass murders in and around Detroit City.
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Release date
Nov 1, 2019 (United States)


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64 cast members
Name Known for
Selim Alam
Lelli's Restaurant Manager Lelli's Restaurant Manager   See fewer
Michael James Alexander
Daniel Leno Daniel Leno   See fewer
Kevin R. Allen
Jake Leno Jake Leno   See fewer
Ron Angelocci
Allen Grayson Allen Grayson   See fewer
Catherine Alisabeth Ashley
Kara's Diner patron Kara's Diner patron   See fewer
Catie Elizabeth Ashley
Kitty Munson Kitty Munson   See fewer
Angelica Bacani
Angie Phillips Angie Phillips   See fewer
Imari Bates
Jessica Bright Jessica Bright   See fewer
Naomi Blake
Alice Pepperdine Alice Pepperdine   See fewer
Carlin Boyd
Maddison Cummings Maddison Cummings   See fewer
Carrie Bradstreet
Rachel Leno Rachel Leno   See fewer
Mercedes Brantley
Katie Collins Katie Collins   See fewer
Kimberly Cruchon Brooks
Chief Laura Edmunds Chief Laura Edmunds   See fewer
Joey Cipriano
Young Jake Leno Young Jake Leno   See fewer
Niki Cipriano
Young Rachel Leno Young Rachel Leno   See fewer
Molly Cunningham
Darcy Miller Darcy Miller   See fewer
Dennis Doyle Jr.
John Hightower John Hightower   See fewer
Walker Fairbanks
Young Daniel Leno Young Daniel Leno   See fewer
Nikki Fioretti
Cinnamon Cinnamon   See fewer
Bobbie Frank
Barbie Barbie   See fewer
Pam German
Mrs. Leno Mrs. Leno   See fewer
Carlos Gonzalez
Damon Spencer Damon Spencer   See fewer
Julzie Gravel
Emma Lee Emma Lee   See fewer
Ariel Hanlon
Crimson Pohle Crimson Pohle   See fewer
Joey Harlow
Man at the door Man at the door   See fewer
Brooke Hayes
Hope Faulkner Hope Faulkner   See fewer
Barbara Ann Holben
Samantha Leno Samantha Leno   See fewer
Gibson Holben
Cameron Leno Cameron Leno   See fewer
Matt Hudson
Detective Al Bolden Detective Al Bolden   See fewer
Veronica Jimenez
Victoria Pleasant Victoria Pleasant   See fewer
Connie Kincer
Doreen Cummings Doreen Cummings   See fewer
Krissi Kinney
Rita Bishop Rita Bishop   See fewer
Tracey Kroll
Nikki Randall Nikki Randall   See fewer
Jared Kuzich
Mister Clean Mister Clean   See fewer
Earnest Lee
G. Munny G. Munny   See fewer
Seann Lewis
Justice Sitter Justice Sitter   See fewer
Tara Lynn
April S. Walker April S. Walker   See fewer
Paul Lyons
Whitey Cruise Whitey Cruise   See fewer
Kevin Mattson
Tony Tatts Tony Tatts   See fewer
Tiffany Mercer
Bridget Collins Bridget Collins   See fewer
Rose Anne Nepa
Rhonda Pullman Rhonda Pullman   See fewer
Joseph Ouellette
Corey Carver Corey Carver   See fewer
Julia Kate Ouellette
Amanda Cummings Amanda Cummings   See fewer
Joe Patros
Eddie the Bartender Eddie the Bartender   See fewer
Natalie Peri
Jamie Hilliard Jamie Hilliard   See fewer
Victor Pytko
Don Peakman Don Peakman   See fewer
Lucia M. Sanchez
Bystander Bystander   See fewer
Hadi Shehadeh
Boat House Employee Boat House Employee   See fewer
Dennis Styles
Anthony Mueller Anthony Mueller   See fewer
Brian Torres
Red Bardood Red Bardood   See fewer
John Tynan Jr.
Sergeant Roberts Sergeant Roberts   See fewer
John Vella
John Leno John Leno   See fewer
Molly Watson
Erika Ashton Erika Ashton   See fewer
Samantha Wilson
Stevie Nixon Stevie Nixon   See fewer
Anthony Zanlungo
Agent Sam Wharton Agent Sam Wharton   See fewer
Dan Zarembski
Dr. Clifford, M.E. Dr. Clifford, M.E.   See fewer
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