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  • Puccini (2009)
  • TV Movie | 194 min | Biography
Puccini (2009)
TV Movie | 194 min | Biography

Giacomo Puccini, the son of a Tuscan organist, achieves world-wide recognition as a composer of operas and dies from throat cancer in the middle of an artistic crisis, at the age of just sixty-six.
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Updated Mar 11, 2009

Release date
Mar 1, 2009 (Italy)


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57 cast members
Name Known for
Alessio Boni
Giacomo Puccini Giacomo Puccini   See fewer
Andrea Giordana
Giulio Riccordi Giulio Riccordi   See fewer
Francesca Cavallin
Liza Berman Liza Berman   See fewer
Sasa Vulicevic
Ghigliozzi Ghigliozzi   See fewer
Mirko Petrini
Pietro Mascagni (as Mirco Petrini) Pietro Mascagni (as Mirco Petrini)   See fewer
Franco Castellano
Arturo Toscanini Arturo Toscanini   See fewer
Antonio Salines
Giuseppe Giacosa Giuseppe Giacosa   See fewer
Alberto Angrisano
Luigi Illica Luigi Illica   See fewer
Pamela Saino
Doria Manfredi Doria Manfredi   See fewer
Serena Rossi
Cherie Cherie   See fewer
Ester Botta
Actress Actress   See fewer
Federica Picone
Actress Actress   See fewer
Lorenzo Majnoni
Amilcare Ponchielli Amilcare Ponchielli   See fewer
Franziska Weisz
Sybil Seligman Sybil Seligman   See fewer
Bernd Jeschek
Dott. Landauer Dott. Landauer   See fewer
Enzo Marino Bellanich
Bazzini (as Vincenzo Bellanich) Bazzini (as Vincenzo Bellanich)   See fewer
Luchino Giordana
Tebaldini (as Luca Giordana) Tebaldini (as Luca Giordana)   See fewer
Attilio Fabiano
Marco Sala Marco Sala   See fewer
Lucia Bendia
Actress Actress   See fewer
Massimo Rinaldi
de Finis de Finis   See fewer
Paolo Poiret
Vogler Vogler   See fewer
Andrea Santonastaso
Sarto Carlino Sarto Carlino   See fewer
Gennaro Cannavacciuolo
Maitre Savini Maitre Savini   See fewer
Massimiliano Buzzanca
Ruggero Leoncavallo Ruggero Leoncavallo   See fewer
Cristina Amma
Megera Megera   See fewer
Marco Arrigoni
Armaiolo Kluger Armaiolo Kluger   See fewer
Marino Filippo Arrigoni
Capo dell polizia Capo dell polizia   See fewer
Marco Belocchi
Carlo Vimercati Carlo Vimercati   See fewer
Paolo Bessegato
Belasco Belasco   See fewer
Sandra Biondi
Madama Butterfly Madama Butterfly   See fewer
Veronica Cannizzaro
Contessa Caraffa Contessa Caraffa   See fewer
Federica De Cola
Fosca - 15 years old Fosca - 15 years old   See fewer
Francesco Falabella
Duca Litta Duca Litta   See fewer
Anna Ferzetti
Capo Infermiera Capo Infermiera   See fewer
Umberto Fontani
Tonino - 18 years old Tonino - 18 years old   See fewer
Nino Fuscagni
Capo Facchini (as Serafino Fuscagni) Capo Facchini (as Serafino Fuscagni)   See fewer
Romano Ghini
Capo Copista Capo Copista   See fewer
Cristina Liberati
Regina Margherita Regina Margherita   See fewer
Alice Martinelli
Baronessa Cattaneo Baronessa Cattaneo   See fewer
Edoardo Maura
Giacomo - 6 years old Giacomo - 6 years old   See fewer
Alberto Patelli
Oste Pierino Oste Pierino   See fewer
Claudio Piano
Caposarto Caposarto   See fewer
Claudia Potenza
Sister Ramelde Sister Ramelde   See fewer
Pierfrancisco Senarica
Portiere Grand Hotel (as Pier Senarica) Portiere Grand Hotel (as Pier Senarica)   See fewer
Eva Vanicek
Donna Scontrosa Donna Scontrosa   See fewer
Fritz von Friedl
Hotelmanager Hotelmanager   See fewer
Simone Fulciniti
Pinkerton (uncredited) Pinkerton (uncredited)   See fewer
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