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  • Endgame (I) (2009)
  • PG-13
    109 min | Drama, History
Endgame (I) (2009)
109 min | Drama, History

A story based on the covert discussions that brought down the Apartheid regime in South Africa.
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Robert Harvey (book "The Fall of Apartheid: The Inside Story from Smuts to Mbeki") | Paula Milne
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Jan 18, 2009 (United States)


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40 cast members
Name Known for
William Hurt
Professor Willie Esterhuyse Professor Willie Esterhuyse   See fewer
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Thabo Mbeki Thabo Mbeki   See fewer
Jonny Lee Miller
Michael Young Michael Young   See fewer
Mark Strong
Dr. Neil Barnard Dr. Neil Barnard   See fewer
Clarke Peters
Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela   See fewer
John Kani
Oliver Tambo Oliver Tambo   See fewer
Derek Jacobi
Rudolph Agnew Rudolph Agnew   See fewer
Timothy West
P.W. Botha P.W. Botha   See fewer
Matthew Marsh
F.W. de Klerk F.W. de Klerk   See fewer
Mike Huff
Willem de Klerk Willem de Klerk   See fewer
Stephen Jennings
Kobie Coetsee Kobie Coetsee   See fewer
Patrick Lyster
Sampie Terreblanche Sampie Terreblanche   See fewer
Ramon Tikaram
Aziz Pahad Aziz Pahad   See fewer
Danny Scheinmann
Albie Sachs Albie Sachs   See fewer
Porteus Xandau
Christo Brand Christo Brand   See fewer
David Henry
Professor Marinus Wiechers Professor Marinus Wiechers   See fewer
Trevor Sellers
Tony Trew Tony Trew   See fewer
Moshidi Motshegwa
Sebolela Sebolela   See fewer
Bo Petersen
Esterhuyse's Wife Esterhuyse's Wife   See fewer
Gabi Scheibert
Esterhuyse's Daughter (as Gabriele Scheibert) Esterhuyse's Daughter (as Gabriele Scheibert)   See fewer
Thomas Lockyer
Anthony Sampson Anthony Sampson   See fewer
Langley Kirkwood
Warrant Officer Jack Swart Warrant Officer Jack Swart   See fewer
Jacques Strydom
Roadblock Policeman Roadblock Policeman   See fewer
Faith Ndukwana
Winnie Mandela Winnie Mandela   See fewer
Faniswa Yisa
Woman Pick-up Driver Woman Pick-up Driver   See fewer
Tshamano Sebe
Black Drinker Black Drinker   See fewer
Unathi Dyantyi
Youth #1 Hate Youth #1 Hate   See fewer
Vicky Davis
White Newscaster White Newscaster   See fewer
Batsile Ramasodi
Zambian Newscaster Zambian Newscaster   See fewer
Jonathan Dimbleby
English Newscaster English Newscaster   See fewer
Violet Gonda
Zimbabwean Newscaster Zimbabwean Newscaster   See fewer
Robert Coxwell
South African Newscaster South African Newscaster   See fewer
Kas Graham
Protestor Protestor   See fewer
Chumani Pan
Youth #1 - Shabeen Youth #1 - Shabeen   See fewer
Grant Swanby
President's Agent Botha President's Agent Botha   See fewer
David Tennant
Self - Host Self - Host   See fewer
Karl Thaning
F.W. de Klerk's agent F.W. de Klerk's agent   See fewer
Lizanne Tulip
High Profile Banker High Profile Banker   See fewer
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