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Mob Families
TV Episode | Drama

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Updated Apr 8, 2020

Release date
Apr 8, 2020 (United States)


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68 cast members
Name Known for
Lana Asanin
Detective Gordon Detective Gordon   See fewer
Kim Blase
Detective Monroe Detective Monroe   See fewer
Eddie Cantarero
Burned Victum Burned Victum   See fewer
John Paul Ceramello
Detective Blake Detective Blake   See fewer
Yana Copek
Detective Bonacasa Detective Bonacasa   See fewer
Frank M Correira
Frankie-The Mobster Frankie-The Mobster   See fewer
Frank M Correira
Frankie Frankie   See fewer
Domenico Del Giacco
Detective DJ Detective DJ   See fewer
Samuel Ehern
Young Lorenzo Young Lorenzo   See fewer
Taino Escobar
Slim Vinny Slim Vinny   See fewer
Cara Gabriella
Tara Detective Lorenzo's wife Tara Detective Lorenzo's wife   See fewer
Albert Gomez
Big Al Jersey Mob Big Al Jersey Mob   See fewer
Ellen Greenwood
Tina (Secretary) Tina (Secretary)   See fewer
Michael Greenwood
John Auto Mechanic John Auto Mechanic   See fewer
Danielle Harper
Jill Enj's Girlfriend Jill Enj's Girlfriend   See fewer
Steve Huz
Detective Brown Detective Brown   See fewer
James Javino
T.J. McClaim ( OPS / Division T.J. McClaim ( OPS / Division   See fewer
Billy Kaoris
Jeff (Auto Mechanic) Jeff (Auto Mechanic)   See fewer
Elena Kariyannis
Detective Sanchez Detective Sanchez   See fewer
Richard Kern
Irish Boss David Irish Boss David   See fewer
Kenneth Klugewicz
Kawasaki Kawasaki   See fewer
Flora Larco
Car Jacking Victum Car Jacking Victum   See fewer
Theresa McCrudden
Detective Montana Detective Montana   See fewer
Jesse Nicolee
Savannah Savannah   See fewer
John Pasquale
Soho Johnny Soho Johnny   See fewer
David J. Paul
Johnny (as David Paul) Johnny (as David Paul)   See fewer
Ellen Pellegrino
Adrianna Adrianna   See fewer
Petra Pennington
Detective Alvarez Detective Alvarez   See fewer
Perri Pierre
Card Dealer Card Dealer   See fewer
Ksenia Prina
Detective Romanov Detective Romanov   See fewer
Diana Madalina Puscasu
Young Ellen Young Ellen   See fewer
Cameron Ring
Detective Thomas Detective Thomas   See fewer
Eddie Rocky Rivera
Detective Lorenzo Detective Lorenzo   See fewer
Gissel Romero
Detective Lorenzo G Detective Lorenzo G   See fewer
Crystal Ryan
Pear White Pear White   See fewer
Josh Skriptkeeper
Lightheaded (Carjacking Elite Team) Lightheaded (Carjacking Elite Team)   See fewer
Vinny Sparacino
Paul Schwartz ( OPS Division) Paul Schwartz ( OPS Division)   See fewer
Nancy Vazquez
Detective Brooks Detective Brooks   See fewer
Keesha Williams
Detective Woods Detective Woods   See fewer
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