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  • Rain Fall (2009)
  • R
    111 min | Action, Crime, Drama
Rain Fall (2009)
111 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A hit man looks to protect the daughter of one of his victims against CIA assassins.
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Barry Eisler (novel) | Max Mannix (screenplay)
Casting Director
Production Designer
Hidemitsu Yamazaki (as Hidemitsu Yamasaki)
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Release date
May 25, 2010 (United States)


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62 cast members
Name Known for
Kippei Shîna
John Rain John Rain   See fewer
Gary Oldman
William Holtzer William Holtzer   See fewer
Kyoko Hasegawa
Midori Kawamura Midori Kawamura   See fewer
Dirk Hunter
Thomas Perryman Thomas Perryman   See fewer
Akira Emoto
Tatsu Ishikura Tatsu Ishikura   See fewer
Takeshi Wakamatsu
Benny Watanabe Benny Watanabe   See fewer
Takeo Nakahara
Yasuhiro Kawamura Yasuhiro Kawamura   See fewer
Akira Hamada
Yamamoto Yamamoto   See fewer
Ryôsei Tayama
Matsumoto (as Ryosei Tayama) Matsumoto (as Ryosei Tayama)   See fewer
Yûko Miyamoto
Naoko Kawamura Naoko Kawamura   See fewer
David McFall
CIA-# 1 CIA-# 1   See fewer
Ryland Lee
CIA-# 2 CIA-# 2   See fewer
Garthe Nelson
CIA-# 3 CIA-# 3   See fewer
Andrew Ballard
CIA-# 4 CIA-# 4   See fewer
Sebastian Plate
CIA-# 5 CIA-# 5   See fewer
Steve Ryan
CIA-# 6 CIA-# 6   See fewer
Laszlo Kotasezek
CIA-# 8 CIA-# 8   See fewer
Hiroki Tawara
CIA-Japanese-# 1 CIA-Japanese-# 1   See fewer
Kaoru Nagato
CIA-Japanese-# 2 CIA-Japanese-# 2   See fewer
Hiroyuki Takashima
CIA-Japanese-# 3 CIA-Japanese-# 3   See fewer
Eimi Okada
CIA-Japanese-# 4 CIA-Japanese-# 4   See fewer
Yukari Shiomi
CIA-Japanese-# 5 CIA-Japanese-# 5   See fewer
Makoto Matsubara
Asset-# 1 Asset-# 1   See fewer
Yusuke Hirayama
Asset-# 2 Asset-# 2   See fewer
Go Setoguchi
Yakuza-# 1 Yakuza-# 1   See fewer
Hiroki Takano
Yakuza-# 2 Yakuza-# 2   See fewer
Noriyuki Hayakawa
Judo Student-# 1 Judo Student-# 1   See fewer
Seiji Takahashi
Judo Student-# 2 Judo Student-# 2   See fewer
Kunihiko Takahashi
Judo Student -# 3 Judo Student -# 3   See fewer
Tatsuo Noguchi
Judo Student-# 4 Judo Student-# 4   See fewer
Akihiro Soen
Mr. Black Mr. Black   See fewer
Kazuyuki Okayama
Mr. Gray Mr. Gray   See fewer
Yuki Nasaka
Mr. Brown Mr. Brown   See fewer
Kaohiko Kaoda
Kawamura Assistant Kawamura Assistant   See fewer
Takuo Yamagishi
Guard-# 1 Guard-# 1   See fewer
Kuniyoshi Ichikawa
Guard-# 2 Guard-# 2   See fewer
Masanobu Sakata
Subway Employee Subway Employee   See fewer
Shôichirô Tanigawa
Airport Employee Airport Employee   See fewer
Mitsunori Hirokawa
Ground Staff Ground Staff   See fewer
Jyubei Ikeguchi
Airport Staff Airport Staff   See fewer
Katsuhiro Nagano
Fruit Shop Owner Fruit Shop Owner   See fewer
Sanae Miyata
Fruit Shop Customer Fruit Shop Customer   See fewer
David Ridges
Office Man-# 1 Office Man-# 1   See fewer
Bunmei Tobayama
Office Man-# 2 Office Man-# 2   See fewer
Tetsuo Morishita
Minister Minister   See fewer
Kanae Uchiyama
Young Girl Young Girl   See fewer
Hiroaki Suzuki
Hiroshi Shimizu Hiroshi Shimizu   See fewer
Hiroaki Terao
Shoji Ishikawa Shoji Ishikawa   See fewer
Kyoko Nagano
Benny's Wife Benny's Wife   See fewer
Albert Gu
Young Rain Young Rain   See fewer
Greg Ellis
Jack Simpson Jack Simpson   See fewer
Tony Borea
Pool Player-# 1 Pool Player-# 1   See fewer
Adrian Matilla
Pool Player-# 2 Pool Player-# 2   See fewer
Kôhei Mashiba
Benny's Bodyguard (uncredited) Benny's Bodyguard (uncredited)   See fewer
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