The Ballad of Travis Hunter
Drama, Family, Musical

A struggling country music singer returns home after years spent on the road for one last chance to correct wrongs made and reunite with loved ones he abandoned.
Cole Meyer (screenplay)
Jarrod Crooks (co-cinematographer) | Zak Rivers

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Updated Nov 1, 2020


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54 cast members
Name Known for
Eric Roberts
Larry Fineman Larry Fineman   See fewer
Autumn Dial
Annie Davis Annie Davis   See fewer
Lisa Davis
Cayleigh McGill (as Lisa Ciara) Cayleigh McGill (as Lisa Ciara)   See fewer
Michael Edwards
Alvin Hunter Alvin Hunter   See fewer
H.T. Altman
Travis Hunter Travis Hunter   See fewer
Clare Umberger
Fangirl Fangirl   See fewer
Stephen Hage
TV Studio Camera Operator TV Studio Camera Operator   See fewer
Ella Frank
Tanya Steele Tanya Steele   See fewer
Ellen Engelson
Diner Waitress Diner Waitress   See fewer
Landyn Banx
Gossip Columnist Gossip Columnist   See fewer
Emery Christianson
Field Reporter Field Reporter   See fewer
Gwen Ruhoff
Patty McGill Patty McGill   See fewer
Chris Charais
Greg Swenson Greg Swenson   See fewer
Mavyn Allen
Savannah Davis Savannah Davis   See fewer
Lexxie Dallas Shelton
Obsessive Fan Obsessive Fan   See fewer
Abigail Sharp
Bailey Bailey   See fewer
Brian Cristofono
Chet Wilkerson Chet Wilkerson   See fewer
Scott Brault
Leeroy Scruggs Leeroy Scruggs   See fewer
James Wilsford
Dr. Ross Dr. Ross   See fewer
Heidi Doe
Waitress Waitress   See fewer
Ryan Maddux
Rudy Rabbit Rudy Rabbit   See fewer
Lisbeth Adams
Fangirl (as Beth Adams) Fangirl (as Beth Adams)   See fewer
Michael Dennis Johnson
Funeral Home Director Funeral Home Director   See fewer
Erin Antilla
Secretary Secretary   See fewer
Michael Hertenstein
Road Manager / Joe Jack Road Manager / Joe Jack   See fewer
Lori Roovers
Michelle / Emma's Mom Michelle / Emma's Mom   See fewer
Cliff Edgett
Roy Gulch / The General Roy Gulch / The General   See fewer
Jennifer Kelzenberg-Shea
Amy Swenson Amy Swenson   See fewer
Carl Swanson
Beau Dawson Beau Dawson   See fewer
Minh Pham
Line dancer Line dancer   See fewer
Lee Fealy
Earl Rich Earl Rich   See fewer
Lynette Biunno
Gail Witherspoon Gail Witherspoon   See fewer
Michael Paul Quinn
Eddie (as Michael Quinn) Eddie (as Michael Quinn)   See fewer
Rikka Bonnell
Restaurant Waitress Restaurant Waitress   See fewer
Bill Holmberg
Duke Holmberg Duke Holmberg   See fewer
Corban Noah
Audio Engineer Audio Engineer   See fewer
Nich Roberts
Bouncer Bouncer   See fewer
Kate Peabody
Production Assistant Production Assistant   See fewer
Madeleine Hoffbeck
Natasha Wilde Natasha Wilde   See fewer
Gael Palen
Waitress Waitress   See fewer
Timmy Rawerts
Judge Stern Judge Stern   See fewer
Paul Bees
Robert Fleischer Robert Fleischer   See fewer
Hannah Lee Peiffer
Drunk Fangirl Drunk Fangirl   See fewer
Tia Jeanius
TV Reporter TV Reporter   See fewer
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