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  • Smyrna (2021)
  • 141 min | Drama, History, War
Smyrna (2021)
141 min | Drama, History, War

Members of the Baltatzis family recount the 1922 burning of Smyrna, Greece, including the assault on vibrant Greek and Armenian communities.
Mimi Denissi | Martin Sherman (collaboration)
Casting Director
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Release date
Dec 9, 2022 (United States)


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61 cast members
Name Known for
Mimi Denissi
Filio Baltatzi Filio Baltatzi   See fewer
Leonidas Kakouris
Dimitris Baltatzis Dimitris Baltatzis   See fewer
Krateros Katsoulis
Spyros Baltatzis Spyros Baltatzis   See fewer
Jane Lapotaire
Filio Williams Filio Williams   See fewer
Susan Hampshire
Lady Whittall Lady Whittall   See fewer
Rupert Graves
George Horton George Horton   See fewer
Katerina Geronikolou
Zaharoula Zaharoula   See fewer
Dina Mihailidou
Eftalia Eftalia   See fewer
Anastasia Pantousi
Lefkothea Baltatzi Lefkothea Baltatzi   See fewer
Giannis Eglezos
Vassilis Baltatzis Vassilis Baltatzis   See fewer
Nedie Antoniades
Angelica Baltatzis Angelica Baltatzis   See fewer
Efi Gousi
Ismene Ismene   See fewer
Nathan Thomas
Eddie Whittall Eddie Whittall   See fewer
Christos Stergioglou
Aristeidis Stergiadis Aristeidis Stergiadis   See fewer
Thodoros Katsafados
Metropolitan Bishop Chrysostomos Metropolitan Bishop Chrysostomos   See fewer
Daniel Crossley
Asa Jennings Asa Jennings   See fewer
Duncan Skinner
William Dawson William Dawson   See fewer
Natalia Dragoumi
Ms. Angelou Ms. Angelou   See fewer
Mihalis Mitrousis
Nicholas Tsourouktsoglou Nicholas Tsourouktsoglou   See fewer
Andreas Natsios
George Klimanoglou George Klimanoglou   See fewer
Manolis Gerapetritis
Socrates Onassis Socrates Onassis   See fewer
Daphne Alexander
Katina Horton Katina Horton   See fewer
Ian Robertson
Phillip Whittall Phillip Whittall   See fewer
Joanna Kalafatis
Minnie Mills Minnie Mills   See fewer
Giannis Vogiatzis
Polykarpos Polykarpos   See fewer
Lefteris Zabetakis
Dr. Tsonis Dr. Tsonis   See fewer
Aydemir Akbas
Upsoro Upsoro   See fewer
Peny Alifragi
Cinema goer girl Cinema goer girl   See fewer
Nuri Alço
Fenasi Fenasi   See fewer
Nikos Anastasopoulos
Jordan (Seller) Jordan (Seller)   See fewer
Stamatis Beris
Enrico Caruso Enrico Caruso   See fewer
Argyris Chatzimalis
George (seller) George (seller)   See fewer
Neville Jason Fahy
German Officer (as Jason Fahy Neville) German Officer (as Jason Fahy Neville)   See fewer
Pierre Fournier
French Soldier French Soldier   See fewer
Spyros Katiforis
Refugee Refugee   See fewer
Athina Kefalopoulos
Refugee (as Athina Kefalopoulou) Refugee (as Athina Kefalopoulou)   See fewer
Kostas Kortidis
Rahmi Bey Rahmi Bey   See fewer
Panos Kranidiotis
Mr. Angelou Mr. Angelou   See fewer
Roula Manoli
Actress Actress   See fewer
Dimitra Michailidou
Volunteer Volunteer   See fewer
Marianna Panagiotakis
Mary Whittall Mary Whittall   See fewer
Valia Papadaki
Little girl Little girl   See fewer
Zisis Papaioannou
Travel agent Travel agent   See fewer
Giannis Tsakonas
French officer French officer   See fewer
Giannis Varsos
French sailor French sailor   See fewer
Platon Vasatis
Eddie's Friend Eddie's Friend   See fewer
Achilles Vatrikas
Journalist Journalist   See fewer
Niko El Santo Zavero
Hellenic Armed Forces Hellenic Armed Forces   See fewer
Yiorgos Minadákis
Drunk Smyrnaean (uncredited) Drunk Smyrnaean (uncredited)   See fewer
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