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  • The Chaser (2008)
  • Not Rated
    125 min | Action, Crime, Drama
The Chaser (2008)
Not Rated
125 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A disgraced ex-policeman who runs a small ring of prostitutes finds himself in a race against time when one of his women goes missing.
Won-Chan Hong (written by) | Na Hong-jin (screenplay by) (written by) | Shinho Lee (written by)
Yoon In-beom (as In-beom Yun) | Su-jin Kim
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Release date
Sep 20, 2008 (United States)


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63 cast members
Name Known for
Kim Yoon-seok
Joong-ho Eom (as Yoon-suk Kim) Joong-ho Eom (as Yoon-suk Kim)   See fewer
Ha Jung-woo
Young-min Jee Young-min Jee   See fewer
Seo Yeong-hie
Mi-jin Kim (as Yeong-hie Seo) Mi-jin Kim (as Yeong-hie Seo)   See fewer
Kim Yoo-jung
Eun-ji (as Kim Yoo-jeong) Eun-ji (as Kim Yoo-jeong)   See fewer
Jeong In-gi
Detective Lee (as In-gi Jeong) Detective Lee (as In-gi Jeong)   See fewer
Choi Jung-woo
Chief of Police Chief of Police   See fewer
Min Kyung-jin
Team Chief Team Chief   See fewer
Park Hyo-ju
Detective Oh (as Hyo-ju Park) Detective Oh (as Hyo-ju Park)   See fewer
Bon-woong Ko
Oh-jot Oh-jot   See fewer
Oh Yeon-ah
Sung Hee (as Yeon-ah Oh) Sung Hee (as Yeon-ah Oh)   See fewer
Yoo Ji-yeon
Hee-jung (as Ji-Yeon Yoo) Hee-jung (as Ji-Yeon Yoo)   See fewer
Lee Jong-goo
Profiler Profiler   See fewer
Song Yo-sep
Detective Kang (as Yo-sep Song) Detective Kang (as Yo-sep Song)   See fewer
Ha Seong-kwang
Detective Park (as Seong-kwang Ha) Detective Park (as Seong-kwang Ha)   See fewer
Jo Deok-jae
Detective Choi (as Deok-jae Jo) Detective Choi (as Deok-jae Jo)   See fewer
Lim Jeong-woon
Detective Kim (as Jeong-Woon Lim) Detective Kim (as Jeong-Woon Lim)   See fewer
Jung Gi-sub
Prosecutor (as Gi-seop Jeong) Prosecutor (as Gi-seop Jeong)   See fewer
Chan-guk Park
Connoisseur (as Chan-guk Baek) Connoisseur (as Chan-guk Baek)   See fewer
Moo-yeong Yeo
Police commissioner Police commissioner   See fewer
Woo-Shin Kang
Detective 1 Detective 1   See fewer
Jin-bae Jeon
Detective 2 Detective 2   See fewer
Tae-jin Goo
Detective 3 Detective 3   See fewer
Ji-man Park
Detective 4 Detective 4   See fewer
Gang-soo Han
Detective 5 Detective 5   See fewer
Rae-suk Jeong
Detective 6 Detective 6   See fewer
In-cheol Lee
Local Police Chief Local Police Chief   See fewer
Tae-Young Yoon
Local Police Deputy Chief Local Police Deputy Chief   See fewer
Man-ki Kim
Police 1 Police 1   See fewer
Gu-Young Jung
Police 2 Police 2   See fewer
Park Jin-woo
Police 3 Police 3   See fewer
Lee Sang-hee
Police 4 Police 4   See fewer
Jae-Hoon Jung
Police 5 Police 5   See fewer
Do-Hyun Kim
Throwing Man Throwing Man   See fewer
Jae-hee Lee
Convenience Store Owner Convenience Store Owner   See fewer
Jin-Sung Park
Young-min's Brother-in-Law Young-min's Brother-in-Law   See fewer
Byeong-soo Kim
Young-min's Nephew Young-min's Nephew   See fewer
Deok-gi Kim
Old Man Old Man   See fewer
Hee-soon Son
Old Woman Old Woman   See fewer
Sang-gyu Lee
Housekeeper Housekeeper   See fewer
Jo Seok-hyeon
Escaping Man Escaping Man   See fewer
Chun-gi Kim
Stone Mill Owner Stone Mill Owner   See fewer
Hyung-tae Im
Pastor Pastor   See fewer
Kim Jae-heum
Motel Man 1 Motel Man 1   See fewer
Se-Young Jo
Motel Man 2 Motel Man 2   See fewer
Won-jae Lee
Male Motel Staff Male Motel Staff   See fewer
Ji-Yoon Choi
Female Motel Staff Female Motel Staff   See fewer
Jin-yong Kim
House Man House Man   See fewer
Hee-tae Son
House Woman House Woman   See fewer
Yoon-suk Park
Press Room Man 1 Press Room Man 1   See fewer
Min-bok Lee
Press Room Man 2 Press Room Man 2   See fewer
Moon-su Choi
Press Room Man 3 Press Room Man 3   See fewer
Chol-o Lee
Press Room Man 4 Press Room Man 4   See fewer
Sang-jin Lee
Press Room Man 5 Press Room Man 5   See fewer
Jung Seo-in
Press Room Woman (as Seo-in Jung) Press Room Woman (as Seo-in Jung)   See fewer
Tae-sun Yoo
Officer 1 Officer 1   See fewer
Sun-woo Kim
Officer 2 Officer 2   See fewer
Won-Seon Yoo
Passerby 1 Passerby 1   See fewer
Hyun-Jung Noh
Passerby 2 Passerby 2   See fewer
Eun-Sook Shin
Reporter 1 (voice) Reporter 1 (voice)   See fewer
Hong-Seok Choi
Reporter 2 (voice) Reporter 2 (voice)   See fewer
Duk-je Cho
Detective Choi (as Duk-je Jo) Detective Choi (as Duk-je Jo)   See fewer
Kim Young-sun
Young-min's sister Young-min's sister   See fewer
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