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  • The Portable Door (2023)
  • Fantasy
The Portable Door (2023)

Paul Carpenter is an intern at a mysterious London firm with unconventional employers, including a CEO who wants to disrupt the ancient magical world with modern corporate practices.
Leon Ford | Tom Holt (novel)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Feb 3, 2023

Release date
Mar 8, 2023 (Russia)


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67 cast members
Name Known for
Christoph Waltz
Humphrey Wells Humphrey Wells   See fewer
Sam Neill
Dennis Tanner Dennis Tanner   See fewer
Miranda Otto
Countess Judy Countess Judy   See fewer
Jessica De Gouw
Rosie Tanner Rosie Tanner   See fewer
Damon Herriman
Monty Smith-Gregg Monty Smith-Gregg   See fewer
Rachel House
Nienke Van Spee Nienke Van Spee   See fewer
Sophie Wilde
Sophie Pettingel Sophie Pettingel   See fewer
Patrick Gibson
Paul Carpenter Paul Carpenter   See fewer
Chris Pang
Casimir Suslowicz Casimir Suslowicz   See fewer
Christopher Sommers
Arthur Tanner Goblin Arthur Tanner Goblin   See fewer
Diana Lin
Mrs. Dao Mrs. Dao   See fewer
Arka Das
Neville Neville   See fewer
Lin Yin
Delia Bryson Delia Bryson   See fewer
Peter Phan
Londoner Londoner   See fewer
Tori Webb
Goblin Rosie Goblin Rosie   See fewer
Jasmine Barui
Typist Typist   See fewer
Seth Collier
Tunnel Blaster Tunnel Blaster   See fewer
Sharon Brooks
Typist & Pedestrian Typist & Pedestrian   See fewer
Finn Treacy
Young Humphrey Young Humphrey   See fewer
Savanna Crasto
Shopper Shopper   See fewer
Chris Bridgewater
Eric Goblin Eric Goblin   See fewer
Lulu McClatchy
Goblin / Londoner (voice) Goblin / Londoner (voice)   See fewer
Shé D'Montford
Londoner Londoner   See fewer
Tim Appleton
Pedestrian Pedestrian   See fewer
Craig Ingham
Goblin Goblin   See fewer
Lisa Michelle
Goblin #5 Goblin #5   See fewer
Stephen Walker
Goblin Monty Goblin Monty   See fewer
Jip Panosot
London Citizen London Citizen   See fewer
Brighley Dangerfield
Job Applicant Job Applicant   See fewer
Matthew James French
Job Applicant Job Applicant   See fewer
Daniel Wright
London Businessman London Businessman   See fewer
Abigail Rayner
Londoner Londoner   See fewer
Paul Adams
Print Room Worker Print Room Worker   See fewer
Jessica Britt
Londoner Londoner   See fewer
Paris Moletti
Pastry Delivery Guy Pastry Delivery Guy   See fewer
Steven Cragg
Londoner Londoner   See fewer
Emily Rowbottom
Control Room Goblin Control Room Goblin   See fewer
Rhyahn Brock
Command Centre Lady Command Centre Lady   See fewer
Georgia Mae
Job Applicant Job Applicant   See fewer
Miriam Young
Bony Claw Goblin Bony Claw Goblin   See fewer
Nicolette Eva
Boardroom Member Boardroom Member   See fewer
Vivienne Abitia
Basement Receptionist Goblin Basement Receptionist Goblin   See fewer
Eric Lee
Londoner Londoner   See fewer
Jed Cyrus
Council Worker Council Worker   See fewer
Arthur Costa
Londoner Londoner   See fewer
Lillian Leung
Boardroom Member Boardroom Member   See fewer
Jessica Bowles
Punk Waste Management Punk Waste Management   See fewer
Olivia Simatovic
Typist / Londoner Typist / Londoner   See fewer
Janaki Gerard
Typist / London Pedestrian Typist / London Pedestrian   See fewer
Meghan Jarvis
Goblin Goblin   See fewer
Holly Axsentieff
Londoner Londoner   See fewer
Steph Gabriel
Business Woman Business Woman   See fewer
Yoko Nelson
Client / Designer Client / Designer   See fewer
Dan Silveira
Banker Banker   See fewer
Jazz Zedekhai
Keeper of the Shelves Goblin Keeper of the Shelves Goblin   See fewer
Georgia Clelland
Londoner Londoner   See fewer
Bray Buenrostro
Goblin (as Bray Garcia) Goblin (as Bray Garcia)   See fewer
Rachel Waterfall
Young Artist Young Artist   See fewer
Paola Zamora
Command Centre (uncredited) Command Centre (uncredited)   See fewer
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