Bunraku (2010)
124 min | Action, Drama, Thriller

The story of a a young man who has spent his life searching for revenge only to find himself up against a bigger challenge than he originally bargained for.
Boaz Davidson (story) | Guy Moshe (screenplay)
Production Designer
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Release date
Sep 26, 2010 (United States)


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60 cast members
Name Known for
Josh Hartnett
The Drifter The Drifter   See fewer
Yoshi (as Gackt Camui) Yoshi (as Gackt Camui)   See fewer
Woody Harrelson
The Bartender The Bartender   See fewer
Ron Perlman
Nicola Nicola   See fewer
Kevin McKidd
Killer No. 2 Killer No. 2   See fewer
Demi Moore
Alexandra Alexandra   See fewer
Emily Kaiho
Momoko Momoko   See fewer
Jordi Mollà
Valentine Valentine   See fewer
Mike Patton
The Narrator (voice) The Narrator (voice)   See fewer
Shahar Sorek
Killer No. 3 / Mirror Drifter Killer No. 3 / Mirror Drifter   See fewer
Fernando Chien
Killer No. 4 Killer No. 4   See fewer
Yoshio Iizuka
Killer No.5 Killer No.5   See fewer
Kofi Yiadom
Killer No. 6 Killer No. 6   See fewer
Aaron Toney
Killer No. 7 Killer No. 7   See fewer
Razvan Gheorghiu
Killer No. 8 Killer No. 8   See fewer
Holland Diaz
Killer No. 9 Killer No. 9   See fewer
Filip Ciprian Florian
Killer No. 10 (as Florian Ciprian) Killer No. 10 (as Florian Ciprian)   See fewer
Andrei Aradits
Croupier (as Andrei Araditz) Croupier (as Andrei Araditz)   See fewer
Chris Brewster
Punk Leader Punk Leader   See fewer
Neil D'Monte
The Pianist The Pianist   See fewer
Alin Panc
Card Dealer Card Dealer   See fewer
Gabriel Rauta
Nicola's Assistant Casino (as Gabi Rauta) Nicola's Assistant Casino (as Gabi Rauta)   See fewer
Vali Rupita
Gregor Gregor   See fewer
Gabriel Spahiu
Boris Patz Boris Patz   See fewer
Larnell Stovall
Red Army Commander Red Army Commander   See fewer
Maria-Antoaneta Tudor
Brass Knuckle Girl Brass Knuckle Girl   See fewer
George Ivascu
Cab Driver Cab Driver   See fewer
Ilinca Manolache
Prostitute (as Linca Manolache) Prostitute (as Linca Manolache)   See fewer
Ciprian Dumitrascu
Bouncer 1 Bouncer 1   See fewer
Doru Firica
Bouncer 2 Bouncer 2   See fewer
Bogdan Uritescu
Mob Office Supervisor Mob Office Supervisor   See fewer
Andreea Paduraru
Female Assistant Female Assistant   See fewer
Constantin Barbulescu
Absin the Den Owner Absin the Den Owner   See fewer
Luminita Stoianovici
Absinthe Den Waitress Absinthe Den Waitress   See fewer
Neculai Predica
Casino Employee Casino Employee   See fewer
Marcel Iures
Chief of Police Chief of Police   See fewer
Theodor Danetti
General General   See fewer
Oliver Toderita
Lowlife #1 Lowlife #1   See fewer
Zoltan Butuc
Lowlife #2 Lowlife #2   See fewer
Samuel Vauramo
Bully 1 Bully 1   See fewer
Marius Florian
Bully 2 Bully 2   See fewer
Razvan Calin
Bully 3 Bully 3   See fewer
Emil Hostina
Follower #1 Follower #1   See fewer
Bogdan Voda
Follower #2 Follower #2   See fewer
Ion Lupu
Deputy Mayor Deputy Mayor   See fewer
Thayr Harris
League Member League Member   See fewer
Maxim Esterkin
Nicola Thug #1 Nicola Thug #1   See fewer
Anis Doroftei
Harem Maid (as Doroftei Anis) Harem Maid (as Doroftei Anis)   See fewer
Kasey Ryne Mazak
Host (voice) Host (voice)   See fewer
Gabi Burlacu
Mobster (uncredited) Mobster (uncredited)   See fewer
Andreea Carp
Manicure Girl (uncredited) Manicure Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Dominic Geraghty
The Investigator (uncredited) The Investigator (uncredited)   See fewer
Uri Mossinsohn
Cards Room Spy (uncredited) Cards Room Spy (uncredited)   See fewer
Irina Saulescu
Alexandra's Mistress (uncredited) Alexandra's Mistress (uncredited)   See fewer
Oana Southworth
Sexy Secretary (uncredited) Sexy Secretary (uncredited)   See fewer
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