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  • Lost Legacy Reclaimed (2020)
  • TV Special
Lost Legacy Reclaimed (2020)
TV Special

A docudrama series about the early Christian Church in North Africa, its leaders, teachers and martyrs, including the Scillitan Martyrs, Simon of Cyrene, Perpetual, Bishop Victor, Tetullian and others.
Christopher Gornold-Smith (screenwriter)
Casting Director
Production Designer

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Updated Apr 28, 2020

Release date
Apr 28, 2020 (United States)


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60 cast members
Name Known for
Perla Ahsen
Perpetua Perpetua   See fewer
Cayo Martin Franco
Father of Perpetua Father of Perpetua   See fewer
Mercedes Garcia Castro
Mother of Perpetua Mother of Perpetua   See fewer
John de Luca
Brother of Perpetua Brother of Perpetua   See fewer
Yasir Al-robahie
Nartzalus Nartzalus   See fewer
Oscar Alonso
Galerius Galerius   See fewer
Rocio Anker
Monica Monica   See fewer
Isidoro Sanchez Casquero
Bonifacius Bonifacius   See fewer
Elena Ceinos
Sister of Augustine Sister of Augustine   See fewer
Fernando Corral
Constantine Constantine   See fewer
Guillermo Lago Costas
Tertullian Tertullian   See fewer
Yolanda Erenguer
Januaria Januaria   See fewer
Ezekiel Fernandez
Young Anthony Young Anthony   See fewer
Jesus Peche Galvan
Cornelius Metellus Cornelius Metellus   See fewer
Adam Enrique Garcia
Laetantius Laetantius   See fewer
Nabile Baaten Hadda
Cittinus Cittinus   See fewer
Cliff Harding
Valerius Valerius   See fewer
Belen Martinez Hernando
Concubine of Augustine Concubine of Augustine   See fewer
Angel L. Juste
Cyprian Cyprian   See fewer
Paloma Lopez
Empress Justina Empress Justina   See fewer
Miguel Maini
Victor Victor   See fewer
Santiago Manrique
Saturninus Saturninus   See fewer
Alvaro Merlo Martinez
Young Augustine Young Augustine   See fewer
Marian Mayo
Vestia Vestia   See fewer
Nuria Lopez Menes
Felicitas Felicitas   See fewer
Bishop Ambrose Bishop Ambrose   See fewer
Miguel Morales
Veturius Veturius   See fewer
Jorge More
Quodvultdeus Quodvultdeus   See fewer
Jorge Moré
Quodvultdeus Quodvultdeus   See fewer
Juan Ramon Garcia Muñoz
Bishop Leo Bishop Leo   See fewer
Bob Nemeth
Decius Decius   See fewer
Antonio Gil Oliver
Aquilinus Aquilinus   See fewer
Fran Palacios
Pontius Pontius   See fewer
Javier Peña
Refendarius Refendarius   See fewer
Alberto Martinez Prieto
Saturninus Saturninus   See fewer
Efrain Rodriguez
Alypius Alypius   See fewer
Paco Torres Rodriguez
Husband of Bona Husband of Bona   See fewer
Jeronimo Salas
Augustine Augustine   See fewer
Jerónimo Salas
Agustine Agustine   See fewer
Emilio Seco
Evodius Evodius   See fewer
Enrique Selfa
Speratus Speratus   See fewer
Irene Verdu Soriano
Claudia Metelli Claudia Metelli   See fewer
Juan G. Verdú
Noble Romano1 (as Juan Verdú) Noble Romano1 (as Juan Verdú)   See fewer
Maria Egea Zapata
Generosa Generosa   See fewer
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