Rurouni Kenshin: Final Chapter Part I - The Final (2021)
138 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Kenshin's past catches up to him causing the destruction of Akabeko Restaurant, which was Kenshin's favorite place to eat. There, he finds a note with the word "Junchu" on it.
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Release date
Jun 18, 2021 (United States)


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48 cast members
Name Known for
Takeru Satoh
Kenshin Himura Kenshin Himura   See fewer
Shin'nosuke Abe
Kujiranami Hyogo Kujiranami Hyogo   See fewer
Yû Aoi
Megumi Takani Megumi Takani   See fewer
Munetaka Aoki
Sanosuke Sagara Sanosuke Sagara   See fewer
Kasumi Arimura
Tomoe Yukishiro Tomoe Yukishiro   See fewer
Beau Billingslea
Miyauchi Maekawa (voice) (version: English) Miyauchi Maekawa (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Justin Briner
Sojiro Seta (voice) (version: English) Sojiro Seta (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Brook Chalmers
Woo Heixing (voice) (version: English) Woo Heixing (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
John DeMita
Chief Uramura (voice) (version: English) Chief Uramura (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Yôsuke Eguchi
Hajime Saito Hajime Saito   See fewer
Stephen Fu
Hyouko Otawa (voice) (version: English) Hyouko Otawa (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Morgan Garrett
Tae Sekihara (voice) (version: English) Tae Sekihara (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Kellen Goff
Hyogo Kujiranami (voice) (version: English) Hyogo Kujiranami (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Xanthe Huynh
Tsubame Sanjo (voice) (version: English) Tsubame Sanjo (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Yûsuke Iseya
Aoshi Shinomori Aoshi Shinomori   See fewer
Joey Iwanaga
Inui Banjin Inui Banjin   See fewer
Ryûnosuke Kamiki
Seta Sojiro Seta Sojiro   See fewer
Brittney Karbowski
Misao Makimachi (voice) (version: English) Misao Makimachi (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Masami Kosaka
Officer Officer   See fewer
Masataka Kubota
Akira Kiyosato Akira Kiyosato   See fewer
Aleks Le
Enishi Yukishiro (voice) (version: English) Enishi Yukishiro (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Alan Lee
Aoshi Shinomori (voice) (version: English) Aoshi Shinomori (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Enishi Yukishiro Enishi Yukishiro   See fewer
David Matranga
Seiku Arai (voice) (version: English) Seiku Arai (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Robert McCollum
Hajime Saito (voice) (version: English) Hajime Saito (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Daman Mills
Chou Sawagejo (voice) (version: English) Chou Sawagejo (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Yutaka Mishima
Beggar Old Man Beggar Old Man   See fewer
Ryosuke Miura
Sawagejo Cho Sawagejo Cho   See fewer
Xander Mobus
Tenmon Inui (voice) (version: English) Tenmon Inui (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Casey Mongillo
Yahiko Myojin (voice) (version: English) Yahiko Myojin (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Takeo Nakahara
Maekawa Miyauchi Maekawa Miyauchi   See fewer
Eiki Narita
Yatsume Mumyoi Yatsume Mumyoi   See fewer
Trina Nishimura
Megumi Takani (voice) (version: English) Megumi Takani (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Riku Ohnishi
Yahiko Myojin Yahiko Myojin   See fewer
Takuma Otoo
Woo Heishin Woo Heishin   See fewer
Christopher Sabat
Mumyoi Yatsume (voice) (version: English) Mumyoi Yatsume (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Christopher Corey Smith
Shikijo (voice) (version: English) Shikijo (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Micah Solusod
Kenshin Himura (voice) (version: English) Kenshin Himura (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Emi Takei
Kaoru Kamiya Kaoru Kamiya   See fewer
Joe Thomas
Head Priest (voice) (version: English) Head Priest (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Alexis Tipton
Kaoru Kamiya (voice) (version: English) Kaoru Kamiya (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Tao Tsuchiya
Misao Makimachi Misao Makimachi   See fewer
Shingo Tsurumi
Chief Uramura Chief Uramura   See fewer
Eric Vale
Sanosuke Sagara (voice) (version: English) Sanosuke Sagara (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Shuntarô Yanagi
Otowa Hyoko Otowa Hyoko   See fewer
Suzie Yeung
Tomoe Yukishiro (voice) (version: English) Tomoe Yukishiro (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Jenny Yokobori
Woman (voice) Woman (voice)   See fewer
Rick Zieff
Toshiyoshi Kawaji (voice) (version: English) Toshiyoshi Kawaji (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
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