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  • A Bunch of Amateurs (2008)
  • 96 min | Comedy
A Bunch of Amateurs (2008)
96 min | Comedy

A sleazy Hollywood agent tricks one of his clients, a faded action star, into playing King Lear in an amateur charity production in England.
Jonathan Gershfield (screenplay) | John Ross (screenplay) | Ian Hislop (screenplay) | Nick Newman (screenplay)
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Release date
2009 (United States)


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50 cast members
Name Known for
Burt Reynolds
Jefferson Steel Jefferson Steel   See fewer
Alexandra Weaver
Girl on Motorbike Girl on Motorbike   See fewer
Elesia Marie
1st Cinema Girl (as Elesia Ennis) 1st Cinema Girl (as Elesia Ennis)   See fewer
Sarah Goldberg
2nd Cinema Girl 2nd Cinema Girl   See fewer
Glynis Brooks
Woman In Street Woman In Street   See fewer
Camilla Arfwedson
Amanda Blacke Amanda Blacke   See fewer
Michael Wildman
Mr. Darcy Mr. Darcy   See fewer
Guy Flanagan
Box Office Guy Box Office Guy   See fewer
John Moraitis
Man In Theatre Man In Theatre   See fewer
Pat Starr
Woman In Theatre Woman In Theatre   See fewer
Maisie Scott
Young Amanda Young Amanda   See fewer
Charles Durning
Charlie Rosenberg Charlie Rosenberg   See fewer
Pandora Colin
Nadine Nadine   See fewer
Lucy Akhurst
Stewardess Stewardess   See fewer
Stephen Gressieux
Italian Tourist (as Stefano Gressieux) Italian Tourist (as Stefano Gressieux)   See fewer
Terence Maynard
London Journalist London Journalist   See fewer
Heidi Monsen
1st Airport Journalist 1st Airport Journalist   See fewer
Dido Miles
2nd Airport Journalist 2nd Airport Journalist   See fewer
Samantha Bond
Dorothy Nettle Dorothy Nettle   See fewer
Monty Monty   See fewer
Lorraine Ashbourne
Jane Jarvis Jane Jarvis   See fewer
Gemma Lawrence
Verity Nettle Verity Nettle   See fewer
Peter Gunn
Frank Dobbins Frank Dobbins   See fewer
Tony Jayawardena
Kevin Patel Kevin Patel   See fewer
Alistair Petrie
Rupert Twist Rupert Twist   See fewer
Derek Jacobi
Nigel Dewberry Nigel Dewberry   See fewer
Ciaran O'Quigley
Hughsey (as Kieran O'Quigley) Hughsey (as Kieran O'Quigley)   See fewer
Lawrence Sheldon
2nd Pub Journalist 2nd Pub Journalist   See fewer
John Lightbody
Photographer Photographer   See fewer
Peter Wight
Mike Bell Mike Bell   See fewer
Kelly Price
Lauren Lauren   See fewer
Surendra Kochar
Kevin's Mum Kevin's Mum   See fewer
Gabrielle Hamilton
Marjorie Marjorie   See fewer
Charlotte Buttery
Blonde Girl Blonde Girl   See fewer
Kirsty More
School Girl School Girl   See fewer
Tony Axup
Mr. Matthews Mr. Matthews   See fewer
Victoria Hamilton-Barritt
Hollywood Studio Assistant Hollywood Studio Assistant   See fewer
Rad Lazar
Jan Kopye Jan Kopye   See fewer
Richard James
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Augustina Amoa
Female Airport Goer (uncredited) Female Airport Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Arthur Benjamins
Italian Traveler (uncredited) Italian Traveler (uncredited)   See fewer
Ty Davies
Ty (uncredited) Ty (uncredited)   See fewer
Sanjiv Hayre
Cleric (uncredited) Cleric (uncredited)   See fewer
Libby Hayter
Patron (uncredited) Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Silvia Lombardo
Theatre employee (uncredited) Theatre employee (uncredited)   See fewer
Howard Pearse
Villager (uncredited) Villager (uncredited)   See fewer
Tina Simmons
Theatre Guest (uncredited) Theatre Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Leigh Stevenson
Audience Member (uncredited) Audience Member (uncredited)   See fewer
Chris Wilson
Villager (uncredited) Villager (uncredited)   See fewer
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