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  • Callous (2009)
  • Not Rated
    102 min | Drama
Callous (2009)
Not Rated
102 min | Drama

This muti-award winning film is Based on true events, CALLOUS is an unpredictable and violent ride on the shoulders of Garrett Blackfoot.
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Updated Nov 10, 2008

Release date
2009 (United States)


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45 cast members
Name Known for
Joey Lanai
Garrett Blackfoot Garrett Blackfoot   See fewer
Kari Nissena
Tammy Young Tammy Young   See fewer
Thom Michael Mulligan
Pete Young Pete Young   See fewer
Brian Groh
Bobby Tiger Bobby Tiger   See fewer
Seth Adams
Danny Young Danny Young   See fewer
Brenda Hattingh
Nikki Tiger Nikki Tiger   See fewer
Paul Major
Kevin Young Kevin Young   See fewer
Jamie Wilson
Maggie McShane Maggie McShane   See fewer
Marcos Akiaten
David Blackfoot David Blackfoot   See fewer
Brett Lee Alexander
11 yr old Bobby 11 yr old Bobby   See fewer
Craig Augustine
Randy Jett Randy Jett   See fewer
Janice Bisaha
Waitress Waitress   See fewer
Amanda Chism
Candy Barr Candy Barr   See fewer
Eric Dean
Ash White (as Eric Turic) Ash White (as Eric Turic)   See fewer
Philip Demari
20 yr old Garrett 20 yr old Garrett   See fewer
Ed Denette
Chief Tiger Chief Tiger   See fewer
Frank Drank
Giant Biker Giant Biker   See fewer
Adam Dunnells
Big John Big John   See fewer
Bill Elverman
Atty. Wayne Harvey Atty. Wayne Harvey   See fewer
Jade Esteban Estrada
Stacy the Receptionist Stacy the Receptionist   See fewer
Rocky Gerosa
7 yr old Garrett 7 yr old Garrett   See fewer
Arlan Godthaab
Pastor Glenn Pastor Glenn   See fewer
Aaron Hawk
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Annette Lanai
Office Manager Office Manager   See fewer
Blaze Lovejoy
Biker Woman (as Nian Aster) Biker Woman (as Nian Aster)   See fewer
Hunter Miranda
12yr old Garrett 12yr old Garrett   See fewer
Dallas Moss
Thug Henchman Thug Henchman   See fewer
Bill Oberst Jr.
Little Joe Little Joe   See fewer
Chris Ogren
Jimmy 'the breeze' (as Christian Ogren) Jimmy 'the breeze' (as Christian Ogren)   See fewer
Ben Peller
Biker Man Biker Man   See fewer
Richmond Riedel
Bailiff Marty Bailiff Marty   See fewer
Michael Rotondi
Tony Giordano Tony Giordano   See fewer
Lori Stone
Frieda Guth Frieda Guth   See fewer
Joy Sudduth
Realtor Realtor   See fewer
Colin Vail
3 yr old Kevin 3 yr old Kevin   See fewer
Dylan Vail
5 yr old Danny 5 yr old Danny   See fewer
Skyler Vail
Cindy Guth Cindy Guth   See fewer
Amanda Walion
7 yr old Nikki 7 yr old Nikki   See fewer
Wendy Wilkins
Paramedic Paramedic   See fewer
Don Worley
Judge C.W. Everett Judge C.W. Everett   See fewer
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