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  • Hired Gun (2009)
  • Not Rated
    107 min | Action, Crime
Hired Gun (2009)
Not Rated
107 min | Action, Crime

A hit man turns against his former boss after witnessing a nuclear weapon being smuggled into the US.
Brad Jurjens (screenplay)

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Release date
Mar 26, 2009 (United States)


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68 cast members
Name Known for
Michael Madsen
Dan Moeller Dan Moeller   See fewer
Ilia Volok
Yegor Yegor   See fewer
Johann Urb
Ryan Decker Ryan Decker   See fewer
Fahim Fazli
Abdul-Aziz Abdul-Aziz   See fewer
Mika Walter
Dieter Dieter   See fewer
Rene Escapite
Muerto Muerto   See fewer
June Carryl
Danisha / Sarah Gatewood Danisha / Sarah Gatewood   See fewer
Dannon Green
Marcus Johnson Marcus Johnson   See fewer
Nick Faltas
Suhrab Suhrab   See fewer
Eddie Lee
Asian punk Asian punk   See fewer
David Laird Scott
Ronnie (as Laird Scott) Ronnie (as Laird Scott)   See fewer
Brooke Lenzi
Yegor's girlfriend Yegor's girlfriend   See fewer
Stephen B. Turner
US Marine 1 US Marine 1   See fewer
Skylar T. Adams
US Marine 2 US Marine 2   See fewer
Kyle Long
US Marine 3 US Marine 3   See fewer
Chris Anglemyer
Dock supervisor Dock supervisor   See fewer
Casey T. Evans
Charlie Charlie   See fewer
Yetta Ginsburg
Old lady in elevator Old lady in elevator   See fewer
Teisi Tamming
Morgan Morgan   See fewer
Kai Chang
North-Korean 1 North-Korean 1   See fewer
Davis Choh
North-Korean 2 North-Korean 2   See fewer
Jose Cruz Garcia
Mexican at the border Mexican at the border   See fewer
Sabrina Alashi
German newscaster German newscaster   See fewer
Hollie Stenson
American newscaster 1 American newscaster 1   See fewer
Jes Macallan
American newscaster 2 American newscaster 2   See fewer
Marwan Faraj
Mujahedin fighter Mujahedin fighter   See fewer
Rambo the dog Rambo the dog   See fewer
Dotan Baer
FBI Swat 1 FBI Swat 1   See fewer
Bastien Benkhelil
German Soldier (voice) German Soldier (voice)   See fewer
Hans Berlin
German driver (as Florian Klein) German driver (as Florian Klein)   See fewer
Reggie Bruce
Sgt. Jackson Sgt. Jackson   See fewer
Robert Crawford
Felix Koenig Felix Koenig   See fewer
Bret Culpepper
Officer Malloy Officer Malloy   See fewer
John Paul de Leonardis
FBI Swat 3 FBI Swat 3   See fewer
Justin Diedolf
FBI Swat 5 FBI Swat 5   See fewer
Mike Dunn
German driver of Kubel German driver of Kubel   See fewer
Dominick Fairbanks
German soldier German soldier   See fewer
Christopher Gallant
German Soldier (voice) German Soldier (voice)   See fewer
Khaled Halaby
Mujahedeen Fighter 2 Mujahedeen Fighter 2   See fewer
J. Alan Hall
Violent John Violent John   See fewer
Adolf Hitler
Self (archive footage) Self (archive footage)   See fewer
Will Holman
Foreign Diplomat Foreign Diplomat   See fewer
Cody Jones
Actor Actor   See fewer
Rustam Kasymov
Russian Soldier (voice) Russian Soldier (voice)   See fewer
Tova Katz
Nurse Nurse   See fewer
Morgan (voice) Morgan (voice)   See fewer
Mark Knight
Trauma Surgeon Trauma Surgeon   See fewer
Michael Lee
FBI Swat 4 FBI Swat 4   See fewer
Venya Manzyuk
FBI Swat 2 FBI Swat 2   See fewer
Steve McGowan
Michael Madsen (voice) Michael Madsen (voice)   See fewer
Vladimir Ramik
Russian Soldier (voice) Russian Soldier (voice)   See fewer
Chris Ramirez
Retreating SS soldier Retreating SS soldier   See fewer
Kavan Reece
Young Felix Koenig Young Felix Koenig   See fewer
Rob Reece
SS officer SS officer   See fewer
Gary Rheinschild
Surgeon Surgeon   See fewer
J. Douglas Thompson
Limo Driver Limo Driver   See fewer
Vinnie Varone
Patrol Officer #1 (as Vinnie Varon) Patrol Officer #1 (as Vinnie Varon)   See fewer
Vesna Vujat
Russian soldier Russian soldier   See fewer
Beau Weiss
SS / Red Army soldier SS / Red Army soldier   See fewer
David Wester
Redneck Redneck   See fewer
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