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  • The Connected 2 (2019)
  • Crime, Reality-TV
The Connected 2 (2019)
Crime, Reality-TV


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Updated Dec 13, 2019

Release date
Dec 13, 2019 (United States)


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85 cast members
Name Known for
Laura Masi Cline
Sgt. Elaine Lucci Sgt. Elaine Lucci   See fewer
Laura Allen
Olivia Olivia   See fewer
Jennifer Anderson
Prosecutor Dana Wikowski Prosecutor Dana Wikowski   See fewer
Jasmine Arrington
Prosecutor Afeni Tyrell Prosecutor Afeni Tyrell   See fewer
Brandon X. Bell
Kieth Lennox Kieth Lennox   See fewer
Taya Belle
Monique Malvuex Monique Malvuex   See fewer
Ben Benzino
Monstrous (as Benny Benzino) Monstrous (as Benny Benzino)   See fewer
Dylan Francis Calvi
Lenny / Lolo the pimp (as Doug Kaufman) Lenny / Lolo the pimp (as Doug Kaufman)   See fewer
John Catheline
Lou Maglio Lou Maglio   See fewer
David Christopher
MR Fool Gang MR Fool Gang   See fewer
Elisa Sanders Clark
Aaliyah Lopez Aaliyah Lopez   See fewer
Michael K. Cline
News reporter #1 News reporter #1   See fewer
Adam Clinton
Agent Williams Agent Williams   See fewer
Tans Cowen
Aunt Brenda Aunt Brenda   See fewer
Ali Danish
Uncle Vick Uncle Vick   See fewer
Pearl De'Chef
News Reporter #2 News Reporter #2   See fewer
Drew Evans
Willie B Willie B   See fewer
Eric Farkas
Baliff / Goon Baliff / Goon   See fewer
Robin Flex
Lil' Flex Lil' Flex   See fewer
Bill Franklin
Ronald 'The Music Man' Sax Ronald 'The Music Man' Sax   See fewer
Jennifer Galarza
Veronica Jewels Veronica Jewels   See fewer
Aaron Green
Prosecutor Pernell Dawson Prosecutor Pernell Dawson   See fewer
James Gross
Big Monte' Big Monte'   See fewer
William Irving Grossman
Atty Larry Fischer Atty Larry Fischer   See fewer
Tim Hale
Mischa Mischa   See fewer
Mossy Ham
Draco Draco   See fewer
Curtis Helm
Blockhead Blockhead   See fewer
Bryant L. Hendking
Gary Owens Gary Owens   See fewer
Candice Johnson
Tiana Mixon Tiana Mixon   See fewer
Inés Joris
Gina Ortega Gina Ortega   See fewer
Latoy Kellum
DR Craver DR Craver   See fewer
Jeff Korn
Donald Looney / Henchman Donald Looney / Henchman   See fewer
Morgan Lanier
Linda at WOLF News Linda at WOLF News   See fewer
Eileen Lorene
Sonya Porter Sonya Porter   See fewer
Devin J. Lorenzi
Desmond Lennox Desmond Lennox   See fewer
Deondray Ra Mack
Young Uncle Vick Young Uncle Vick   See fewer
Rufus Malone Jr.
Larry Wilks Larry Wilks   See fewer
Stacey Malone
Savannah Fercron Savannah Fercron   See fewer
Jordan Martin
Drug Dealer Drug Dealer   See fewer
G.T. Mayfield
Pauly Gravano / Henchman Pauly Gravano / Henchman   See fewer
Skip McDougle
Young Moses Lennox Young Moses Lennox   See fewer
Oscar Mejia
Ralphy Ortega Ralphy Ortega   See fewer
William Miller
Big man Big man   See fewer
Todd Minor
T Stacks T Stacks   See fewer
Darryl D. Moore
Rickey Towns Rickey Towns   See fewer
Black Nile
Bones Jones Bones Jones   See fewer
Vig Norris
Big Gutta (as David Vigatron Norris) Big Gutta (as David Vigatron Norris)   See fewer
Pauline Nowakowski
Social Worker Social Worker   See fewer
Oba Obeah
The Chemist The Chemist   See fewer
Quentin Pardon
Young OG Kelly Young OG Kelly   See fewer
Andre Pettis
Og Kelly Smith Og Kelly Smith   See fewer
Richard Phillis
Tommy Jack Tommy Jack   See fewer
Davinci Rich
Cartel member Cartel member   See fewer
Patricia Rodriguez
Cartel girl Lucia Cartel girl Lucia   See fewer
Chelsea Smith
Lasia Jones Lasia Jones   See fewer
Alicia Marie Spurlock
WOLF News production WOLF News production   See fewer
Joseph Stillisano
Agent Llewellyn Agent Llewellyn   See fewer
Alyssa Torres
Melina Melina   See fewer
Mikhail Tot
Zaur Gasimov Zaur Gasimov   See fewer
Ezequiel Santaliz Trabal
Santana Saniago Rodriguez Santana Saniago Rodriguez   See fewer
Sherry Trameitra
Carla Pruitt Carla Pruitt   See fewer
Danny Waz
Agent Donovan Stephens Agent Donovan Stephens   See fewer
Perigon White
Young Aunt Brenda Young Aunt Brenda   See fewer
Vudoo Wilson
Johnny Johnny   See fewer
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