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  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie (2020)
  • Video Game | Adventure, Fantasy
The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie (2020)
Video Game | Adventure, Fantasy

The whole of the Empire was weakened in the disaster known as the "Great Twilight." Thanks to the efforts of the heroes, the land of Zemuria pulled through the crisis, and a new fate has been spun, moving the story towards its "end point."
Hisayoshi Takeiri (scenario/event script)

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Updated Aug 27, 2020

Release date
Jul 7, 2023 (United States)


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123 cast members
Name Known for
Tetsuya Kakihara
Lloyd Bannings (voice) Lloyd Bannings (voice)   See fewer
Aya Endô
Elie MacDowell (voice) Elie MacDowell (voice)   See fewer
Kaori Mizuhashi
Tio Plato / Roselia (voice) Tio Plato / Roselia (voice)   See fewer
Shin'ichirô Miki
Randy Orlando (voice) Randy Orlando (voice)   See fewer
Masumi Asano
Noel Seeker (voice) Noel Seeker (voice)   See fewer
Junko Minagawa
Wazy Hemisphere (voice) Wazy Hemisphere (voice)   See fewer
Rina Sato
Rixia Mao (voice) Rixia Mao (voice)   See fewer
Koki Uchiyama
Rea Schwarzer / Ishmelga-Rean (voice) Rea Schwarzer / Ishmelga-Rean (voice)   See fewer
Nao Tôyama
Juna Crawford (voice) Juna Crawford (voice)   See fewer
Takuya Eguchi
Kurt Vander (voice) Kurt Vander (voice)   See fewer
Inori Minase
Altina Orion (voice) Altina Orion (voice)   See fewer
Ami Koshimizu
Musse Egret / Claire Rieveldt (voice) Musse Egret / Claire Rieveldt (voice)   See fewer
Tomoaki Maeno
Ash Carbide (voice) Ash Carbide (voice)   See fewer
Gakuto Kajiwara
Swin Abel (voice) Swin Abel (voice)   See fewer
Manaka Iwami
Nadia Rayne (voice) Nadia Rayne (voice)   See fewer
Azumi Waki
Lapis Rosenberg (voice) Lapis Rosenberg (voice)   See fewer
Junichi Yanagita
Emperor (voice) Emperor (voice)   See fewer
Yui Horie
Alise Reinfold (voice) Alise Reinfold (voice)   See fewer
Ryôko Shiraishi
Elliot Craig (voice) Elliot Craig (voice)   See fewer
Mariya Ise
Laura S. Arseid (voice) Laura S. Arseid (voice)   See fewer
Takuya Sato
Machias Regnitz (voice) Machias Regnitz (voice)   See fewer
Shinnosuke Tachibana
Jusis Albarea (voice) Jusis Albarea (voice)   See fewer
Saori Hayami
Emma Millstein (voice) Emma Millstein (voice)   See fewer
Hisako Kanemoto
Fie Claussell (voice) Fie Claussell (voice)   See fewer
Yoshimasa Hosoya
Gaius Worzel (voice) Gaius Worzel (voice)   See fewer
Kotori Koiwai
Millium Orion (voice) Millium Orion (voice)   See fewer
Takahiro Sakurai
Crow Armburst (voice) Crow Armburst (voice)   See fewer
Megumi Toyoguchi
Sara Valestein (voice) Sara Valestein (voice)   See fewer
Osamu Ryutani
Zeit / Wald Wales (voice) Zeit / Wald Wales (voice)   See fewer
Yu Asakawa
Ilya Platiere (voice) Ilya Platiere (voice)   See fewer
Toshiyuki Morikawa
Arios Maclaine / Teo Schwarzer (voice) Arios Maclaine / Teo Schwarzer (voice)   See fewer
Fumiko Inoue
Shizuku Maclaine (voice) Shizuku Maclaine (voice)   See fewer
Moyu Arishima
Fran Seeker (voice) Fran Seeker (voice)   See fewer
Rikiya Koyama
Mateus Vander / Sergei Lou / Roy Gramheart (voice) Mateus Vander / Sergei Lou / Roy Gramheart (voice)   See fewer
Aurier Vander / Sharon Kruger (voice) Aurier Vander / Sharon Kruger (voice)   See fewer
Mitsuaki Madono
Dr. F. Novartis (voice) Dr. F. Novartis (voice)   See fewer
Hisao Egawa
Garcia Rossi (voice) Garcia Rossi (voice)   See fewer
Naomi Ohzora
Duvalie (voice) Duvalie (voice)   See fewer
Satomi Satô
Alfin Reise Arnor (voice) (as Satomi Sato) Alfin Reise Arnor (voice) (as Satomi Sato)   See fewer
Saori Gotô
Elise Schwarzer (voice) Elise Schwarzer (voice)   See fewer
Mai Aizawa
Celine (voice) Celine (voice)   See fewer
Jun'ichi Suwabe
McBurn (voice) McBurn (voice)   See fewer
Yasunori Masutani
Henry MacDowell (voice) Henry MacDowell (voice)   See fewer
Takahiro Fujimoto
Ian Grimwood (voice) Ian Grimwood (voice)   See fewer
Hiromi Nishikawa
Scarlet (voice) Scarlet (voice)   See fewer
Akemi Kanda
Estelle Bright (voice) Estelle Bright (voice)   See fewer
Mitsuki Saiga
Joshua Bright (voice) Joshua Bright (voice)   See fewer
Aoi Yûki
Renne Bright (voice) Renne Bright (voice)   See fewer
Yuka Shioyama
Scherazard Harvey (voice) Scherazard Harvey (voice)   See fewer
Takehito Koyasu
Olivert Reise Arnor (voice) Olivert Reise Arnor (voice)   See fewer
Hiromi Konno
Tita Russell (voice) Tita Russell (voice)   See fewer
Takayuki Kondô
Agate Crosner (voice) Agate Crosner (voice)   See fewer
Satsuki Yukino
Erika Russell (voice) Erika Russell (voice)   See fewer
Kazuya Nakai
Alex Dudley (voice) Alex Dudley (voice)   See fewer
Rie Kugimiya
KeA Bannings (voice) KeA Bannings (voice)   See fewer
Mai Nakahara
Mireille (voice) Mireille (voice)   See fewer
Eiji Takemoto
Dieter Crois (voice) Dieter Crois (voice)   See fewer
Daisuke Hirakawa
Cao Lee / Rufus Albarea (voice) Cao Lee / Rufus Albarea (voice)   See fewer
Hôchû Ôtsuka
G. Schmidt (voice) G. Schmidt (voice)   See fewer
Masakazu Morita
Lechter Arundel (voice) Lechter Arundel (voice)   See fewer
Ai Nonaka
Towa Hershel (voice) Towa Hershel (voice)   See fewer
Yûko Sumitomo
Aurelia Le Guin (voice) Aurelia Le Guin (voice)   See fewer
Jôji Nakata
Giliath Osborne (voice) Giliath Osborne (voice)   See fewer
Ryunosuke Watanuki
Michel (voice) Michel (voice)   See fewer
Takako Okoshi
Lucia Schwarzer / Professor Seiland (voice) Lucia Schwarzer / Professor Seiland (voice)   See fewer
Sayaka Ôhara
Cecile Neues (voice) Cecile Neues (voice)   See fewer
Valerie Arem
Aurelia Le Guin (voice) (version: English) Aurelia Le Guin (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Johnny Yong Bosch
Joshua Bright (voice) (version: English) Joshua Bright (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Edward Bosco
Machias Regnitz (voice) (version: English) Machias Regnitz (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Kira Buckland
Elise Schwarzer / Celine (voice) (version: English) Elise Schwarzer / Celine (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Griffin Burns
Wazy Hemisphere (voice) (version: English) Wazy Hemisphere (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Sean Chiplock
Rean Schwarzer (voice) (version: English) Rean Schwarzer (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Amber Lee Connors
Roselia (voice) (version: English) Roselia (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Robbie Daymond
Lloyd Bannings (voice) (version: English) Lloyd Bannings (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Ben Diskin
Jusis Albarea (voice) (version: English) Jusis Albarea (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Lucien Dodge
Elliot Craig (voice) (version: English) Elliot Craig (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
D.C. Douglas
Rufus Albarea (voice) (version: English) Rufus Albarea (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Lizzie Freeman
Lapis Rosenberg (voice) (version: English) Lapis Rosenberg (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Heather Gonzalez
Laura S. Arseid (voice) (version: English) Laura S. Arseid (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Nana Hamasaki
Jona Sacred (voice) (version: English) Jona Sacred (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Erika Harlacher
Juna Crawford (voice) (version: English) Juna Crawford (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Megan Taylor Harvey
Towa Herschel (voice) (version: English) Towa Herschel (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Rachel Hirschfeld
Alisa Reinfold (voice) (version: English) Alisa Reinfold (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Xanthe Huynh
Altina Orion (voice) (version: English) Altina Orion (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Hiroshi Isobe
Mueller Vander (voice) (version: English) Mueller Vander (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Carrie Keranen
Sara Valestein (voice) (version: English) Sara Valestein (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Rachel Kimsey
Claire Rieveldt (voice) (version: English) Claire Rieveldt (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Brianna Knickerbocker
Tita Russell (voice) (version: English) Tita Russell (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Yû Kobayashi
Sully Atraid (voice) (version: English) Sully Atraid (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Naoko Komatsu
Scarlet (voice) (version: English) Scarlet (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Gabe Kunda
Michel (voice) (version: English) Michel (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Mela Lee
Sharon Kruger / Scarlet (voice) (version: English) Sharon Kruger / Scarlet (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Courtney Lin
Renee Bright (voice) (version: English) Renee Bright (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Ashlyn Madden
KeA Bannings (voice) (version: English) KeA Bannings (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Michelle Marie
Millium Orion / Shizuku Maclaine (voice) (version: English) Millium Orion / Shizuku Maclaine (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Austin Lee Matthews
Ash Carbide / Ian Grimwood (voice) (version: English) Ash Carbide / Ian Grimwood (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Erica Mendez
Elie MacDowell (voice) (version: English) Elie MacDowell (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Matthew Mercer
Olivert Reise Arnor (voice) (version: English) Olivert Reise Arnor (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Daman Mills
Swin Abel (voice) (version: English) Swin Abel (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Kayli Mills
Tio Plato / Fran Seeker (voice) (version: English) Tio Plato / Fran Seeker (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Dave B. Mitchell
Dr. F. Novartis (voice) (version: English) Dr. F. Novartis (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Max Mittelman
McBurn / Lechter Arundel (voice) (version: English) McBurn / Lechter Arundel (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Takeshi Mori
George Nome (voice) (version: English) George Nome (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Cassandra Lee Morris
Fie Claussell / Alfin Reise Arnor (voice) (version: English) Fie Claussell / Alfin Reise Arnor (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Brent Mukai
Wald Wales / Sergei Lou (voice) (version: English) Wald Wales / Sergei Lou (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Hitomi Nabatame
Grace Lynn (voice) (version: English) Grace Lynn (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Ben Pronsky
Agate Crosner (voice) (version: English) Agate Crosner (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Eden Riegel
Duvalie (voice) (version: English) Duvalie (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Michelle Ruff
Scherazard Harvey (voice) (version: English) Scherazard Harvey (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Jonah Scott
Randy Orlando (voice) (version: English) Randy Orlando (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Stephanie Sheh
Estelle Bright (voice) (version: English) Estelle Bright (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Naomi Shindô
Angelica Rogner (voice) (version: English) Angelica Rogner (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Christopher Corey Smith
Alex Dudley / G. Schmidt (voice) (version: English) Alex Dudley / G. Schmidt (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Rena Strober
Emma Millstein (voice) (version: English) Emma Millstein (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Hisayoshi Suganuma
Gilbert Stein (voice) (version: English) Gilbert Stein (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Tomokazu Sugita
Toval Randonneur (voice) (version: English) Toval Randonneur (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Yukari Tamura
Vita Clotilde (voice) (version: English) Vita Clotilde (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Kaiji Tang
Gaius Worzel (voice) (version: English) Gaius Worzel (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Alexis Tipton
Musse Egret (voice) (version: English) Musse Egret (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Abby Trott
Noel Seeker (voice) (version: English) Noel Seeker (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Yong Yea
Arios Maclaine (voice) (version: English) Arios Maclaine (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Suzie Yeung
Rixia Mao / Nadia Rayne (voice) (version: English) Rixia Mao / Nadia Rayne (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Joe Zieja
Kurt Vander (voice) (version: English) Kurt Vander (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
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