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  • Season of Sacrifice (2021)
  • Horror
Season of Sacrifice (2021)

Katelyn and Kelsey Winters, two sisters distracted by an argument, unknowingly travel through a stretch of isolated wilderness plagued by mysterious disappearances.
Carolyn Beech (staff writer) | Devan Stuart Lesley (staff writer) | Jason Radcliffe (written by)
Casting Director

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Release date
Jun 30, 2021 (United States)


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56 cast members
Name Known for
Carolyn Beech
Maggie Lafey Maggie Lafey   See fewer
Charity Crews
Katelyn Winters Katelyn Winters   See fewer
Devan Stuart Lesley
Sister Concerta Sister Concerta   See fewer
Chasity Gatlin
Kelsey Winters Kelsey Winters   See fewer
Michael L. Bennett
Jett Tarrasco Jett Tarrasco   See fewer
Brittney Paul
Alley Coates Alley Coates   See fewer
Brian Russell
Sam Macey Sam Macey   See fewer
Quavaughn Watts
Randall Mitchell Randall Mitchell   See fewer
Todd Gatlin
Chad Sanders Chad Sanders   See fewer
Jordan Jett
Mitch McMasters Mitch McMasters   See fewer
Krystal Levy
Vonda Russell Vonda Russell   See fewer
Brooke Sanzari
Lila Wood Lila Wood   See fewer
Austin Meadows
Marcus Hughes Marcus Hughes   See fewer
Jeremy Jamal
Reggie Haynes (as Jeremy DeBerry) Reggie Haynes (as Jeremy DeBerry)   See fewer
Nina-Simone Diaz
Izzy Sandoval Izzy Sandoval   See fewer
Harley Renault
Young Maggie Lafey (as Haley Renault) Young Maggie Lafey (as Haley Renault)   See fewer
Ja'Niyah Brown
Sarah Stewart (well behaved #2) Sarah Stewart (well behaved #2)   See fewer
Melanie Carter
Emma Nichols (store clerk) Emma Nichols (store clerk)   See fewer
Angela Chamberlain
Sister Mary Agnes Sister Mary Agnes   See fewer
Daniel Champeau
Cody Walters (gymset climber) Cody Walters (gymset climber)   See fewer
Eric Cost
Mike Bronson (roadside guy) Mike Bronson (roadside guy)   See fewer
Herode Etienne Jr.
Jesse (slap fighter #1) Jesse (slap fighter #1)   See fewer
Kylie Fortenberry
Nadia (swing pusher) Nadia (swing pusher)   See fewer
Thomas Hamby
Archie Rabon Archie Rabon   See fewer
Barbie Howell
Dani Rees Dani Rees   See fewer
Zackery King
Paul Welch (guy in pickup) Paul Welch (guy in pickup)   See fewer
Siena Lamanna
Lauren (pattycake #1) Lauren (pattycake #1)   See fewer
Alex Leneave
Dillon Snyder (slider #2) Dillon Snyder (slider #2)   See fewer
Chris Leneave
Lloyd Sanders (bully #3) Lloyd Sanders (bully #3)   See fewer
Brooke Little
Kelly Trevors (mean girl #1) Kelly Trevors (mean girl #1)   See fewer
Haidyn Lopez
Misty Brock (hair pullee) Misty Brock (hair pullee)   See fewer
Ashton Mccorvey
Jared (slap fighter #2) Jared (slap fighter #2)   See fewer
Kanaan McCosh
Mickey Carr Mickey Carr   See fewer
Rachel McManus
Rebecca McNeil (mean girl #4) Rebecca McNeil (mean girl #4)   See fewer
Grant Michael
Eric Zook (bully #7) Eric Zook (bully #7)   See fewer
Leighton Michael
Missy Carroll (bully #6) Missy Carroll (bully #6)   See fewer
Stella Faith Michals
Heather Randolph (well behaved #1) Heather Randolph (well behaved #1)   See fewer
Evan Mills
Christopher Bishop Christopher Bishop   See fewer
Evan Mills
Christopher Bishop (bully #5) Christopher Bishop (bully #5)   See fewer
Jamie Morin
Cain Reyes (bartender) Cain Reyes (bartender)   See fewer
Vicky Nagy
Sister Catherine (nun #2) Sister Catherine (nun #2)   See fewer
Elijah Orama
Alden Calderon (slider #1) Alden Calderon (slider #1)   See fewer
Madison Paige
Carla Mercado (bully #4) Carla Mercado (bully #4)   See fewer
Dean Phillippi Sr.
Father Jacob Father Jacob   See fewer
Michael Pilotta
Jared Hascombe (expired victim) Jared Hascombe (expired victim)   See fewer
Dani Pol
Gina Owens Gina Owens   See fewer
Daniel D. Radcliffe
Jonathan Rogers (bully #1) Jonathan Rogers (bully #1)   See fewer
Rachel Radcliffe
Felicity Terrance (kind bully) Felicity Terrance (kind bully)   See fewer
Meagan Ritter
Renae Robertson (mean girl #5) Renae Robertson (mean girl #5)   See fewer
Michael Ritter
Elyas Avery (mean girl victim) Elyas Avery (mean girl victim)   See fewer
Samantha Schultz
Jenny Coates Jenny Coates   See fewer
Kaliann Smith
Courtney Kelley (mean girl #3) Courtney Kelley (mean girl #3)   See fewer
Rena Smith
Sister Celeste (nun #3) Sister Celeste (nun #3)   See fewer
Austin Stokes
Young Jett Tarrasco Young Jett Tarrasco   See fewer
Ashtyn Tilsworth
Tiffany Caswell (mean girl #2) Tiffany Caswell (mean girl #2)   See fewer
Hayden Vincent
Nicole (pattycake #2) Nicole (pattycake #2)   See fewer
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