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  • The Last Execution (2021)
  • 116 min | Biography, Drama
The Last Execution (2021)
116 min | Biography, Drama

Life of Werner Teske, the last man to be executed in former East Germany in 1981 before the death penalty was finally abolished in 1987.
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Franziska Stünkel (screenplay)
Karim Sebastian Elias (as K.S. Elias)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
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Release date
Oct 16, 2021 (United States)


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35 cast members
Name Known for
Lars Eidinger
Dr. Franz Walter Dr. Franz Walter   See fewer
Devid Striesow
Dirk Hartmann Dirk Hartmann   See fewer
Luise Heyer
Corina Walter Corina Walter   See fewer
Peter Benedict
Schreiber Schreiber   See fewer
Victoria Trauttmansdorff
Professorin Link Professorin Link   See fewer
Andreas Schröders
Hagedorn Hagedorn   See fewer
Moritz Jahn
Bodo Renner Bodo Renner   See fewer
Kai Wiesinger
Wagner Wagner   See fewer
Peter Lohmeyer
Panther Panther   See fewer
Christian Redl
Hans Walter Hans Walter   See fewer
Hedi Kriegeskotte
Margrit Walter Margrit Walter   See fewer
Neithardt Riedel
Corinas Vater Corinas Vater   See fewer
Monika Härtl
Corinas Mutter Corinas Mutter   See fewer
Florian Anderer
Schulte Schulte   See fewer
Inka Löwendorf
Anja Hartmann Anja Hartmann   See fewer
Ada Philine Stappenbeck
Luisa Langfeld Luisa Langfeld   See fewer
Leon Hoge
Horst Langfeld Horst Langfeld   See fewer
Daniel Drewes
Richter Nolte Richter Nolte   See fewer
Thomas Schendel
Militärstaatsanwalt Kühn Militärstaatsanwalt Kühn   See fewer
Hannes Hellmann
Richter Bergmann Richter Bergmann   See fewer
Dirk Böhling
Müller Müller   See fewer
Georg Mitterstieler
Mann im Flugzeug Mann im Flugzeug   See fewer
Hendrik Massute
HVA-Mitarbeiter HVA-Mitarbeiter   See fewer
Thomas Hintze
Arzt (as Thomas G. Hintze) Arzt (as Thomas G. Hintze)   See fewer
Richard Kreytenberg
Gefängnismitarbeiter Gefängnismitarbeiter   See fewer
Ivonne Schwarz
Standesbeamtin Standesbeamtin   See fewer
Alois Windsperger
Renners Sohn Renners Sohn   See fewer
Malte Benecke
AGM / S-Mann AGM / S-Mann   See fewer
Emmi Domisch
Kita-Kind Kita-Kind   See fewer
Wolf List
Gefängnismitarbeiter Gefängnismitarbeiter   See fewer
Michael Krowas
Stasi-Mitarbeiter (uncredited) Stasi-Mitarbeiter (uncredited)   See fewer
Christian Skibinski
Zuschauer im Gericht (uncredited) Zuschauer im Gericht (uncredited)   See fewer
Stefan Woelk
HVA Mann (uncredited) HVA Mann (uncredited)   See fewer
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