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  • Baby Girl (I) (2020)
  • Horror
Baby Girl (I) (2020)

On Christmas morning, Chloe Parker opens a present from her parents that will change her life forever: an antique teddy bear possessed by an evil spirit.
Alan L. 'Buz' Lowe (as Alan Lowe)
Alan L. 'Buz' Lowe (as Alan Lowe)

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Release date
2020 (United States)


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50 cast members
Name Known for
Miracle Davis
Chloe Parker Chloe Parker   See fewer
Tony Walker
Larry Parker Larry Parker   See fewer
Patrice D. Philips
Donna Parker Donna Parker   See fewer
Jeff McKenzie
William 'Billy' Garrett William 'Billy' Garrett   See fewer
Angela Sherrill Merriott
Lucy Garrett Lucy Garrett   See fewer
Roger Scott
Dr. James Thomas Dr. James Thomas   See fewer
Angela Lowe
Janice VanLandingham Janice VanLandingham   See fewer
Colyn Bowman
TV Field Reporter TV Field Reporter   See fewer
Mike Brabender
Demon #1 Demon #1   See fewer
Buddy Campbell
Clinic Nurse Clinic Nurse   See fewer
Nancy Carter
Dr. Ann Pickett Dr. Ann Pickett   See fewer
Vaughn Collar
Antique Shop Keeper Antique Shop Keeper   See fewer
Gary Cosvener
Ray South Ray South   See fewer
Elizabeth Duke
Clinic Visitor Clinic Visitor   See fewer
Hunter Duke
Clinic Kid 3 Clinic Kid 3   See fewer
Bailey Freeman
Paramedic Paramedic   See fewer
Miki Gaynor
Demon #2 (voice) Demon #2 (voice)   See fewer
Robin Hefner
Receptionist 1 Receptionist 1   See fewer
Ralph Hopes
Nurse 1 Nurse 1   See fewer
Peyton Hutto
Clinic Kid 1 Clinic Kid 1   See fewer
Dagan Johnson
Shopper 6 Shopper 6   See fewer
Isaac Johnson
Shopper 5 Shopper 5   See fewer
Chelsea Kennedy
Police Officer Sutton Police Officer Sutton   See fewer
Angela Sullivan Lowe
Nurse Janice VanLandingham (as Angela Lowe) Nurse Janice VanLandingham (as Angela Lowe)   See fewer
Ava Kay Lowe
Shopper 4 Shopper 4   See fewer
Matthew Lowe
Shopper 1 Shopper 1   See fewer
Rebecca Lowe
Shopper 2 Shopper 2   See fewer
Zoe Lowe
Shopper 3 Shopper 3   See fewer
Benjamin Main
Clinic Kid 7 Clinic Kid 7   See fewer
Lori Main
Nurse 5 Nurse 5   See fewer
Kenzie Mattingly
Play Court Kid 3 Play Court Kid 3   See fewer
Brandt McDonald
TV Anchor Reporter TV Anchor Reporter   See fewer
Amy L. Morgan
Clinic Kid 2 Clinic Kid 2   See fewer
Kristina Morgan
Nurse 7 Nurse 7   See fewer
Yulanda Morrison
Nurse 3 Nurse 3   See fewer
Cindy Riley-Parker
Receptionist 2 Receptionist 2   See fewer
Chasity Scott
Nurse 4 Nurse 4   See fewer
Krissalyn Scott
Clinic Kid 6 Clinic Kid 6   See fewer
Zoey Stuckey
Clinic Kid 8 Clinic Kid 8   See fewer
Alexy Torres
Play Court Kid 4 Play Court Kid 4   See fewer
Christina Tucker
Nurse 6 Nurse 6   See fewer
Sebastian Tucker
Clinic Kid 5 Clinic Kid 5   See fewer
Violet White
Police Officer Pittman Police Officer Pittman   See fewer
Haley Wiseman
Sally Higgins Sally Higgins   See fewer
Hannah Wiseman
Clinic Kid 4 Clinic Kid 4   See fewer
Jennifer Wiseman
Orphange Teacher Orphange Teacher   See fewer
Lesa Wolfe
Orphanage Administrator Orphanage Administrator   See fewer
Alexis A. Wray
Play Court Kid 2 Play Court Kid 2   See fewer
Gavin J.C. Zaitz
Play Court Kid 1 Play Court Kid 1   See fewer
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