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  • 79 Parts (2016)
  • PG-13
    90 min | Action, Comedy, Romance
79 Parts (2016)
90 min | Action, Comedy, Romance

Jack's left with a debt with the mob that will be hard to repay. Marrying the car dealer's illegal immigrant girlfriend may be the only way out.
Mario Radosta (original story) | Chuck McMahon (screenplay) | John Ramaine (story editor) | Philippe Keb Blanchard (additional material) (story coordinator) | Avra Dugan (additional material)
Katherine Kahrs (as Katherine Stults) | Tom Nikko | Ari Taub
Casting Director

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Release date
May 7, 2019 (United States)


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154 cast members
Name Known for
Sala Baker
Gonzo Gonzo   See fewer
Ernest Thomas
Bank Teller Bank Teller   See fewer
Lou Martini Jr.
Spencer Spencer   See fewer
Andrew Heller
Biker Dude Biker Dude   See fewer
Emanuela Galliussi
Anna Marie Anna Marie   See fewer
Josh Trovato
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Harris Doran
Detective Morse Detective Morse   See fewer
William Petrano
OTB Clerk OTB Clerk   See fewer
Kresh Novakovic
Red and Yellow Man Red and Yellow Man   See fewer
Debra Lord Cooke
Maggie Temple Maggie Temple   See fewer
Natalie Wetta
Pretty Baby Pretty Baby   See fewer
Rich Graff
Officer Riggs McDowell Officer Riggs McDowell   See fewer
Nelson Avidon
Professor Professor   See fewer
Ella Mische
Girl in Library Girl in Library   See fewer
Barbara Grace Romano
79 Girl (as Luna Romano) 79 Girl (as Luna Romano)   See fewer
Justin Morck
Alex who got cut from movie Alex who got cut from movie   See fewer
RJ Konner
White Jacket White Jacket   See fewer
Marci Fine
Sassy Sassy   See fewer
Darlene Dues
Bank Clerk Bank Clerk   See fewer
Brett G. Smith
Officer Malloy Officer Malloy   See fewer
Leer Leary
Desk Sergeant Desk Sergeant   See fewer
Fiona Horrigan
Actress Actress   See fewer
Kris Eivers
Homeless Man Homeless Man   See fewer
Lisa Regina
Mrs. Slattery Mrs. Slattery   See fewer
Johnny Solo
Torrento Torrento   See fewer
Tjasa Ferme
Dallas Dallas   See fewer
John Ramaine
John Pilgrim John Pilgrim   See fewer
Caitlin Gold
Daphne Daphne   See fewer
Ivo Velon
Calzone Calzone   See fewer
Chaka Desilva
Branch Branch   See fewer
Ryan O'Callaghan
Anderson Anderson   See fewer
Jonah Landow
Little Michael Little Michael   See fewer
Lars Engstrom
Prison Guard Prison Guard   See fewer
Meredith Edwards
Victoria Victoria   See fewer
Claudio Laniado
Trans V. Hooker Trans V. Hooker   See fewer
Mike Adler
Brinks Driver Brinks Driver   See fewer
Cristian Balint
Drug Dealer Driver Drug Dealer Driver   See fewer
Drew Henriksen
Jean the Mechanic Jean the Mechanic   See fewer
Timothy Doyle
Cavanaugh Cavanaugh   See fewer
Xavier Rodney
Boom Box Boom Box   See fewer
Steve Nuke
Steve the Mechanic Steve the Mechanic   See fewer
Lauren Schwartz
Law Student Law Student   See fewer
Keith McMahon
Mechanic Mechanic   See fewer
Aidan Redmond
Slattery Slattery   See fewer
Codie Rimmer
Sunshine Sunshine   See fewer
Jonah Young
Detective Grundle Detective Grundle   See fewer
John McVay
Wally Wally   See fewer
Richard Kent Green
Veteran on Subway Veteran on Subway   See fewer
Michael Kennen Miller
Mark (as Kennen Miller) Mark (as Kennen Miller)   See fewer
Anthony Gerace
Vulture Vulture   See fewer
Jon Caballero
Cop on drive duty Cop on drive duty   See fewer
Gail R. Lawrence
Woman in Pink Woman in Pink   See fewer
Carla Torgrimson
Abigail at the racetrack Abigail at the racetrack   See fewer
Foster Davis
Sheriff at Airport Sheriff at Airport   See fewer
Juliana Martinez
Katherine (as Juliana Aiden) Katherine (as Juliana Aiden)   See fewer
Phil Oddo
Horsetrack Attendee Horsetrack Attendee   See fewer
Kyle Hughes
Bank Patron Bank Patron   See fewer
Kiriakos Stavros
Brad (as Kiri Stevens) Brad (as Kiri Stevens)   See fewer
Barry Phillips
Banker Manager Sharps Banker Manager Sharps   See fewer
Philippe Keb Blanchard
Police Officer Police Officer   See fewer
Marty Garrett
Penguin Penguin   See fewer
Brooke L. Williams
Girl who throws books Girl who throws books   See fewer
Mike Rutkoski
8 Track 8 Track   See fewer
Leslie Lynn Meeker
Rea Ann at Racetrack Rea Ann at Racetrack   See fewer
Larry Fishbein
OTB Patron OTB Patron   See fewer
Bianca Bauer
Student Student   See fewer
Cary Hite
Blades Blades   See fewer
Karen Collazzo
Hippie in Train Hippie in Train   See fewer
Cook Cook   See fewer
Luke Zarzecki
Biker Dude Biker Dude   See fewer
Pennie Fay
Hippie outside OTB Hippie outside OTB   See fewer
Gary Gagliano
OTB Patron OTB Patron   See fewer
John Rutkoski
Airport Luggage Driver Airport Luggage Driver   See fewer
Stewart Brodian
Hippie outside OTB Hippie outside OTB   See fewer
Lawrence Casseus
Chicken Chicken   See fewer
Ilona Saic
Jaclyn Jaclyn   See fewer
Lou Licalzi
Bulldog Bulldog   See fewer
Mikey Weiss
Subway rider Subway rider   See fewer
Sarah Elle
Librarian Librarian   See fewer
Gina Camello
Annette Annette   See fewer
Joseph Borriello
OTB Patron OTB Patron   See fewer
Pavle Sabic
Harrington Harrington   See fewer
Sri Gordon
Cokey Cokey   See fewer
John Radosta
Sergeant Radosta Sergeant Radosta   See fewer
Joe Manuella
OTB Thug OTB Thug   See fewer
Stefanie Schram
Crystal Crystal   See fewer
Anthony Picciano
OTB Patron OTB Patron   See fewer
Sal Pennino
Yellow Jacket Yellow Jacket   See fewer
Cheryl Martin
Mom with kids Mom with kids   See fewer
Winky Guarino
OTB Clerk OTB Clerk   See fewer
Gene Durante
OTB Patron OTB Patron   See fewer
Herbert Fox
OTB Patron OTB Patron   See fewer
Nina Rochelle
Bursar Bursar   See fewer
Walter Deforest
Hazard O'Grady Hazard O'Grady   See fewer
Stanley Taub
Hotdog Vendor Hotdog Vendor   See fewer
Walter DeForest
Hazard O'Grady Hazard O'Grady   See fewer
Puneet Rao
Car Wash Attendant Car Wash Attendant   See fewer
Jeremy Johnson
Texas Oilman at Racetrack Texas Oilman at Racetrack   See fewer
Andy Poulous
OTB Patron OTB Patron   See fewer
Constantine Roukin
Dima the Pimp Dima the Pimp   See fewer
Laurie Folkes
Prison Cook Prison Cook   See fewer
Gina Marie Lombardo
Bratty Girl Bratty Girl   See fewer
Saul Luzeus
Rooster Rooster   See fewer
Janis Park
Law Student (as Janice Park) Law Student (as Janice Park)   See fewer
Andrew Lekhraj
Dorky Student Dorky Student   See fewer
Rick Gennaro
Officer Diaz Officer Diaz   See fewer
Bartolo Raffaele
OTB Announcer OTB Announcer   See fewer
Addie Overend
Slattery's Daughter Slattery's Daughter   See fewer
Natalia Shubitidze
Rosebud (as Natalia Donelson) Rosebud (as Natalia Donelson)   See fewer
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