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  • TV Series | Drama, Thriller
TV Series | Drama, Thriller

A world where millions of cameras link to an AI system that monitors every aspect of citizens' lives and suspected crimes are prevented before they happen.
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Updated Sep 26, 2022


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50 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Ruth Bradley
Thea Ryan Thea Ryan   See fewer
Nanna Blondell
Isabelle Larsson Isabelle Larsson   See fewer
Christiane Paul
Juliane Ericksen Juliane Ericksen   See fewer
Steven Sowah
Noah Ericksen Noah Ericksen   See fewer
Fatemah Amin Fatemah Amin   See fewer
Hugo Becker
Alexandre Alexandre   See fewer
Kento Nakajima
A.J. Oba A.J. Oba   See fewer
Joséphine Jobert
Mathilde Mathilde   See fewer
Karoline Eichhorn
Hanna Bremer Hanna Bremer   See fewer
Alba Gaïa Bellugi
Elodie Cailleux Elodie Cailleux   See fewer
Maeve Metelka
Tessa Vogel Tessa Vogel   See fewer
Mohamed Achour
Azeem Mahmoud Azeem Mahmoud   See fewer
Louis Landau
Oliver Miller Oliver Miller   See fewer
Duncan Green
Dr Peter Blom Dr Peter Blom   See fewer
Peter Seaton-Clark
Adrian Grant Adrian Grant   See fewer
Set Sjöstrand
Oskar Eklund Oskar Eklund   See fewer
Christopher Nell
Ulf Schrader Ulf Schrader   See fewer
Dulcie Smart
Mrs Cathy Miller Mrs Cathy Miller   See fewer
Niccolò Senni
Marco Vieri Marco Vieri   See fewer
Cara Kelly
Veronica Ryan Veronica Ryan   See fewer
Barbara Venturato
Anna Perillo Anna Perillo   See fewer
Nadia Rahman
Production Designer Production Designer   See fewer
Adele Dezi
Karyn Karyn   See fewer
Nola Basey
Mystery Date 1 Mystery Date 1   See fewer
Yûho Yamashita
Technician Technician   See fewer
Jean-Claude Knobbe
Attendant Attendant   See fewer
Laura Storz
Assistant Assistant   See fewer
Rim Ghebrai
Young Isabelle Young Isabelle   See fewer
Katja Preuß
Teacher Teacher   See fewer
Anton Petzold
Jesper Claesson Jesper Claesson   See fewer
Anna Elena Pepe
Mystery Date 2 Mystery Date 2   See fewer
Ami Chorlton
Helen Davidson Helen Davidson   See fewer
Astrid Ericsson
Camilla Claesson Camilla Claesson   See fewer
Dietrich Hollinderbäumer
Edvin Claesson Edvin Claesson   See fewer
Melanie Neu
Margit Margit   See fewer
Anni Kaltwasser
Unassuming Girl Unassuming Girl   See fewer
Emanuele Gabrieli
Marco's Operative Marco's Operative   See fewer
Anna Sarnholm
Dr. Frida Petersson Dr. Frida Petersson   See fewer
Kai Portman
Taxi driver Taxi driver   See fewer
Bettina Kenney
Additional voices Additional voices   See fewer
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