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  • Zillion (2022)
  • 138 min | Crime, Drama
Zillion (2022)
138 min | Crime, Drama

It's 1997. Frank, a computer genius with a nose for business, a fascination for nightlife and an unhealthy urge to prove himself, only wants one thing: his own disco that not only outperforms the competition but simply humiliates it.
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Release date
Oct 26, 2022 (Belgium)


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56 cast members
Name Known for
Matteo Simoni
Dennis Black Magic Dennis Black Magic   See fewer
Ward Kerremans
DJ Deca DJ Deca   See fewer
Ella Leyers
Nadine Nadine   See fewer
Barbara Sarafian
Marleen Marleen   See fewer
Jennifer Heylen
Nathalie Nathalie   See fewer
Milorad Kapor
Marius Marius   See fewer
Bobbi Eden
Pornoster presentatrice Pornoster presentatrice   See fewer
Jonas Vermeulen
Frank Verstraeten Frank Verstraeten   See fewer
Yakup Uzun
Vader Dennis Black Magic Vader Dennis Black Magic   See fewer
Lukas Bulteel
Raver debat Raver debat   See fewer
Stilian Keli
Albanian Bouncer Albanian Bouncer   See fewer
Stefan Perceval
Advocaat 2 Advocaat 2   See fewer
François Beukelaers
Diederik De Caluwe Diederik De Caluwe   See fewer
Frank Vercruyssen
Nico Tackaert Nico Tackaert   See fewer
Jan Eelen
Politie-inspecteur 1 Politie-inspecteur 1   See fewer
Koen De Sutter
Burgemeester Vanacker Burgemeester Vanacker   See fewer
Bob Stoop
Ronny Vortex Ronny Vortex   See fewer
David Dermez
Onderzoeksrechter William Onderzoeksrechter William   See fewer
Luc Appermont
Presentator Waagstuk Presentator Waagstuk   See fewer
Viv Van Dingenen
Patricia Patricia   See fewer
Kristof Coenen
Fotograaf Gianni Fotograaf Gianni   See fewer
Simon Van Buyten
Barman VIP Zillion Barman VIP Zillion   See fewer
Wouter Bruneel
Douanier 2 Douanier 2   See fewer
Alexandra Araujo
Show chantilly danser Show chantilly danser   See fewer
Rafik Bouazza
Mourad Mourad   See fewer
Ruud Gielens
Ludo Depannage Ludo Depannage   See fewer
Sam Bogaerts
Advocaat 2 Advocaat 2   See fewer
Luk Wijns
Chico Chico   See fewer
Sieber Marly
Douanier 1 Douanier 1   See fewer
Jurgen Van Haver
Gevangene Gevangene   See fewer
Barbara Van Haver
News reporter News reporter   See fewer
Michel Bauwens
Presentator debat Presentator debat   See fewer
Tim Tubbax
Wesley Wesley   See fewer
Sven Lanvin
Zillion Voice Zillion Voice   See fewer
Vera Van Dooren
Buurtbewoner debat 2 Buurtbewoner debat 2   See fewer
Frank De Kaey
Buurtbewoner debat 1 Buurtbewoner debat 1   See fewer
Jo Laureys
Technieker scherm Zillion Technieker scherm Zillion   See fewer
Vincent Van Trier
DJ Carre DJ Carre   See fewer
Marijke Van Der Kelen
Kandidaat waagstuk Kandidaat waagstuk   See fewer
Laurens Vlaeminck
VIP Guest VIP Guest   See fewer
Van Bokhoven Benjamin
Politie-inspecteur 3 Politie-inspecteur 3   See fewer
Ilse de Vis
Reporter voor nieuwsfragment Reporter voor nieuwsfragment   See fewer
Stijn Van de Wiel
Politie-inspecteur 2 Politie-inspecteur 2   See fewer
Elodie Barthels
Journalist (uncredited) Journalist (uncredited)   See fewer
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