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  • The Secret of Sinchanee (2021)
  • 115 min | Horror
The Secret of Sinchanee (2021)
115 min | Horror

An industrial tow truck driver suffering from insomnia returns to his childhood home after the untimely death of his father, to discover that a paranormal presence has been living in the house and haunting the sacred land it was built on.
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Updated Sep 23, 2021

Release date
Sep 23, 2021 (United States)


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41 cast members
Name Known for
Laila Lockhart Kraner
Ava Donovan Ava Donovan   See fewer
Steven Grayhm
Will Stark Will Stark   See fewer
Scott Whyte
Radio DJ (voice) Radio DJ (voice)   See fewer
Nate Boyer
Detective Drew Carter Detective Drew Carter   See fewer
Rudy Reyes
Solomon Goodblood Solomon Goodblood   See fewer
Chris Neville
Herman Stark Herman Stark   See fewer
Tamara Austin
Detective Carrie Donovan Detective Carrie Donovan   See fewer
Mark Oliver
Atlantow (voice) Atlantow (voice)   See fewer
Margarita Reyes
Monica Coojan Monica Coojan   See fewer
Ricky Barksdale
Detective Coleman Detective Coleman   See fewer
Elena Capaldi
Emerson Emerson   See fewer
Chelsea Dinsdale
Rita (on phone) Rita (on phone)   See fewer
Jacob Schick
Sean Maguire Sean Maguire   See fewer
TJ Millard
Detective O'Mally Detective O'Mally   See fewer
Skylar Schanen
Jade (as Skyler Shannen) Jade (as Skyler Shannen)   See fewer
Jesse Goddard
Ms. Farber Ms. Farber   See fewer
Linus Nkansah
Sheriff (as Sheriff Linus Nkansah) Sheriff (as Sheriff Linus Nkansah)   See fewer
Emmett Spriggs
Young Will Stark Young Will Stark   See fewer
Tommy Kurtyka
Francis Stark Francis Stark   See fewer
Carol Cole
Female Coroner (on phone) Female Coroner (on phone)   See fewer
Vanessa Tierney
Brittany O'Shea (as Vanessa Tierney-Grayhm) Brittany O'Shea (as Vanessa Tierney-Grayhm)   See fewer
Brandon Spriggs
Disciple 1 Disciple 1   See fewer
Jayson Luippold
Disciple 2 Disciple 2   See fewer
Diana St. Germain
Woman in Booth Woman in Booth   See fewer
Troy Luippold
Turners Falls Son Turners Falls Son   See fewer
Donna Tierney-Jones
Trustee / Dorothy Stark Trustee / Dorothy Stark   See fewer
Don McAlister
Wayne Codder Wayne Codder   See fewer
Meadow Grayhm
Meadow the Dog Meadow the Dog   See fewer
Alberto Cantu
Disciple 3 (as Albert Cantu Jr) Disciple 3 (as Albert Cantu Jr)   See fewer
Frank Prondecki
Frank the Bartender Frank the Bartender   See fewer
Kory Ryan
Dalton Dalton   See fewer
Laura Luippold
Turners Falls Mother Turners Falls Mother   See fewer
Raquel Lindemann-Nguyen
Enola Stark Enola Stark   See fewer
David St. Germain
Man in Booth Man in Booth   See fewer
Alexa Luippold
Grace Stark Grace Stark   See fewer
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